How to test apps

Learn how the app testing process works and the best way to provide your feedback

Before submitting your apps to the stores, we will be providing you with a test version so you can check the app on your own devices, for iOS and Android.

While we do perform an initial round of tests on our end, to make sure the basic functionality is working as expected, you know your website better than anyone else, and you should be the one making sure all the internal features of your app are working as expected.

Testing your apps 🤳


Apple doesn’t allow a simple installation file to be generated for testing, instead, you will need to use their own testing environment for apps, called “TestFlight”.

There are a few steps you need to take in order to be able to use TestFlight to test your app:

  1. Download the TestFlight app on your device
  1. Make sure you and anyone who will be testing the app are invited to the Apple Developer Account
  1. Add all users who will be testing the app as testers to TestFlight

Once you add a user as a tester to TestFlight, an email containing a redemption code will be sent to the user.

You must then open the TestFlight app, and click “Redeem” on the top right area of the screen.

Type in your code and click “Redeem”.

Your app will now be displayed inside TestFlight, and you can open it to start testing.


For Android things are slightly easier.

Our team will share a link to an .APK file with you, which you can then download directly on your Android device and open.

Upon opening the file, the installation process will begin.

Note that you might see some alerts regarding security, that’s because you are installing an app from an external source, outside of the Google Play Store.

Just make sure that you always select the option to continue with the installation.

Once installed you will be able to find the app on your device and start using it like any other app you have.

Sharing your feedback 🧐

Note that the test version of the app looks and works exactly like the final version will, so this is your chance to confirm that everything works as expected before making your app available to the public.

While testing your app we recommend that you create a list, you can do that in a simple text file, a spreadsheet, or even in your email.

For each item in the list, you will want to provide the following information:

  • Title: in a few words describe the issue
  • Description: summarize the problem so our team can have a better understanding of what you are seeing and what the expected behavior is
  • Steps to reproduce: list all the steps you’ve taken until you were able to see the issue
  • Operating system version: since some issues are specific to certain versions of the operating systems, we need to know which version is currently installed on the device used for the tests
  • Device model: the same applies to the device model, in some cases, an issue will only happen on specific device models

You will also want to include a video or screenshots to show exactly where the problem occurs, below you can find guide on how to record your screen on iOS and Android:

Here is an example of what optimal feedback looks like:

Title: Contact form doesn’t work

Description: When trying to submit our contact form nothing happens, the page seems to load forever and the form never gets submitted

Steps to reproduce: 1) On the home screen, click the green button 2) On the new page, click the “Contact us” link 3) Fill all fields in the form and click “Submit”

Operating system version: iOS 16

Device model: iPhone 13 Pro

Attachments: video-issue.mp4

With all the details about the problem, it becomes much easier for our team to investigate and come up with solutions.

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