Connect Google Analytics to Firebase

Learn how to connect your Google Analytics account to Firebase

If you would like to see the analytics information tracked by Firebase directly in your Google Analytics Dashboard, follow the steps below:

1 - Go to the Project Settings

Open your Firebase console and selected your app, then click on the gear icon next to the “Project Overview”:

Notion Image

2 - Enable the Google Analytics Integration

Click on the “Integrations” tab and then “Enable” on  your Google Analytics Integration:

Notion Image

3 - Select your Google Analytics Account

You will then be prompted to pick the Google Analytics account in which the data should be displayed

Notion Image

Note that by default Firebase will create a new property on the selected account, but you can connect Firebase to an existing property if you’d like, just click the edit button as you can see below:

Notion Image

Once all steps have been completed the connected data streams should start feeding the data within 48 hours.

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