Skip months of development time

Our platform includes all the native features and support you need to build a full featured mobile app powered by your website or web app and go live in weeks, not months.
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All the native features your app needs

Don't rebuild the wheel. Leverage your existing website or web app and turn it into a mobile app with the addition of native navigation, push notifications and more.
Native Tab Menu
The native tab menu is the core of your app. It makes the most important parts of your app accessible and gives a ‘native feel’ for your users.
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Onesignal Integration
Send unlimited push notifications using Onesignal, the leader in mobile app push notifications.
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Apply Custom Code
Need to make changes in your mobile app without affecting your web app? Add HTML, CSS or Javascript code directly into the app.
Push Preferences
Let your users easily choose exactly which messages and notifications they’ll receive.
Native Navigation
iOS and Android users will easily be able to navigate through your app with a familiar native interface.
Customizable Splash Screen
Your users will see a branded splash screen while your app loads and will get feedback with a progress bar.
Configuration Dashboard
Control everything about your app in real time without needing to fiddle around submitting updates.
Fully Customizable
Customize your apps with a custom color scheme, logo, and splash screen a myriad options for customization. No templates here. Your app is 100% unique.
Native Animations
The apps will give users clear visual feedback using native animations when a page is loading, for a better UX and a native feel.
Automatic Rating Prompts
Gently nudge your users to review your app after they’ve been using it for some time. Grow your rankings on the App Store organically.
Handle External Links
Internal and external link options. Your app will detect the link type and either open the device’s browser or keep the user inside your app.
Advanced Editor
Control every small detail of your app's configuration using our Advanced Editor, giving you access to every element of our platform.
App Only Pages
Easily create unique experiences for your app users – you can identify when users load pages from your app, and apply custom code, or easily create app-only pages.
Social Login
Let your users login using Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, with no integrations or development needed.
Offline Mode
Create an offline-only experience for users that provides users information or functionality when they have no Internet connection (coming soon).

More than a tool, a complete service

We handle everything from the initial configuration to QA and submission, and guarantee your app will be approved on the stores.
We'll work with you to configure and customize your app to get it ready for app stores. This includes the set up on our platform and optimizations to your site's UI/UX.
QA Testing
We test your app to find and fix any issues before submission, preventing any delays with getting it approved.
App Submission Included
We'll prepare and optimize your store listings and submit the final app. With a 100% app approval guarantee, you're in good hands.

Optimized for Conversions

We've built everything you need to drive more conversions in your app, from seamless login to fast check out, cart abandonment push notifications and more.
Saved Login Information
Your app stores your customers' login information, for a smooth, convenient experience.
Google Pay & Apple Pay
Let users pay using Apple Pay and Google Pay for faster, seamless checkout experience. No integration or development work needed.
Cart Abandonment Push Notifications
Send smart push notification reminders for customers that add items to cart and don't complete a purchase.

Built for Engagement

Your MobiLoud app is all about engagement, a space for your most loyal customers, with the powerful features you need to bring them back again and again.
Unlimited Push Notifications
Configure messages to go out automatically or manually whenever you see fit. Users control what they receive with detailed push preferences.
Get Discovered on the App & Play Store
Your customers search for your brand on App Stores every single day. With a mobile app, you can finally reach mobile users that expect to find an app.
Your brand on their home screen
Get your place on the most valuable real estate out there. Your own app on your customers' home screen gives you an opportunity to be seen, remembered and to create habits.

Convert your website into a mobile app

Get custom mobile apps for iOS and Android that update automatically with your site and work with your entire tech stack.
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