Fellowship of Christian Athletes Loved MobiLoud’s White-Glove Service

In building the FCA Sports Coach app, Fellowship of Christian Athletes got the white-glove experience from MobiLoud, with service that went above and beyond all other app builders.
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FCA Sports Coach

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a non-profit organization helping coaches and athletes grow while staying aligned to their Christian values.

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When Fellowship of Christian Athletes wanted to build mobile apps for their group of coaches and athletes, they went looking for an affordable, simple solution.

That solution turned out to be MobiLoud. We’d already built something similar with the Train the Mind app, and were able to show this as an example of the power, usability and convenience we could provide, with limited investment.

The app turned out to be just what they were looking for. Even better was the service, letting them dive headfirst into the mobile app space, despite zero prior experience building mobile apps.

Read on to learn more about how we helped them build the perfect mobile apps.

About Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a group that unites faith and athletics. They’re a non-profit organization that provides coaching and support for Christian athletes, inspiring them to grow and excel while maintaining their Christian values.

They have a presence in 114 countries, and have been operating since 1954.

The Challenge

With a platform built for coaches and athletes, a mobile presence was a must. Users had to be able to access content, such as on-demand videos of coaching drills, on the go from their mobile devices.

They specifically wanted something that people would be able to download to their phone or tablet - an app. 

The big hurdle for a non-profit organization like theirs, however, is having the means to create an app. Native apps can take tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to build, not to mention a lot more to keep up to date.

That kind of investment simply is not in the budget of an organization like theirs. They were left to choose between settling for their mobile website, or finding another way to create an app.

The Solution

“We already know how to do a website but we don't have any mobile developers on the team. Then we found that MobiLoud allows us to take our WordPress website and serve it as mobile apps.”

MobiLoud offered the solution that FCA needed. We could help them convert their website into an app, doing it for a tiny percentage of the time and money it would take to create a fully native, custom app.

On top of that, we provided them with a level of service that was above and beyond anything else they would find on the market, which was key for a company with no prior experience in developing mobile apps.

Why They Chose MobiLoud

A few things stood out to make Services Management Manager Trevor Narer choose MobiLoud.

“The pricing model was very attractive, but also your guys' ability to walk alongside us. You did some of the additional configurations and submitted the apps to the app stores. That kind of white-glove support that you guys provided us was helpful since it’s the first app we’ve launched.”

Many of our customers have raved about the care and attention they get from us, as Trevor did.

Though he did look at other options, the price, feature set and level of service we promised made MobiLoud the clear choice.

“We looked at another competitor, but your features and service put them way above the rest.”


We helped Trevor launch the FCA Sports Coach app, which was a simple yet effective reimagining of their original website.

Having optimized their site for mobile already, there was little work to do to get it to feel like a true native app.

“We designed our site with a mobile-first approach, so when we translated it to the app it felt very native from a user perspective.”

Their users are very happy with the app too.

“We've heard nothing but great feedback, especially from coaches who are out on the practice field. They can now remember what the drill was, just by pulling up the video real quick. They could stream it from Vimeo, see a demonstration and then go and execute the drill for their teams.”

And behind the scenes, we continue to make it easy for their team to, without any mobile developers on staff, keep their app maintained and up to date.

“We had an issue where Google changed some of their terms and agreements that we ended up being in violation of. We reached out to the MobiLoud team and you guys are able to log in, get it resolved and get our app back out there without any issues.”

Get the Full Service Package and Convert Your Site to Mobile Apps Today

There are varying levels of service you can opt for with MobiLoud. If you want to be more hands-on, you can. But if you want the hands-off approach, we can take control of the whole process for you.

Either way, we’re here to provide you with the support you need to launch a great app, including guaranteeing approval for your app store listings.

“The full-service package, the app submission stuff, that was great.”

Having an app has been great for FCA, aligning them with the expectations of today’s mobile-first audience.

“It feels like a mobile app is a huge win to the users who are expecting their apps on their phone to be an app and not just a PWA. So this is incredibly viable and gives you a greater scope with an audience that you may not have had previously.”

Launching your own app with MobiLoud is fast, affordable and straightforward. You can join our long list of happy users, who were able to go live in the app stores with minimal investment and fuss.

To get started, just book a free demo call. Our app experts will walk you through the process, and show you how MobiLoud can help elevate your business with mobile apps.

FCA Sports Coach

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a non-profit organization helping coaches and athletes grow while staying aligned to their Christian values.

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