GDPR Compliance

We’ve created this page to provide information about MobiLoud’s compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This page is primarily meant for companies and organizations that use our product and wish to get more information on how we comply with the GDPR requirements.

Since we collect and process personal data of residents in the European Union through our website, we are required to be in compliance with the GDPR. In order to offer a great product to our customers, we adopt best practices to help secure the privacy and protection of all personal data we collect and process.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is a mandatory legislation introduced in 2018 to ensure the security and protection of all personal data provided by EU residents and collected by businesses, individuals or organizations all over the world.

MobiLoud offers a product that aids companies and organizations in building mobile apps for their own users and customers. Some of these end users or our own customers reside in the EU.

Since we collect, store and retrieve our customer’s data to be able to demo and sell our product, we act as data controllers for our own customers’ personal data.

Some of the personal data our website collects either by itself or through third party tools include cookies, usage data, email address, first name, company name, website, first and last name. The full details on each type of Personal Data collected and other applicable provisions are provided in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions or by specific explanation texts displayed prior to such personal data collection.

We use some third party services in collecting, retrieving and processing personal data and we always ensure that the GDPR requirements are duly complied with when using these tools.

Where any incidences of data breach occur at any point in time, we will notify our customers within a reasonable time, upon discovery of such breach.

Data collection in your mobile apps

It is your obligation as the data controller (you, as our customer, a company) to ensure that you have collected consent and made clear that personal data is being collected for use in your application.

MobiLoud doesn’t collect or process any data from end users of applications built with MobiLoud, therefore we don’t qualify as a data processor.

Your apps will use some third party services to collecting and processing personal data of your own app users. It is your responsibility to collect consent from end users and enter into contractual relationships with third parties to confirm their treatment of your end user data is compliant.

Third parties used in the app include:

  • Google and its Firebase service for analytics
  • Onesignal for push notifications

Under the GDPR, you must inform your users about why you are collecting their personal data and how you are using it.

Usually this information will be in your privacy policy, which you can easily make accessible in your mobile app using a simple link or menu entry e.g. in the Settings screen.

If you don’t yet have a privacy policy, you’ll need one to be able to publish your app. Read our documentation and advice to find free tools and templates you can use.

Our platforms also allow you to show a welcome screen (see instructions for News and Canvas) requiring users to agree to your terms and conditions and privacy policy before using your application. You can use this screen to collect consent from your users for all data collection happening in the app and to ensure they have agreed to your terms before they start using your app.

Read our blog post on the topic for more information on how to make your mobile app GDPR compliant.

If you have questions regarding the GDPR requirements and how they may impact your use of MobiLoud’s product, please contact us by email at [email protected]