Berkshire Found the Right Fit to Enter the Mobile App Space with MobiLoud

Mobiloud was the company that felt like it wanted to create a long-term partnership rather than develop a one-and-done app.

Jason Viens
Brand Strategist

Berkshire is a global manufacturer of cleanroom and controlled environment consumable products, providing supplies for industries from food processing to healthcare to pharmaceutical labs.


Great Barrington, MA


Professional Ecommerce

Berkshire, a worldwide supplier for cleanroom and controlled environment products, relies on great customer relationships and providing authoritative content to their customers, in order to build and grow their brand.

Having been founded in the 1960s, they’ve been in the game a while. But all businesses need to stay up to date with the changing face of their user base. For Berkshire, that meant increasing their digital presence.

After sorting through a few options to build a mobile app, Berkshire settled on the perfect fit – MobiLoud.

Replicating the Success of their Website

“At Berkshire, we try to be where our customers are. We wanted to mirror the success of our website, and having an app was a natural progression for our marketing efforts.”

Berkshire’s online presence was already impressive, with a huge catalogue of products available, and a website with informational content covering everything their target customers needed.

But today, more people than ever use mobile to access the internet. And 90% of that time spent on mobile devices is spent using apps.

To remain in front of their target customer, and be able to provide the same great experience for desktop web users and app-centric mobile users, they needed a mobile app.

“We wanted to give our users an additional channel to interact with Berkshire and focus on quickly supplying the information they needed.”

Sifting Through the Options to Build a Mobile App

“The app space, in general, can be overwhelming. The costs can be daunting.  MobiLoud was able to alleviate any concerns we had and took their time with our questions, and we created a solid project plan.”

Most businesses, unless they’re built from the ground up around mobile development, feel there’s a huge barrier of entry to building an app.

Keeping mobile developers on staff is extremely rare. Hiring freelancers or agencies for a custom-made app is incredibly expensive, while templated app builders just don’t give you the flexibility to build an app that fits your vision.

“The other solutions did not offer the flexibility required and fit within the project’s parameters.”

Berkshire was no different. Their search for the best fit to build an app either came up too expensive, or underpowered.

It wasn’t until they found MobiLoud Canvas that they realized there was a simple way to literally replicate the user experience of their website, in mobile apps.

“The hybrid nature of the app fits our needs perfectly while reducing our ongoing update and maintenance costs.”

Building a Long-Term Relationship with MobiLoud

“We were looking for the right partner that could fit our company’s core values, and supply expertise and support. MobiLoud was the company that felt like it wanted to create a long-term partnership rather than develop a one-and-done app.”

We’ve heard from numerous happy customers how refreshing it is that MobiLoud continues to work with them after the app is live, for updates, maintenance and fixes.

Many businesses don’t consider this part of the mobile app development process. Even after you launch your app, more work is needed to keep your app running and to fine-tune the user experience.

The service element of MobiLoud is what sets us apart from app builders and agencies. For a predictable monthly fee, you’ve always got expertise on hand to answer your questions or make fixes, big or small.

Moving Forward Into the App Space

“The reactions have been very positive from our users.  We have received constructive feedback, and we will be looking to continue to make incremental improvements.”

Berkshire’s customers have been happy so far with the brand new mobile apps. They’re able to provide the ideal user experience for mobile customers, and did so much easier than they thought possible.

There’s also been a positive reception internally, with the Berkshire team happy with how well the app performs, how easy it is to maintain, and how responsive the MobiLoud team is to any questions.

“Our team has noted the speed, the ease of use, and the quick access to information. Having the correct information quickly can genuinely make a difference in the response time.”

Your business can enter the mobile app space too, with MobiLoud Canvas. Just get in touch with us for a free demo, to get started.

We’ll discuss your requirements, expectations, and help you decide whether MobiLoud is the right option to help you launch your mobile apps.

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