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Use our free app description generator to create a conversion optimized description for the App Store or Google Play Store.

Your questions, answered.

How Does MobiLoud's App Store Description Generator Work?
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If you have a marketing website or a website for the app you're publishing to the app store (e.g. your ecommerce store), just enter your address and we'll pull information about your app and audience directly from there.

You'll get a chance to edit the inputs provided to the tool in a second step.

If it all looks good, click on Generate description and let ChatGPT draft conversion focused copy for your mobile app.

Copy the description, edit it if needed and publish it to App Store or Google Play.

Is This Entirely Free?
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Yes! This tool is entirely free, with no hidden costs.

What if I don't have a website?
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If you don't have a website yet, click on "I don't have a website" and answer the questions yourself, our tool will then generate a description for you. You can always go back later to change your answers and re-generate your description.

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