Build Mobile Apps For your Membership or Elearning Site

Put your content in your students’ pockets. Build iOS and Android apps from your existing site with Canvas.

Dave Yankowiak, Leaderbooks, Michael Hyatt and Co

“The actual native app is what makes it easy for people. They don't have to log in every time. It's right on their home screen, they can click the button. Another benefit of the app is the push notifications. There's more realtime convenience that comes with having those push notifications versus email”

Get your own Elearning app in just days, for a fraction of the usual cost


To build your own apps from scratch through an agency or in house would cost $50k-$200k and drag on for months. Canvas gives you a shortcut.

You can have all the benefits of native apps - without getting sucked into a project that lasts for months and adds complexity, stress and huge expense to your life. MobiLoud is the ultimate "low hassle" route to the App Stores for membership sites and Elearning businesses.

Get to market in days

Forget about months to go live. Get your app built and published under 2 weeks.

Affordable pricing

Simple, predictable, monthly pricing. No hidden fees.

"I'll never forget the day that we went live and that we were able to post on social media telling everybody to download our new app. It was almost as if our entire company took a step forward by allowing us to be present in the Apple Store, in Google Play."

Chris Burhans, Founder, Sports Mockery

Improve User Experience

Native mobile apps provide a beautiful, fast and intuitive UX that beats a responsive mobile site every time. Give your students easy access to your content - wherever they go - through the best mobile experience possible. 

They’ll learn more and reward you by buying more of your courses and recommending you to their friends, family, and colleagues. 

Boost Engagement and Course Completion

Your key challenge is to get students to engage with your content and complete your courses. With your MobiLoud apps, students will stay logged in throughout the day and can quickly pick up their learning anytime.

The home screen icon is a constant reminder to study, and they’ll be more focused when learning through the app with no browser tabs competing for their attention. 

Encourage Learning Wherever Your Students Go

Through MobiLoud apps, students will be encouraged to dive in for brief “nuggets” of learning throughout their day. They can easily load the app in a split second while they’re standing in line, on the bus, or sat waiting for a date. 

There’s no friction for students, only convenience wherever they go. 

Connect Directly with Your Learners through Push Notifications

Push notifications get 10X the engagement and far higher open rates than email. You can reach all your app users, with no restrictions on reach like with social platforms.

You can set up specific notifications to go out automatically at key points in the user's experience, or send them manually whenever you like.

Notify students with key announcements, congratulate them for completing milestones, or gently remind them to study like the famous Duolingo owl!

Build an Exciting Learning Community

You can use your apps to build a self-contained community around your content with comments and forum integrations. 

We can integrate any functionality, WordPress plugin, or third party community solution into your apps. If it works well on the web, it'll work flawlessly in your MobiLoud apps. Paired with push notifications, this is a powerful way to build a community.

Stop outsourcing your community to Facebook or Slack groups and build assets that you control 100%.

Position yourself as a Modern and Innovative Brand

You’ve probably been asked by students “Do you have an app, when are you building it?”.

That’s because a presence on iOS and Android is expected in 2020. If you don’t have one you risk turning students away into the arms of platforms and competitors, especially if they’re young. If you have beautiful iOS and Android apps to show off though, you have a chance to impress your students and keep them engaged!


Get a Demo and Learn All About MobiLoud

No Code Required. Build Apps Quickly for a Fraction of the Usual Price

Building native apps traditionally costs $50k+ and ties up several developers for many months. Our platform simplifies the app-building process and we pass the savings on to you. Reinvest the time and money saved into helping your students and get ahead of your competitors. 

Build your app for 10% of the traditional cost
Get ready for launch in days not months
Simple process with nothing new to learn

Double your Impact - Apps Fully Integrated with your Site

Why complicate your workflow, and manage content on two systems - when one is enough?

Canvas apps are synced seamlessly with your LMS saving your team time, effort and resources.

Any changes or updates on your site will automatically reflect in the apps
All existing content will be automatically transferred to the apps
Manage everything easily through a simple no-code interface

Use all of your Site's Features and Plugins

No app-builder will allow you to completely recreate your site’s features and functionality like MobiLoud does. 

There are no pre-built templates or themes to restrict you, and no need to rebuild anything. Why change what already works? Just take your already winning formula and apply it through native apps.

Complete integration with LearnDash or any other LMS. Add your lessons, quizzes, courses, downloadable content and everything else your students need
Integrate any membership solution like Restrict Content Pro, MemberPress or Membermouse
Everything works straight out of the box

Give your Students a Social Learning Experience and Build a Community that you Control 100%

You can build a real learning community with your MobiLoud app that doesn’t rely on any third-party platforms. Letting your students interact, exchange notes and give each other feedback cuts down on work for you and makes them more engaged.

Integrate with BuddyPress, bbPress or BuddyBoss straight out of the box
Offer activity feeds, discussion forums, user profiles, groups, and peer feedback to your learners
Offer activity feeds, discussion forums, user profiles, groups, and peer feedback to your learners

Push Notifications for Direct Communication with Learners

Push notifications are the best and most direct way to reach your students. Notify them of events, push special offers, and motivate them to study your materials with messages you know are going to get through. 

Integrated with OneSignal, one of the best push notification services on the market
Configure notifications to go out automatically following some event, or manually
Manage your notifications easily from your WordPress backend, or through our simple UI

All The App Features You Need

Native Tab Menu

The native tab menu is the core of your app. It makes the most important parts of your app instantly accessible and gives a ‘native feel’ for your users. 

Message Center

Every message your users receive is saved in the app so they can revisit it, explore the content or follow the link later on. 

Push Preferences

Let your users easily choose exactly which messages and notifications they’ll receive. 

Native navigation

iOS and Android users will easily be able to navigate through your app with a familiar native interface.

Customizable Splash Screen

Your users will see a branded splash screen while your app loads and will get feedback with a progress bar

Configuration Dashboard

Control everything about your app in real time without needing to fiddle around submitting updates

Fully customizable

Make the apps yours with a custom color scheme, logo, and splash screen

Loading Indicators

The apps will give users clear visual feedback when a page is loading for a better UX and a native feel.

Automatic Rating Prompts

Gently nudge your users to review your app after they’ve been using it for some time.

Simple pricing plans, with all you need

All our plans include our team's technical support and ongoing app updates (new versions) released for your app, as required, for security, stability, performance issues and to ensure compatibility with the latest iOS and Android versions.



Native app for iOS & Android
Phones and tablets supported
Publish on your own accounts
Ongoing maintenance updates included
Send unlimited push notifications 
Google Analytics & Firebase integration 
Up to 2,000 active users


Everything in Startup, plus:

Up to 20,000 active users
No MobiLoud branding (white label)


Everything in Growth, plus:

Unlimited active users
Custom contracts
Direct access to founder & developers (Slack)
Priority support

Save 20% by paying annually, upfront. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee on all plans.

Clear set up fees, that cover all the initial work required

More than just a software platform, MobiLoud is a complete service that includes everything you need to have your app launched. Take our Professional Full Service setup package to work with us like an agency - we do everything needed to get your app fully set up, cutomized, built and launched on App Store and Google Play. If you prefer to do things on your own - app configuration, customizations, all design work, dealing with Apple and Google, our DIY option is a valid alternative.



We take care of everything for you, including configuring, customizing your app, all the graphic design required, submitting your app and getting it approved (guaranteed).

Kick-off meeting with our Product Manager
Our team will configure your app on our platform, including small customizations – just tell us what you want, we'll set it all up for you
Our designers will create professional icons, splash screens and screenshots for your app, at all resolutions required
We take care of extensively testing your apps before submission, so we find and fix any issues before the apps are sent to Apple and Google - we then share it with you for your own testing
Our developers will take care of generating keystore files, provisioning profiles, signing certificates, compiling installation packages (binaries) for iOS and Android, preparing your app's store pages and submitting it to App Store and Play Store for approval
We work directly with Apple and Google until your app is approved - if after several attempts your app still won't be approved, we'll refund all fees paid


You configure your app, design icons, splash screen and screenshots, we take care of submitting the app for you.

You configure your app, do all customizations needed, create the graphic assets for icon, splash screen and screenshots.
We take care of extensively testing your apps before submission, so we find and fix any issues before the apps are sent to Apple and Google - we then share it with you for your own testing
Our developers will take care of generating keystore files, provisioning profiles, signing certificates, compiling installation packages (binaries) for iOS and Android, preparing your app's store pages and submitting it to App Store and Play Store for approval

Why MobiLoud?

We make building native mobile apps truly easy and affordable with our native app platforms and our publishing and development services.

Fast native apps

Unlike PWAs, you get native apps in the stores, an improved UX, push notifications across iOS and Android.

Fully customizable

Build a white label app, customized with your own brand, style and content and any functionality you need.

Integrated with WordPress

Posts, custom post types, themes and plugins, your app will play nicely with your WordPress site. Manage it directly from WordPress.

Custom Development

Build your own app at a fraction of the cost an agency would charge. Our team is available for customizations and integrations.

Done for you

We can help with the whole setup and configuration and always take care of submitting your app to App Store and Google Play, on your own accounts.

Exceptional support

Our team of app experts will answer your requests within a few hours and never leave your side. We're very hands-on and will help you get exactly what you want done!

Get Started with a Free Demo & Consultation

MobiLoud is more than a platform or app builder, we're a complete service. We get to know you, your goals and your website and will assist you with building your app on our platform, or take care of everything for you.

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