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Turn your online course into a mobile app in under 2 weeks.

Boost student engagement by turning your online course into a mobile app. Unlock superior student retention with the power of push notifications, native performance and beyond.
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Unlock a new student acquisition channel.

Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store receive over 500 million weekly visits combined. Tap into these thriving ecosystems and earn your store additional revenue.
Promote your app throughout your existing channels to build momentum.
Become more trustworthy and innovative than your competitors.
Acquire users searching for keywords on the App Store and Google Play.
Get featured in Apple & Google's charts, editor's choice, etc.
App Store & Google Play Store listing of OneHE.
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Increase course completion by appearing on the home screen.

With a mobile app, students will stay logged in and can pick up their learning anytime. The home screen icon is a constant reminder to study, and they’ll be more focused when learning through the app with no browser tabs competing for their attention.
Students complete more modules per session within education apps compared to the web.
Education apps convert higher than mobile sites and their desktop counterpart.
Increase the likelihood of repeat purchases through habitual checking.
Boost your LTV, as your app renders your brand unforgettable.

Connect directly with your learners through push notifications.

Push notifications get 10X the engagement and far higher open rates than email. You can reach all your app users, with no restrictions on reach like with social platforms.
Cut out the middlemen and get a direct line to your customers at a fraction of the cost.
Notify students with key announcements, congratulate them for completing milestones, or remind them to study!
Configure notifications to go out automatically, or send them manually when you see fit.
All notification history is viewable in-app so your customers never miss a message.
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Automatic logins, lightning fast checkout & more...

Through MobiLoud apps, students will be encouraged to dive in for brief “nuggets” of learning throughout their day. They can easily load the app in a split second while they’re standing in line, on the bus, or sat waiting for a date.
Increase conversion rates with Apple & Google Pay's one-click checkout.
Your user's information is saved so they never have to login more than once.
Display personalized course recommendations based on your user's tastes.
Take advantage of a native tab bar for seamless navigation.

All of the above, with seamless onboarding and maintenance. Zero coding required.

Instant setup
Your existing website is the foundation of your app. Import it in seconds and begin configuration.
Automatic updates
When you publish a change to your site, it also appears in-app. There's no additional management required on your part.
Retains all your plugins
MobiLoud synchronizes with your existing tech stack right out of the box. Your plugins, themes and third party tools are safe!
Fully customizable
Edit the configuration using JSON, add custom CSS, or reach out to our development team with changes you have in mind.

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Your questions, answered.

Everything you need to know about our product and billing. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our help center or contact us and we’ll be in touch.
Can I really build iOS and Android apps from any website?
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Yes, MobiLoud can create great cross platform mobile apps from virtually any website or web app built with any CMS or tech stack. Do you see people using your website as an app? Is your site mobile optimized? Then you can convert it with MobiLoud!

Will all my site features work in the app?
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Yes, whatever your web app currently does, MobiLoud can recreate that same user experience and feature set within iOS and Android apps.

This will be a native app, right?
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The MobiLoud platform itself is fully native and built from scratch in Swift, Java and Kotlin for the best user experience and performance. MobiLoud apps are not strictly native, but rather your existing site or web app running inside a native container that runs in every way like a native app, adds native navigation and features like push notifications. This allows you to recreate your web experience exactly, while adding the key features you need to improve user experience on mobile devices.  

Ultimately, you could build a native app from scratch (very very expensive, complex – only for well funded companies where the app is a key part of the value prop), or use a template based solution (could be good but by definition it will be limiting), or use our approach, which gives you the benefits of a native app with the flexibility of the web.  

A hybrid approach lets you have a mobile app with all the features of your website, in a very short time and very affordably, with the added benefit of not having to worry about constantly catching up with your site's development to add new features (i.e. if you add or change anything on the site, it changes in the app). You'll maintain a single code-base, your website's, for both site and app.  

It's a huge saving in both time and money terms, and it gives you incredible flexibility compared to a situation where you have a web app or website and a native app alongside it.

What will my app look like?
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Your app will look like a modern, professional native app designed with the latest mobile UX best practices. It will be branded for you, with your choice of color scheme and logo, and have a native tab menu to allow users to easily navigate through the apps. Check out how it looks like for other companies.

Will I be able to configure the app on my own?
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With our documentation and support, you will be able to configure the app on your own. We are there to help you out with any questions or guidance needed, and we can always just do it for you too!

What's your process like?
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The process starts with a consultation with one of our app experts. We go over your vision for the apps, the must-have features, and create a roadmap for bringing them live. Then we begin with the development work. You'll be in touch with us throughout the process, and will have plenty of opportunities for input and testing the apps along the way. After a couple of weeks (for projects with less complex customization and features), we'll be ready to go through the final testing of your app and prepare it for submission and publishing on the App Store and Google Play.

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