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Looking for an AppPresser alternative? In this post we’re going to compare our own service, MobiLoud, with another well-known mobile app solution, AppPresser.

This article is for you if you have a WordPress site and want to convert it into a full-featured mobile app, without the expense of hiring a development team, and without coding the app yourself.

Both MobiLoud and AppPresser are built to help all kinds of WordPress sites - news sites, WooCommerce stores, online communities, LearnDash sites and more - convert their site into mobile apps. This article will help you understand which one is right for you.

Keep reading for more, or check out the key beats in this video:

Why You Should Choose MobiLoud as an AppPresser Alternative

We'll start with a quick summary of why we believe you should choose MobiLoud to build your app. If you want to learn more, we'll dive deeper after this section.

Both companies allow you to build mobile apps from a WordPress site through a specialized plugin and platform. Both allow you to build mobile apps from BuddyBoss, PeepSo, LearnDash, or any other WordPress site – faster and more affordably than if you tried to do from scratch. Both can get you solid apps.

However, MobiLoud is the best alternative to AppPresser because:

  1. MobiLoud is more efficient - we help you launch in the app stores in two weeks, with minimal work on your part. AppPresser requires you to build an app on your own, and will likely take longer to get the app you want.
  2. MobiLoud lets you keep what you already have - with AppPresser you will use their pre-built theme and the integrations for major plugins. With MobiLoud you can keep your existing theme, or use a different one for the app - and all your existing plugins will work straight out of the box.
  3. MobiLoud is less hassle - AppPresser takes a lot of tinkering and fiddling to get the apps set up, and you'll struggle if you are not somewhat technical.
  4. MobiLoud is full-service - while AppPresser provides support through an email ticket system, MobiLoud is a full-service platform. We build, configure and publish the apps for you completely to your specification. We partner with you to deliver an app that's sure to grow your business.
  5. MobiLoud is lower risk - AppPresser offers a 14 day trial. You’ll struggle to build, test and publish the apps in this timeframe, so it won’t be long enough to really know you’ve made the right choice. We offer a 60 day full money back guarantee, more than enough time to know if it's going to work out. If you aren’t happy with your apps for any reason, you’ll get your money back.
  6. AppPresser is cheaper, but you get more for your money with MobiLoud - the price at which AppPresser lets you build an app looks tempting, but you'll end up with a lot of work to do, and an unsatisfactory end product. The support, hands-on service and incredible end result you get with MobiLoud is like hiring an app development agency, only for a fraction of the cost.

These are the essential differences. AppPresser is a good platform -  but MobiLoud is a great AppPresser alternative because we do what AppPresser does, and more, in a way that is easier and lower risk on your end.

MobiLoud vs AppPresser - All You Need to Know

Let’s start out with some key points about how AppPresser and MobiLoud work, to give you what you need to evaluate the differences.

How AppPresser Works

AppPresser is an app builder for WordPress, but it isn’t a straight up conversion process. The apps are separate from your site, built with AppPresser’s theme and the ionic framework. The apps pull WordPress content from your site to display within the apps, and does so in two main ways.

Kupernic Tailandia apps, built with AppPresser
Kupernic Tailandia apps, built with AppPresser

Firstly, an API will pull content from WordPress to the AppPresser plugin, which will then be available in the apps. This is fast, but is limited as you can’t use custom plugins or interactivity through an API without a lot of custom development work. iFrames are also used to display some web content that cannot be pulled through the API.

Essentially, think of an AppPresser app as a pre-built shell that pulls specific content from your WordPress site through the plugin to display in the app.

How MobiLoud Works

As an AppPresser alternative, MobiLoud works differently on a technical level. MobiLoud does not use APIs to pull content from your site. Rather, MobiLoud uses webviews to wrap your site in a native “shell”. Think of it like a dedicated browser for your WordPress site.

The I Prefer mobile app, built with MobiLoud

MobiLoud apps are not just websites in a box though. Over 10 years and over 2,000 apps built, we’ve figured out everything that's needed for a good app user experience - like a native tab bar and navigation, a message center, splash screens, and more.

The end result, just like with AppPresser, is a hybrid app - a mixture of native and web that strives to give a great app experience on the front end while using the website as the back end. Unlike AppPresser, though, you get to reuse the main interface and functionality of your site, all plugins, and any elements of your theme, out of the box.

The Service Element

Both MobiLoud and AppPresser run on a subscription model - essentially, you're not paying a one-time fee for an app, you're buying an ongoing subscription.

However, what you get for the subscription is very different.

With AppPresser, the subscription gives you access to their app builder, an interface similar to WordPress's editor which lets you build and customize your app.

That's it - they offer ticket-based support, but ultimately it's a DIY platform.

MobiLoud is not just an app builder, it's a complete service. We partner with you, rather than building and handing off your app.

We'll set up an initial strategy call to outline what you want in your app, then do all the work to configure and build it.

We also handle updates and maintenance for your app after launch, making sure it stays fast, bug-free, and current.

We'll even provide custom development work to tweak your mobile website and ensure your app gives the best user experience possible.

You really can't discount how much value you get from the service aspect of MobiLoud. It's far superior in this aspect to AppPresser, or any other app builder.

MobiLoud vs AppPresser Pricing

Let’s have a look at AppPresser pricing vs MobiLoud.

  • AppPresser’s pricing starts at $59/m on the standard plan, rising to $79/m for Professional and $129/m for Advanced - all paid annually.
  • MobiLoud pricing starts at $298/m for our Startup plan, $553/m for the Growth plan.
  • All MobiLoud plans include a one-time setup fee of $1,500 for Startup plans, and $2,500 for Growth plans.
  • The Corporate plan is available for those with more extensive needs, with custom pricing based on your requirements.

Read more about MobiLoud’s pricing here.

MobiLoud is a lot more expensive than AppPresser - there's no denying it.

If you want a cheap solution to build an app for your WordPress site, go with AppPresser.

But if you want a partner, and really care about delivering the best app experience possible, you shouldn't be looking for the cheapest option.

MobiLoud is priced at this level to allow us to provide the level of service we do. For the price, you'll still get far more value than you pay for, with the time we save for you, and the easier it will be to recoup your investment and make a positive ROI once you launch your app.

It should be mentioned that AppPresser offers a custom app development service too - but their projects start at $20,000, and based on the examples given on their website, the end result will not be as good as what you'll get with MobiLoud.

Key Benefits of MobiLoud

Now that we’ve seen how the two platforms work and the most important details you need to know about each, let's see the biggest areas MobiLoud stands out.

You can keep what you’ve already built

With AppPresser you cannot use your existing theme, or any plugins outside of a select few. In their own words:

Many plugins, such as Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, LearnDash, Restrict Content Pro, and others work fine in apps out of the box. Many customers use other plugins successfully, but we do not officially support any plugins except those named above.
You can use any theme for your website, but AppPresser uses the AP3 Ion Theme when you show website pages in the app. It is not possible to show a custom theme in the app.

Sure you can customize the template, but it is still a template. Will you be able to completely recreate the UX and feel of your existing site and theme through the template? Probably not.

With MobiLoud on the other hand you can keep your existing theme, and make use of all it’s functionality and design. The apps will fit naturally into the branding and UX on your site, because they are your site, in app form.

A LearnDash mobile app - built with MobiLoud
A LearnDash mobile app - built with MobiLoud

With plugins, AppPresser does a good job of taking functionality from major WordPress plugins, they are limited to what they have already built a specific integration for.

If your site takes functionality from a unsupported plugin, or third-party platform - you either have to accept that it won’t work in the apps or pay AppPresser to do custom work to integrate it. They do not take on small projects, so you’re looking at a minimum of $20,000.

MobiLoud on the other hand let’s you use all your existing plugins in the apps - straight out of the box. If it works on the mobile web, it’ll work great in the Android and iOS apps too.

If you ever see a plugin for WordPress in the future that you think could enhance your apps, you just need to configure it on your site and speak to our team about using it in the apps. With MobiLoud it’s all possible.

There’s nothing to rebuild, no loss of site features, no restrictive templates, and no limits on plugins you can leverage into the apps. For these reasons - MobiLoud is a more flexible and adaptable AppPresser alternative.

A more user-centered business model

AppPresser support works on a ticket-based system, Monday to Friday during normal EST business hours, and they try to respond within 24 hours. They offer technical assistance and advice, but do not actively work on fixes or configurations on your behalf. If you are not a developer you can expect to spend quite some time interacting with their support team.

At MobiLoud we work with you to bring your MobiLoud apps to life. From the initial roadmapping session to post-launch upgrades and maintenance, we’ll be there to offer hands-on support. You’ll have access to our developers via email, Slack or Zoom if needed, and we put in all the technical work needed to make your apps a success.

You’ll know our team members by name, and we’ll never make you wait more than a couple of hours for help no matter what day it is. If you look check out our reviews on Capterra or G2Crowd - you’ll see the quality of our support as a common thread.

In summary, AppPresser is more of a DIY approach, but MobiLoud is more like you’re outsourcing the heavy work to a team of experts. If you are not highly technical yourself, this will save you significant time, money, and stress.

MobiLoud is a less risky AppPresser alternative

MobiLoud is a great AppPresser alternative if you want to minimize risk and headaches.

With AppPresser it is possible that you’ll spend many weeks or even months tinkering with their platform trying to bring your ideas to life. Then you have to test the apps, and prepare them for submission to the App Stores.

This is risky. AppPresser offers a 14-day free trial, but it is not at all clear whether you’d be able to build, test, and publish the apps on Google Play and the App Store within 14 days. AppPresser assist with App Store submission, but they do not guarantee approval.

How will you truly know whether you are happy with the apps before the free trial expires? If you aren’t later on, AppPresser does not offer refunds - so you will have lost time and money.

With MobiLoud this risk is eliminated. Not only do we handle testing the apps and App Store submission on your behalf, but we guarantee approval and a successful launch. If Apple has some problem with the apps, we handle communication with them and resolve any issues.

You’ll also know 100% whether MobiLoud is right for you, before you take on any risk. We offer a 60-day guarantee. If you want to cancel for any reason within this period we refund you 100%. This is 4x longer than AppPresser, and more than long enough to see the apps in action and in the hands of your users so you’ll truly know whether MobiLoud is for you!

We guarantee a great result, and a successful launch - or your money back. You will know exactly what you are getting before the 60 day period is up. For this reason MobiLoud is a far less risky AppPresser alternative.

MobiLoud is a hassle-free AppPresser alternative

AppPresser is better for technically minded individuals that are up for a bit of tinkering and are confident that they can build what they need on the platform.

As we covered in the last sections, this is not guaranteed, and it is on you to make it happen. AppPresser do not build anything for you, they give you access to their platform - and if you can’t get the result you want you’re either out of luck or need to pay them five-figures plus to do the job for you.

MobiLoud is a great AppPresser alternative here for those who want not only a guaranteed result, but minimal hassle. You know that your site works well already - and your app is simply going to replicate that experience and deliver it in app form.

All this with zero work on your part. It's a near-passive way to grow your business and generate a positive ROI.

Full service options

Over 80% of our customers opt for our Full Service package for a one-off fee of $1350. On Full Service we configure the apps for you to your exact specifications, undertake small customizations, and generally handle the process for you completely. Our designers also take care of all the visual assets that need to be created for App Store submission - like icons and splash screens - so there’s really little for you to do except test the apps and make sure you’re happy with everything.

To get a comparable level of service from AppPresser - you would need to be on their custom apps plan starting at $20,000. Otherwise you’ll have a lot of fiddling, a lot of work preparing and testing for the submission, and you’d get little hands-on support with it.

For these reasons we think it’s reasonable to conclude that MobiLoud is a great AppPresser alternative if you want a more simple, headache-free route to the App Stores.

Let’s move on and look at some MobiLoud and AppPresser examples.

AppPresser Example Apps vs MobiLoud Example Apps

We checked out AppPresser’s showcase to get a good idea of some of the apps built on their platform. We’ll summarize a few and contrast them with how the apps would have looked with MobiLoud.

AppPresser example apps

Here are a few AppPresser example apps. Check out their showcase for more.

  • The Art of Manliness  (iOS/Android) is a good AppPresser example app. The app gets generally good reviews - but some users complain about the lack of functionality for search, article navigation, and sharing. If AOM had built with MobiLoud - native sharing would have been built into the apps as well as search functionality. They could have kept the same article structure as the site as there are no templates!
  • All Star Project’s Connected Community (iOS) is another good AppPresser example app. The app works well - however to integrate the WP Jobs Manager WordPress plugin required the AppPresser team to launch a custom project which would have cost a minimum of $20,000. If you use this plugin yourself - MobiLoud can integrate it into the apps straight out of the box!

MobiLoud example apps

For MobiLoud example apps, here are a few of our customers that used MobiLoud to build great mobile apps from their WordPress sites.

  • Tech-Talk (iOS/Android) -  built unique apps with MobiLoud, integrating complex functionality from their site.
  • Metziahs (iOS/Android) - built popular eCommerce deals apps from their WordPress site with MobiLoud.
  • Michael Hyatt & Co (iOS/Android) - used MobiLoud to create their flagship LeaderBooks apps, based off their WordPress website

If you want to see more take a look at our case studies.

MobiLoud is the AppPresser Alternative For You

We’ve tried to give AppPresser a fair hearing, and done our best to show why we think MobiLoud is a superior AppPresser alternative for certain businesses.

In summary, MobiLoud is a better AppPresser alternative if:

  • You want to keep everything from your site, including your theme and plugins
  • You are looking for a hands-on service, not just a tool
  • You want to mitigate risk and be confident of a guaranteed result
  • You don’t want technical challenges and want the tricky bits done for you
  • You are happy with an app that mirrors the essential features of your site
  • You want unlimited push notifications on iOS and Android

Our platform has been used to build over 2,000 apps, enjoyed by millions of users. If you think MobiLoud is the AppPresser alternative for you - book a demo with one of our experts and get your business to the App Stores too.

Let’s start building, Book a free demo today!

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