OneHE Expands Their Platform for a Modern Audience with Mobile Apps from MobiLoud

With MobiLoud's help, OneHE built mobile apps that provide 24/7 access to content, without the usual stress and expense of launching apps and publishing to the app stores.
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OneHE is an online learning platform, providing education and resources in bite-sized modules for education professionals at colleges and universities around the world.

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When an online training community for educators decided to expand their services to the US market, they decided the time was right to also launch a big new feature - a mobile application.

OneHE, however, are not a tech company. They don't have mobile developers on staff, or a big budget to hire a team or an agency to build an app. So how did they do it?

Answer: with MobiLoud. We made it easy for OneHE to convert their existing website to apps for Android and iOS devices, and connect with a younger and more modern user base.

Read on to see how they did it.

What is OneHE?

OneHE is a platform that provides training and support for professionals who work in private education. They do so in a bite-sized "microlearning" format, with courses consisting of short 20-minute resources that can be completed on the go.

OneHE was established in 2018, pivoting towards the online course format in early 2020. Today, they have users from universities and colleges across the United States, along with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe.

Why Mobile Apps?

Customer success manager Nikki Spalding admitted that many of their early users were quite traditional, and as such, tended to prefer desktop for consuming content.

But to grow their platform, and to continue to stay relevant as their audience becomes younger, they needed to cater to those who wanted more convenient access to content.

That meant people who, like many today, are mobile-first, accessing content on the go. This idea goes hand in hand with the aim of the platform to provide short resources that can be completed anywhere, any time the user has a few minutes to spare.

"Our goal is to be accessible 24/7 and people can do it while they are on their commute or walking in the park or whatever it might be - each course only takes 20 minutes. So having an app was essential to really push the mobility and flexibility of when and where people can access the content."

Recreating Their Site's Experience in the App

The first place the OneHE team looked to create their mobile app was a platform they were already using. Online course platform BuddyBoss (which, OneHE is built on, along with WordPress) provided a service to create mobile apps for course providers.

It was only logical to check out this option first. But Nikki found that, based on the feedback she gathered, this option would not be able to fully recreate what makes their website so successful.

"We wanted to have a bit more of flexibility and to be able to share all the different content pipes that we have within our site in the app."

So they looked at several other app builders. MobiLoud won out as the one that ticked all the boxes. With our platform, they were able to get mobile apps that fit within their budget, in the time frame they needed, without sacrificing any key features from their website.

"We were taking in consideration value for the money and the speed which we would get set up. We were just about to launch in the US market when we got the app, and we wanted to make sure that those two things lined up nicely. Having the app ready by the moment we launched in the US was a big part of our marketing strategy and MobiLoud did that very well."
OneHe mobile app built by MobiLoud

The Results

So far, the app has been a big success for Nikki - and for OneHE users.

"In terms of feedback, it’s been great. We had people tweeting about how they enjoyed using the app while going through our courses."

They were able to launch their apps in time with their US launch, enter the app stores, and provide a valuable new feature for their customers.

And it's been a simple process, thanks to the team of app experts at MobiLoud. Nikki hasn't had to worry about any of the technical aspects of building an app, along with the stresses of getting their apps approved with the app stores.

"Their responsiveness has been a big thing, taking out all the stress out of the Google and Apple submission and really any of the technical stresses."

Build Your Own Mobile Apps with MobiLoud Today

MobiLoud is the easiest way for business owners to convert their existing website to mobile apps.

We help you build high-quality mobile apps, indistinguishable from the kind of native apps that companies pay 6 figures to make. And the best thing is, these apps retain all of the features, data and content from your website.

Just ask Nikki and OneHE, who found the process surprisingly easy every step of the way.

"It’s been a very straightforward process, in terms of onboarding, customization, any decision we had to make, the styling of the app and it’s just really easy to work with, along with great value for money."

Getting started is simple. Go here to get a free, personalized demo of the MobiLoud platform, and how it's going to work for your business.

When it's time to start setting up your apps, you'll find the process is intuitive and straightforward, no matter whether or not you have a technical background.

Our team handles everything that goes on under the hood - you just configure a few things about your app, and tell us how you want it to look. It really is as simple as it sounds.

Book a demo today and start moving your business forward.


OneHE is an online learning platform, providing education and resources in bite-sized modules for education professionals at colleges and universities around the world.

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