VERO MODA Built the Perfect Shopping App with MobiLoud

VERO MODA already had custom-coded apps in the app stores. But their search for a simpler alternative brought them to MobiLoud - and a solution that gave them everything they needed in an app, with singificantly lower overhead.
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VERO MODA is a women's clothing & fashion brand, with over 600 retail stores across Europe.

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VERO MODA is a huge fashion brand, serving an international audience in both brick and mortar and online.

They also have branded shopping apps on the iOS and Google Play stores. These apps were originally custom-coded apps, with separate native apps for each operating system.

Yet in 2022 they pivoted away from native apps to switch to a simpler, more affordable solution, with MobiLoud. Read on to learn why, and how it worked out for them.

Part of the BESTSELLER Family of Brands

Launched in 1987, VERO MODA is one of the top BESTSELLER brands today, serving an international audience both online, and through more than 600 retail stores across Europe.

BESTSELLER was founded in Denmark in the 1970s by the Holch Povlsen family. It’s among the world’s largest privately-owned fashion companies, with a global customer base and multi-brand umbrella.

The company’s resume includes:

  • 3000 branded retail stores in 32 countries
  • More than 20 individual brands under the BESTSELLER umbrella
  • A presence in 70 countries, across Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania and the Middle East
  • Positioned in 17,000 multi-brand and department stores worldwide
  • 18,000 BESTSELLER employees around the world

Moving from Custom Apps to MobiLoud

VERO MODA’s native apps worked well. They were able to draw customers who, once on the apps, spent more and purchased more often.

But the apps were a headache to maintain. Native apps meant each app had its own unique code base, and a significant cost to keep up to date.

They wanted a more efficient and cost-effective way to maintain their apps. That option was MobiLoud.

MobiLoud condensed the majority of their code into one lot. The result was a much lower cost, both in terms of time and money, to run their mobile apps.

The Native App Experience for a Fraction of the Investment

While VERO MODA wanted to cut down the investment required to run their apps, they didn’t want to do so by sacrificing the user experience.

With MobiLoud, that wasn’t an issue. Their MobiLoud apps delivered a seamless user experience, virtually indistinguishable from what they had with custom native apps.

The clean and functional new VERO MODA app

They were able to integrate push notifications in their apps, which is something that other wrapper app solutions had struggled to do.

“Through history we’ve tried doing what MobiLoud does. But we wanted a solution that could enable push notifications, and MobiLoud has a way of doing that with OneSignal.”
- Svend Hansen, Product Owner at BESTSELLER

In terms of feedback from their customers, there was none - they continued to shop as normal, and app users continued to provide a boost in revenue and retention over those who shop on the website.

“No feedback means good feedback. People are shopping so that's fine. Something we’ve noticed is that users who use the app are better customers, either they spend more, they spend more often, they come back and we’ve higher retention.”

The key takeaway is that VERO MODA was able to replicate the same success that their native apps had, with significantly lower cost and time investments, by using MobiLoud to build new mobile apps.

Launch Your Own E-Commerce Apps Today

VERO MODA, along with other BESTSELLER brands such as Jack & Jones and ONLY, were able to find the sweet spot between feature set, simplicity and affordability with MobiLoud.

“We couldn’t find another company that could offer the same features at the same price point, same time to market, and make it as easy as MobiLoud could.”

If you’re running an e-commerce business - whether it’s an international brand or a small, niche store - you can benefit from launching mobile apps and entering the app stores.

Take VERO MODA as an example of what’s possible. Get in touch today for a free, personalized demo, and see how the process will work for you.

You can go live in the app stores in less than a month. There’s virtually no risk - try it out today and see how apps will grow your business.


VERO MODA is a women's clothing & fashion brand, with over 600 retail stores across Europe.

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