MobiLoud Helped BoozeBud Build an App That Pays for Itself

BoozeBud needed to simplify their tech stack, and they needed to do it with sacrificing functionality for their mobile app. See why MobiLoud was the perfect solution.
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BoozeBud is an online retailer selling beers, wines and spirits in the Australian market.

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BoozeBud, an Australian online alcohol retailer, moved to Shopify to simplify the technical side of their operations. By migrating their website to another platform, their mobile app no longer worked.

They needed a new way to build and maintain their app, that worked with Shopify and that would allow them to keep all the features of their website, without a huge level of cost or complexity.

They found MobiLoud.

The Challenge

BoozeBud’s search for a new way to build an app was all about simplifying their tech stack.

Their previous setup was effective, but it was sapping at their profit margins.

Damien Smith, the company’s CTO said:

“Our eCommerce stack was fully custom, very expensive to run and maintain. We needed internal developers. The time to release anything was very long and our business works on very small margins.”

When they moved the website to Shopify, they first looked at low-code and no-code app builders made for Shopify. They found that these were expensive for what they needed to do, and just too limiting.

They wouldn’t be able to offer everything in the app that they did on their website - in particular, their loyalty program. All the Shopify app builders they looked at wouldn’t be able to recreate the user experience from their loyalty program in the app.

“We are using Yotpo for the loyalty program and it works great. It's a points based system, it has widgets in the checkout. So you can see your points and redeem your points through the checkout. With these solutions, we would need to custom build the whole loyalty program in the app, which would then be delayed behind the website.”

The Solution

Damien and the team found a better solution; MobiLoud.

Similar to their previous app, MobiLoud let them simply convert their website into apps, which would be fully synchronized with the website, and retain all the features from their website.

Most importantly, MobiLoud works with Shopify (as well as any other website platform or tech stack). Damien was able to see examples from numerous other high-revenue eCommerce brands, many also using Shopify, who used MobiLoud to successfully build mobile apps.

MobiLoud allowed them to relaunch an excellent app experience, while successfully simplifying operations and saving money compared to the expensive and complicated tech stack they had earlier.


BoozeBud’s app users score positively on all the key metrics that an eCommerce store looks for.

“We're seeing that the customers who do use the app are more engaged, they're spending more time on site, they're spending more per transaction, they're spending more overall. The app is paying for itself.”

On the operational side, Damien loves that whatever they do on the website, they can immediately roll out on the app at the same time. He’s not tied up by the limitations of other Shopify app builders.

“The fact that we can roll out quite complex solutions and updates to improve our experience for customers on the website, and that's immediately in the app, that's priceless. That's amazing.”

The other element that’s really paying off for them is the addition of mobile push notifications, and how effective they’ve been at holding on to their customers’ attention.

“Push notifications give us a way to get in front of high-value customers within a walled environment. When you're on a browser you're jumping between websites, you can quickly lose your focus and you're off somewhere else. When we send a push notification, they're in the app, they're in a walled environment and we have their attention captured.”

Why MobiLoud is the Best No-Code Mobile App Solution for Shopify Websites

More than 2,000 businesses have used MobiLoud to build their mobile apps, including many successful Shopify brands.

Damien, like many others, found that traditional DIY, no-code app builders made specifically for Shopify tend to be inflexible, not letting you do all the same things you do on your website, and have both direct and indirect costs that add up.

“If someone is looking at some other low code, no code type app builder, they would need to look at the total cost of maintenance, development, delays for new features, roll out, and consider all of that.”

MobiLoud is the most straightforward, yet most flexible way to build an app for your Shopify store, without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on developers.

Not only do we handle the whole app build for you, we submit your apps to the app stores, and handle technical maintenance and updates after launch, saving you thousands in ongoing costs and letting you keep your focus solely on your website.

To learn how MobiLoud can help your business, discuss your unique requirements and get a custom demo of your site as an app, schedule a free demo now.


BoozeBud is an online retailer selling beers, wines and spirits in the Australian market.

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