Tobi Cut Overhead and Built a Better App for their Custom eCommerce Site

Tobi's previous apps were inflexible, and took a team of six to maintain. MobiLoud gave them a better way to launch an app, offering a better user experience with significantly less overhead.
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Tobi is a boutique online fashion retailer, selling LA-inspired clothing lines in the United States for more than a decade.

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US-based eCommerce brand Tobi had tried several versions of an app, but struggled to get it right. Previous versions cost far too much to maintain, and the result still didn't come out as they wanted.

When MobiLoud came along, we solved all their mobile app problems, giving them a solution that was flexible enough to fit their needs, while also being far cheaper and simpler to maintain.

About Tobi

Tobi is a US-based online fashion retailer, providing a boutique shopping experience with looks inspired by Los Angeles fashion culture.

While there’s no shortage of amazing eCommerce platforms today, when Tobi first started operating 12 years ago, platforms like Shopify were not reliable. That led Kenneth to build a custom eCommerce platform for their store, which still powers the website today.

The Challenge

Mobile was a key focus area for Chan and the team. This was nothing new - they’d had an app for 10 years already, with several versions.

The main issue they had trying to maintain this app was the workload it came with.

It ended up poorly maintained, and delivered a sub-standard user experience as a result.

They experimented with different app platforms, but they all required too much work, or wouldn't work with their custom-build eCommerce site.

“This is the third version of the app we had. We had one in 2014 and found that it was too much to maintain. We had another one after that but I felt like the platform was too inflexible, and the service was not the best.”

It was even worse when they tried to manage it themselves, as this required a huge time investment they couldn't keep up with.

“When you develop an app you can't just have one person. When we built the app in 2014, the maintenance became very heavy. You also have to maintain a good user experience. To keep a platform like this in-house I feel like you’d probably need around six people.”

The Solution

Tobi’s search for a solution that could work within their budget, didn’t come with a huge workload to maintain, and fit the functionality they needed brought them to MobiLoud.

“We tried six companies and I feel like you guys have the best combination of service, functionality, and price.”

The biggest difference between MobiLoud and the other options was the amount of work we took off Kenneth’s plate.

With our white-glove approach to service, we took care of their biggest pain point, maintenance, for less than the cost of one part-time developer, and much less than the six full-time staff they estimated it would have taken.

“I think really the difference is the service part. We haven't had any issues, the setup was easy, the onboarding was super easy and overall the service has been great. When we first started talking with you we were talking every day and then as needed when it was necessary.”

On top of this, our platform is one of the only eCommerce app builders flexible enough to work with any eCommerce platform. We’re not tied to specific platform APIs, so we were able to support Tobi’s custom-built website, and keep everything consistent with their site and app.

Results: An Improved App Experience with 1/6th of the Workload

MobiLoud helped Tobi launch the third version of their app.

Their previous versions suffered from a myriad of issues, with many unhappy users.

These issues included:

  • Poor filtering options
  • Trouble signing up for an account
  • Difficulty finding complete information about products

All up it was a bad shopping experience. It reflected poorly on their brand; those customers they didn't lose altogether simply chose to ignore the app and use the website instead.

The problems with previous apps were all due to the inflexibility of their app and the workload it took to maintain.

MobiLoud let them fully replicate the great user experience they had on the web, without duplicating the effort.

Their new app delights their loyal customers, rather than frustrating them. Since launching, they are already seeing an uptick in new downloads.

MobiLoud allowed them to create a better app for significantly less work, which is what made Tobi's decision to go with us a home run.

Build Your eCommerce App with MobiLoud

Every online store that partners with us to build their app says the same thing. MobiLoud’s commitment to service, along with the flexibility of the platform, lets them launch an app within budget, with low upkeep, without sacrificing on quality.

“I like your company, you already provide good service and continue to build out the platform. We saw other companies using it like John Varvatos, I checked it out and it was what we needed. I already knew you were going to continue working with it as you have a good user base.”

You can do the same for your store, whether it’s built on Shopify, WooCommerce, or any other platform, including custom-built eCommerce sites.

It starts with a free, custom 1:1 demo, where one of our team of experts walks you through the MobiLoud platform and gives you an idea of what’s possible for your app.

Book a demo now and start building the perfect app for your store, without the overhead and sacrifices you make with other solutions.


Tobi is a boutique online fashion retailer, selling LA-inspired clothing lines in the United States for more than a decade.

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