Learn how to configure your app tab menu

Under the “Menu” area you will be able to configure your app’s tab navigation.

The tab navigation is an important aspect of your app as it:

  1. Improves the user experience by providing quick access to the most important areas of your app
  1. Improves the overall app design, helping with making your app look better
  1. Helps with getting the app approved by Apple and Google, by providing a native element

Configuring your tab navigation is simple, here you can find details on how it works:

Adding a new tab

To add a new tab to your navigation click the “+ Add tab” button:

Notion Image

Moving tabs around

You can easily move your tabs around to change their order by clicking on the handle icon and dragging the tabs around:

Notion Image

Picking an icon

Use our icon picker tool to choose the most appropriate icon for your tabs:

Notion Image

If you prefer, you can also upload your own icons:

Notion Image

Keep in mind that only single and solid-colored icons are supported, we also recommend using a .PNG file with at max 200x200px in size for your icons, to make sure your app loads quickly and the icon displays correctly.

Adding a URL

In the URL field, you will want to add the link to the page that should be displayed in the app. Make sure to use the final URL, as redirects might create problems in the app.

Notion Image

The “Settings” tab

The “Settings” tab allows you to provide app users easy access to important options and links. We highly recommend that you keep it enabled.

Notion Image

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