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Learn how to prepare your Android app icon

Creating an app icon is an important aspect of developing an Android app. A well-designed icon can make your app stand out and attract users.

Before we move forward with this guide, it is important for you to know that we are going to use an “adaptive app icon” for your Android app.

This is important because even though there is a bit more work into the creation of that icon, the final result looks way better, as you can see below:

Notion Image

The Adaptive App Icon for Android consists of two files:

1 - Foreground Image

The foreground image should contain your logo or whatever element you want to be presented in the center of your logo. We recommend using something simple that allows users to recognize your company name or brand.

  • .PNG format
  • 512x512px in size
  • Transparent background

2 - Background Image

For the background image, you should use something simple, without text or any important information as this part of your icon might get cropped to fit into different icon shapes and sizes.

  • .PNG format
  • 512x512px in size
  • No transparencies

The files will be placed over each other on your final icon, something like this:

Notion Image

Note that you should also provide a HEX color code to be used as the background of your logo in some special situations. We recommend using the same color, or the main color, of your background file.

Here are some tips on how to make a great iOS app icon:

1 - Make it unique

The app icon is the first element of your app that users will see after installing it, make sure you have something unique that allows the user to easily recognize your brand.

2 - Keep it simple

App icons should be simple because they will be seen quickly by users, and the simpler the icon, the easier it is to recognize and remember. Also, the simpler the design, the less likely it is to confuse users. A simple icon is more likely to fit within the design of the operating system in which it is included.

3 - No words or complex images

You have minimal space to work with inside your app icon, avoid using words or complex images as these will not look good when displayed in a small element.

Even for your logo, you might want to use a smaller version or simply a piece of it, something that allows users to easily recognize it.

4 - Space

Make sure to leave some space around your app icon foreground to make sure it will be displayed properly.


Here you can find templates for the iOS app icon:

If you’d like to learn more about how to design the perfect icon for your app, check the guidelines from Google, here:

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