How Testimony Share Keeps Touch with a New Generation of Users with Mobile Apps

Testimony Share needed something to appeal to their new generation of younger users, yet didn't have any experience or expertise building mobile apps. That's where MobiLoud came in.
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Testimony Share

Testimony Share is a website that lets Christians all over the world post testimonies and stories about God and their Christian experiences.

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Marietta, GA
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Testimony Share built a successful website for Christians all over the world to share stories and experiences about their faith. But today, like many companies, they're being forced to adapt to the changing ways we consume content and interact online.

Emory, editor at Testimony Share, went in search of an option to better connect with younger users, who prefer mobile over desktop. That's what brought Testimony Share in touch with MobiLoud.

The result? A 5 star mobile app, and a simple way for Testimony Share to maintain touch with their users.

The Story of Testimony Share - Nearly 20 Years Running

Testimony Share was launched in 2004. This made them early movers in terms of both WordPress and the internet as a whole. The team behind it wanted an easy way to let people post Christian testimonies and stories about their faith.

After a slow start, the site really gained momentum in 2011. In the time since, it has become a thriving community, featuring a vast array of moving stories from people all over the world.

Yet with time comes the need to adapt. Which is what led them to look for a way to expand past the basic capabilities of WordPress.

Why They Expanded Their Site to Mobile Apps

"We were thinking how this would work as an app. As an SEO practitioner I'm very aware that Google is changing, and we are always trying to find ways to find the right audience."

Many organizations today are coming to the realization that desktop websites are not the be all and end all anymore.

At one point, it became clear that you HAD to have a website for your business. Today, the realization is that you have to find a way to connect with mobile users.

"The app gives us exposure to a whole new group of users, like younger people who always prefer an app instead of searching on a PC."

Emory and the team were trying to ensure they didn't lose touch with the changing habits of their target audience. The way to do that was by launching Android and iOS mobile apps, which would allow them to connect with a younger, smartphone-centric generation of users.

MobiLoud vs the Competition

"I design WordPress sites and I don't want to get into app development. It will probably take time, preparing and rolling updates every time a new iOS version comes out, there could be some downtime and people could leave bad reviews. I didn't want to get into that. Not only that, but I felt like these other companies won't support me."

Emory realized that building an app was the way to go. However, there are many difficulties involved with app development, which Emory was acutely aware of.

For one thing, as a non-profit, Testimony Share didn't have the resources to handle full-stack app development in-house. But not only is it a huge job building mobile apps in the first place, it's an ongoing headache, requiring constant updates and maintenance. If they were not on top of this, it could prove damaging to their brand.

It's clear they needed a tool to help convert the Testimony Share website to mobile apps. There are many options out there, and it was the service element that really separated MobiLoud from the pack.

"I looked at different solutions before going with MobiLoud. We found that most companies were selling something that's cheaper than MobiLoud, but they give you tools in a way that you'd need to build the app by yourself."

MobiLoud offers the hands-on service that an organization like Testimony Share needs, both in setting up the app and maintaining it. Most other app builders, despite offering a pretty drag-and-drop interface builder, leave you on your own with very little support.

This makes a huge difference. While other tools might seem more affordable, the extra time investment and difficulty you face with a DIY approach makes them more costly in the long run.

The Result - 20+ 5 Star Reviews

"You can see people are really thrilled about the app from the comments in our reviews."

Testimony Share's app turned out to be everything they - and their users - wanted.

It's garnered more than 20 perfect reviews, with a number of positive comments from reviewers who love the ability to share and read stories via the app.

It was also a huge plus for Emory and the team with how easy it was to maintain the app. They could continue to manage content from their WordPress dashboard as usual, while the MobiLoud team handled any of the technical issues that come with app development.

How to Convert Your Own Site to Mobile Apps

"By going with MobiLoud you know if there's a problem, someone will get back to you with a solution - versus other DIY alternatives where you are stuck with those problems and users potentially won't be able to use the app. The potential effects of that kind of damage can be pretty lingering."

Emory is not the first to find out how easy it is to convert a WordPress site to mobile apps with MobiLoud.

If you own or run a site on WordPress, or any platform, MobiLoud is the best option. It's dramatically cheaper and easier than native app development, and the service element is ahead of any other app builder on the market.

Get in touch now to schedule a free demo, and get an idea of how mobile apps - and MobiLoud - can benefit you.

Testimony Share

Testimony Share is a website that lets Christians all over the world post testimonies and stories about God and their Christian experiences.

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Marietta, GA

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