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Get iOS & Android apps that sync 100% with your WordPress site. Use your existing theme and all your plugins.

We helped 1,200+ customers get their apps live on App Store and Google Play. Are you next?

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Canvas lets you publish a mobile-optimized site as a native app

Adam Griffiths, Chief Product Officer, Foreign Policy Magazine

"If you’re set up on WordPress and you’re serious about WordPress, they really get WordPress. The app was shiny and new and we knew it would work reliably for anyone who installed it! We were able to hit the ground running really fast."

Go Live on the App Store & Google Play for a Fraction of the Usual Cost

So you built something successful on WordPress, now you want to take your mobile game to the next level and build mobile apps for your brand. Great idea. There are a few ways to get it done, but most involve months of work for a team of developers.

MobiLoud is different. We take all the complexity out of the app development process. We convert your WordPress site to native apps, so there's nothing new to learn and nothing to rebuild.

Forget about months to go live

Get your app built and published in 2-3 weeks.

Affordable pricing

Simple, predictable, monthly pricing. No hidden fees.


"I'll never forget the day that we went live and that we were able to post on social media telling everybody to download our new app. It was almost as if our entire company took a step forward by allowing us to be present in the Apple Store, in Google Play."

Chris Burhans, Founder, Sports Mockery

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Improve User Experience, Engagement & Loyalty

People expect an app experience for the sites they use regularly and habitually. You site is good for picking up new users and catering to fly-by traffic, but apps are much better for retention and building a loyal user base.

Native navigation, a native tab menu and 20+ other native features for a superior mobile UX
An icon on your users home screens is a constant reminder of your brand and helps you to stay top of mind
A direct route to your content through a single tap. Cut out the browser middleman and reduce friction for users
Improve User Experience, Engagement & Loyalty_
Go Live on the App Store & Google Play for a Fraction of the Usual Cost

Boost Your Brand’s Image with an App Store Presence

Launching on Google Play and the App Store puts you in front of millions of potential users.

Promote your apps on your website to new visitors to look more established and professional
Look more trustworthy and innovative than competitors
Pick up new users who are searching for related keywords on the App Stores

Use Your Own Theme & All Your Plugins

You're not limited at all with MobiLoud, you can keep what already works, use your theme and any plugin you want – or create a specific design for your app, it's your choice.

Any theme, plugin and site feature will work perfectly in the apps, straight out of the box
Nothing to rebuild, just keep your winning formula
No cookie-cutter templates to limit you, add new functionalities and features in the future with ease
Use Your Own Theme & All Your Plugins
Synced with WordPress

Synced with WordPress

We have been working with WordPress site owners since 2013, and have built over a thousand mobile apps from WordPress sites in every niche and industry imaginable.

Nothing new to learn, no developmen skills required
Manage everything through your existing WordPress backend with a simple plugin and our dashboard
Apps update automatically with any changes on your site, so there's nothing to add to your ongoing workflow

Send Unlimited Push Notifications

Push Notifications have a 10X higher engagement rate compared to email and let you communicate directly with your most valuable customers. 

Integrated with OneSignal, the best push solution on the market
A native push notifications inbox gives users an easy way to via all your messages and change their preferences
Configure notifications to go out automatically at key times, or send them manually when you see fit
Send Unlimited Push Notifications


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Full Service From a Team of WordPress and App Experts

We take a hands on approach to customer support. Our team have been working with WordPress and mobile technology for over seven years, and know both better than anyone. We are here to help make your apps a success.

You'll use our platform to configure and customize your new apps, then our team will take it from there. We take care of building, testing, compiling and submitting your mobile apps on all plans. Our team will dedicate several hours to reviewing your app, ensure it’s working smoothly, and guaranteeing approval by the App Stores.

Not technical, or too busy? We also offer a full service package so there’s nothing at all to do on your end, we configure and build your app from start to finish and handle any advanced customization.

It doesn't end there though. On all our plans, we handle all ongoing updates and maintenance, so you don't need to worry about hiring developers down the road to fix expensive headaches.

Fast, Efficient, Full Service

Our team are fast, and know mobile and web technology inside out. We take care of the entire process of testing and preparing your apps to be published on iOS and Android.

No Expensive Surprises

Simple, predictable, monthly pricing. No hidden fees or paying thousands to developers if something goes wrong. We handle everything.


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All The App Features You Need

Native Tab Menu

The native tab menu is the core of your app. It makes the most important parts of your app instantly accessible and gives a ‘native feel’ for your users. 

Message Center

Every message your users receive is saved in the app so they can revisit it, explore the content or follow the link later on. 

Push Preferences

Let your users easily choose exactly which messages and notifications they’ll receive. 

Native navigation

iOS and Android users will easily be able to navigate through your app with a familiar native interface.

Customizable Splash Screen

Your users will see a branded splash screen while your app loads and will get feedback with a progress bar

Configuration Dashboard

Control everything about your app in real time without needing to fiddle around submitting updates

Fully customizable

Make the apps yours with a custom color scheme, logo, and splash screen

Loading Indicators

The apps will give users clear visual feedback when a page is loading for a better UX and a native feel.

Automatic Rating Prompts

Gently nudge your users to review your app after they’ve been using it for some time.

"If you’re looking for a solution to get content out of WordPress into a native app, MobiLoud provides a huge number of features, and get it working quickly. It’s incredibly valuable. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Stephan Wheelan, Founder, Deeperblue

"We have been MobiLoud customers for years, and we have had nothing but amazing experiences with the software and the team. As a major, reputable news source, we run a large website that needed a sleek, well-designed mobile app. MobiLoud provided that for us with easy-to-use software and personalised support."

Arand van der Berg, Managing Director, Business Insider NL

"We considered doing it in-house but then you have to worry about updates and paying thousands of dollars more if there's a major IOS update. It was just something we didn't think would be economically feasible. We also looked at some MobilLoud competitors and we found that the price structure was better with MobilLoud. It just made sense to go with them. Their track record speaks for itself."

James Kosur, Founder, Hill Reporter

"MobiLoud created an attractive app which synchronised our website content and features perfectly. Their team responded promptly to our needs and ideas, bringing our app to life in record time. We would highly recommend MobiLoud to all news sites needing a native app."

Art Cuddy, Head Of Web Development, ‎DMG Media Ireland

"Our readers have been delighted with our iOS and Android apps, and we’ve been able to continue to expand into the mobile market. We’d highly recommend MobiLoud to other fashion magazines looking for help creating a native app."

Bert Gybels, Digital Coordinator Flair, ‎Sanoma

"The actual native app is what makes it easy for people. They don't have to log in every time. It's right on their home screen, they can click the button. Another benefit of the app is the push notifications. There's more realtime convenience that comes with having those push notifications versus email."

Dave Yankowiak, Senior Developer, Michael Hyatt and Company


Integrations & Advanced features

We built the perfect wrapper to give you the key benefits of native apps for a fraction of the price and none of the hassle. 

Firebase Analytics

With unlimited reporting and audience segmentation, Firebase gives you all you need to glean valuable data on your users.

Onesignal Notifications

Send notifications from the OneSignal dashboard or from your app via their API.

WordPress Integration

Choose a custom theme for your app. Trigger notifications for new posts, custom post types, BuddyPress events, messages and more. 

Handle external links

Internal and external link options. Your app will detect the link type and either open the device’s browser or keep the user in-app.

Edit All Labels

Change or localize all the text labels shown in native parts of the app, like the push notifications screen. 

Location Services

Request the user’s location and use it in your web app

Detect App Users

Every request coming from the app is easy for you to identify thanks to a unique user agent string

Advanced Editor

Edit the configuration using JSON, or export it and run it locally on your own server.

Apply Custom CSS

Need to make changes in your mobile app without affecting your web app? Add your CSS code directly into the app.


See Examples of WordPress Mobile Apps

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Dave Yankowiak, Leaderbooks, Michael Hyatt and Co

“The actual native app is what makes it easy for people. They don't have to log in every time. It's right on their home screen, they can just tap the icon.”

Why MobiLoud


Fast native apps

Unlike PWAs, you get real native apps in the stores, an improved UX, push notifications across iOS and Android.


Works with your tech stack

Whether you're on WordPress, Laravel, React or you've built a SPA, our platform helps you turn your site into a mobile app.


Fully customizable

Build a white label app, customized with your own brand, style and content and any functionality you need.


Integrated with WordPress

Posts, custom post types, themes and plugins, your app will play nicely with your WordPress site. Manage it directly from WordPress.


Done for you

We can help with the whole setup and configuration and always take care of submitting your app to App Store and Google Play, on your own accounts.


Exceptional support

Our team of app experts will answer your requests within a few hours and never leave your side. We're very hands-on and will help you get exactly what you want done!

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