How Affiliate Powerhouse Metziahs Built a More Modern Brand with Canvas Shopping Apps

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“When people are on their phone and they get an alert from The New York times for breaking news. It’s the notification that gets people to click, that’s huge. So I’m a big proponent of apps”


Metziahs is a successful deals site. Their team scour the web and sift through millions of offers around the internet to get users the best deals on clothing, home goods and much more.



Canvas can be used to convert any website into iOS & Android apps. One use case it works really well for is deals sites.   If you run a deals site, then you know that building user habit around your platform is crucially important. Apps are great for this, and paired with the power of push notifications to alert users to new deals can be a great way to take your brand to the next level.   Metziahs is a very successful deals site. They built apps for iOS & Android with MobiLoud Canvas a few years ago and have grown impressively since. We chatted with Dovi (?), founder(?) about his experience with us.  

Introducing Metziahs 

“We’re a pretty much affiliate site. Our team goes through millions of items on the web and curates  the ones that would resonate best with our community. We started off with women, we expanded a couple of months later to kids, then to men, then to home goods and maternity. We also have a separate wing that’s for Ali Express items”
  Metziahs has been extremely successful.  
“Year on year we grow at roughly 20%. We have over 10,000 hits a day, tens of thousands of people a month. They come to us to shop first, for many people we’re their first stop. Instead of going to Macy’s or Bloomingdale, they first come to us and check out what we have. Then, if they’re unhappy or unsuccessful, then they’ll try on their own. But our team is really good at curating. Generally, people come to us, it’s really like a one-stop shop”
  It takes a lot of effort to curate all the deals on a daily basis. The team at Metziahs do it all manually too!  
“Everything’s manual. You can’t really have like an algorithm for people’s fashion and style. It doesn’t work. Also these algorithms and cool automated sites often miss a lot of deals when there’s a discount at checkout, or with a promo code. So for an algorithm it’s simply impossible for them to pick it all up”

Why Build Mobile Apps?

  There were two main reasons why Dovi decided that building apps was the right move for Metziahs. Firstly it was about branding.  
“We’re pretty hip site. We’re cool, we’re trendy and everyone follows us. So two years ago, apps were a big thing. The first thing was just to go with the flow and to be leading the way with an app. Everyone thought apps cost tens of thousands of dollars, and just having an App Store presence can you into like a monster”
  The second reason was push notifications. They are without a doubt the most direct and effective communication channel to your audience, and Dovi recognised that.  
“I thought that’s a huge benefit to instantly have a good deal and be able to shoot it out to thousands of people. We had One Signal. I was personally not so familiar with it then, although now we use it independently on desktop. On mobile though, it’s a beauty”

Why MobiLoud Canvas?

  Dovi ran the options past his developers. They looked at the two main options, building the apps from scratch or using a no-code platform like MobiLoud.  
“Once we picked up on your platform, it was pretty clear that to get up and running as quickly as possible as affordably as possible – that was pretty much one of only two options. So in the end it was a combination of speed, price, and general ease. I think the developers told us that MobiLoud, you guys are best of the companies that were already existing platforms. So we went with that” 
Canvas does all the heavy lifting taking your site and converting it into native apps. Then it’s just up to you to choose some elements of the styling and configure the apps. The whole process doesn’t take more than a few weeks max, and we handle submission to the App Stores and publishing.  
“Getting off the ground was great. It was pretty quick. The support team was great. We dealt with Vitor a lot, and he was fantastic. We had a few issues and glitches and stuff. We were probably some of the first people to have Canvas apps. There were some ups and downs, but overall we were really happy that it was so easy to get off the ground and to have an app”
  Some challenges are inevitable. Our team supports you fully through the process until the apps are live and you’re completely satisfied though.  

What Benefits Did Metziahs Get From Their Apps?

  As Dovi mentioned, their main goal was to build a solid App Store presence for branding and impressing customers.   This can’t be underestimated. Often Google Play and the App Store are the second places people will search for your company after Google, and when they see professional, highly rated apps pop up that’s a real mark of quality.  
“So just having an app presence, with working apps is great. That’s for sure. Push notifications are obviously important, but just having the presence on the App Stores is great”
Dovi recognised this, and how the apps helped their branding.  
“People think it’s cool, which is really our intention. It’s more branding than anything else. Branding’s important, you know? Just to appear to be there on the App Stores. When you have 4.8 stars on the app store, that’s just makes you much more legitimate than a random site”

Metziah’s plans for the future 

  Dovi and the Metziahs team have lots of plans to grow in the future.  
“We’re only a couple of years old, but, at the pace that we’re going, it looks like we’re going to be growing our base, and hitting a larger audience with the same amount of work. Perhaps go into a little bit of a different space where we’ll have our team of interior decorators and more of a service in addition to our site”
  They are also expanding with sister sites that sell their own products directly, and also developing a jewellery line. Apps and push notifications will help along this road, and Dovi recommends building an App Store presence to others in the eCommerce and affiliate space.  
“I’m a fan of apps for two reasons. Firstly the App Store presence, secondly the notifications are big. Think about it. When people are on their phone and they get an alert from New York Times or whatever breaking news platform – it’s the notification that gets the click. So it’s definitely huge. So I’m a big proponent of apps!”
  Our apps are helping Dovi and the team to stand out in a really competitive space, and keep their brand strong in the future.  
“You know, everyone has a mobile site. It’s just a matter of standing out and having that 4.5 star reviews on our app. To say to people –  check out our app as well!”
  We wish Dovi and Metziahs success in their future path, and look forward to supporting them further through their Canvas apps.   Canvas can do the same for your company, whether you’re an affiliate site, eCommerce store or publisher. Get in touch with one of our app experts today and let’s start planning your App Store launch!        

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