Impeccable Stock Software Increased Usage and Decreased Churn With Their New Mobile App

If you are a single founder and want to turn your web app into mobile apps, this is without a doubt the best option by far.

Austin Bouley
Founder & CEO

Impeccable Stock Software provides users with access to proprietary stock algorithms in order to master the market. This software allows trend followers to accurately follow trends and profit without spending hours analyzing stocks.


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Austin Bouley founded Impeccable Stock Software to provide market intelligence and proprietary algorithms that help people buy and sell stocks at the right time. But as a single founder, he was struggling to find the resources to take the next step for his platform – mobile apps.

So he looked to MobiLoud. With MobiLoud Canvas, Austin was able to launch mobile apps for iOS and Android, without hiring a team of developers, or navigating the stressful process of trying to get his app store listings approved.

Why Mobile Apps?

Austin’s browser-based platform was great for desktop users. But people want market data on the go, at their fingertips. That means accessing the platform on mobile, and the mobile browser experience was not ideal.

“People using a browser on their phone was a problem. My users were asking for it, and I wanted to allow my users better and quicker access to the software on a mobile device.”

He saw this as an opportunity to get higher usage rates and decrease churn. He wanted to launch an app fast – but as a solo founder, this is much easier said than done.

He didn’t have the resources to build in-house, nor to outsource the job or hire a mobile development team.

Why MobiLoud was Austin’s First Choice

“It was simple, quick, and allowed me to only manage one code base for both the web platform and the mobile app.”

Austin didn’t bother looking for freelance developers, or ground-up app builders. He knew from the start that these options were not ideal.

He needed something that was simple, and let him launch an app in a short time, with minimal cost.

Another key part was being able to manage both platforms from one place. With the complexity of Impeccable Stock Software, building a separate mobile platform from the ground up was never going to work out.

He went with MobiLoud.

Submitting to the App Store Stress-Free

“They took care of all the issues we had with submitting our app to the App Store.”

Austin also knew that getting the app by Apple’s strict submission criteria could end up being a hassle. With MobiLoud, it wasn’t.

We took care of everything to do with submitting the app store listing and getting the app approved. With our experience from submitting thousands of apps to both Apple and Google Play, we were able to make sure everything went forward without a hitch.

The Results

In just a short space of time, Austin had the IS2 – Stock Trend Following app built and launched.

His users loved the app, which has amassed nearly 20 five-star reviews on the iOS app store, and over 500 downloads on Google Play.

Best of all, Austin has seen improvements in several key metrics after launching the app, including:

  • Increased software usage
  • High number of activations
  • Decreased churn

Building a functional mobile app was something that a single founder like Austin never would have been able to do in-house. But with Canvas, it was a breeze.

You can do the same for your business, whether it’s a browser-based web app like IS2, a news site, ecommerce store, membership site, or anything else – built on any platform or CMS.

Just book a demo with one of our team to discuss your project, and we’ll show you how MobiLoud will help you scale your business.

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