Train the Mind Builds a Professional, 5-Star Mobile App for Minimal Investment with MobiLoud

MobiLoud seemed too good to be true to Train the Mind founder Jake Gracia, as we helped them launch a 5-star app on a limited budget.
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Train the Mind

Train the Mind is an online mental performance gym, focused on helping athletes, from school children to professionals, master the mental side of the game.

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MobiLoud allows all kinds of business to launch their own mobile apps, fast and affordably. It's particularly valuable for subscription-based websites, who can make huge gains by increasing usage and retention rates.

Train the Mind is a perfect example of this. Founder Jake Gracia thought building a mobile app would be a huge and risky investment - until he found us.

Keep reading to learn more about the Train the Mind story, and how we helped them launch a professional, high-quality mobile app for a minimal investment.

What is Train the Mind?

Train the Mind is an online mental performance training gym. They focus on helping primarily young athletes master the mental side of their game, with help from sports psychologists, mental performance professionals and pro athletes from some of the world's top sporting organizations.

They started out with Zoom classes, expanding into a subscription-based platform with on-demand video content.

Why Mobile Apps?

Subscription-based sites like Train the Mind are the perfect use case for mobile apps.

One of the key parts of becoming a more user-friendly platform was supporting a userbase who were often traveling, accessing content on the go, from locations such as airports and hotels.

Mobile apps provided a potential solution. It made it easy to access content from anywhere via mobile devices, and could seriously increase retention by allowing people to use their site more often.

Most importantly, it was what their customers wanted. But Jake was unsure of the viability of building and launching a mobile app at this stage.

"I knew we had to get an app out there but the cost of building an app and hiring a team was not realistic for us at the time. That was one of the first questions I would get asked every time we talked with schools, coaches and teams: do you have an app?"

Searching For The Right Solution

"I can’t tell you the name of the competitors, but I can tell you I looked and looked, I’m a researcher, so it took me a while to trust that this was legit."

Jake looked through a vast number of options to figure out what the best course of action was to build the Train the Mind mobile app.

He knew that hiring a team to build native apps for them was not really viable. There was the cost, for one thing - as a small business, not something that they could afford without bringing in investment. And besides that, the hassle of managing multiple platforms was not appealing to Jake.

"The last thing I want is to rely on another team to develop another product. The idea is just sounds awful now, I want to update one thing and have it propagate to all the tools that my users use. Having to maintain two environments and two skill sets that I would have to pay, is just not ideal to me."

So he found MobiLoud. To Jake, it looked like the perfect solution. He didn't think it was possible to create a mobile app for such a low investment, until we came along.

"Finding your product was so unbelievable. I come from a technology background - I was an IT product manager at a start-up. So my old colleagues would mention that this would be at least 6 figures to have an app, and then you have to find the talent, finding developers. Just so many roadblocks that it was not realistic so we just kept improving the website. When I found your product it was so wonderful because I was able to deliver exactly what we wanted, and it was affordable."

He received some pushback on the simplicity of our platform. But that simplicity was exactly what he needed. The app delivered almost everything he wanted from a native app, at a fraction of the cost.

"I have got to tell you, some of my colleagues would tell me, it’s just mirroring your website. But they don’t understand, if you can download the app to your phone and you can use the app the way you would use any other app, that’s all I need!"

The MobiLoud Experience

Jake was more than pleased with what he found with MobiLoud, giving him a way to build mobile apps that he previously didn't think was possible.

"I know all of these tech incubators, and the student startup programs at the universities we work with and I told them, oh my god I found the secret weapon to create a business without mortgaging your house to do it. It is such a godsend."

Like many MobiLoud users before him, Jake also raved about the service element. Our team was there to support him the whole way. Whether there were things he could do himself, within the MobiLoud builder, or if he had more custom asks, he found it was always possible.

"You guys were so easy to work with. I had some asks early on that you accommodated, and it was affordable. The thing I love the most is that you have this sort of white glove option, like you can have us do everything for you or we can give you the instructions."
Train the Mind mobile app built by MobiLoud

The Result

"I love it, the coaches love it, it’s very simple, we have streamlined it completely. The best compliment I get is “it’s just like Netflix", which is exactly what I was going for."

With MobiLoud, Jake and the team were able to launch the perfect mobile apps to expand their platform.

Customers love it - giving it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars on the App Store so far.

He's still met with disbelief from others who, like Jake before he found MobiLoud, didn't think it possible to build such high-quality mobile apps, so easily, with so little money invested up front.

"I can’t tell you how many investors I’ve talked to from my world that have said, “I’m so impressed that you haven’t expended that much money, there are so many companies that expend more than this and they don’t even have a viable product”."

Build Your Own Mobile Apps for Minimal Investment with MobiLoud

"I would say it’s the best decision I ever made going with you guys, I was so convinced I could not offer an app until I was a big company that could take on that expense. It was so amazing as a small business owner to be able to offer an app without going into debt, without having to get investors."

The Train the Mind app has been a roaring success, and surprised Jake with how easy and affordable it is.

If your website is a big part of your business, you can likely grow your business by offering mobile apps to the rising number of people who access the internet on mobile devices.

MobiLoud makes this simple. No matter what type of site you run - from subscription sites, to digital publishers, to ecommerce stores, we have the perfect solution to turn your site into mobile apps.

It takes minimal time, cost and effort to start reaping the benefits of mobile apps. Click here to get a free, personalized demo to see for yourself how you can launch high-end mobile apps in a matter of weeks.

Train the Mind

Train the Mind is an online mental performance gym, focused on helping athletes, from school children to professionals, master the mental side of the game.

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