MobiLoud Helped Launch of a European Union-Funded App to Support Migrant Workers

See how MobiLoud facilitated the launch of an EU-funded app to provide information, resources and support to seasonal migrant workers in the European agricultural sector.
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Season at work is an app from the European Federation of Food, Agriculture, and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT), offering support for seasonal and migrant workers in the EU and helping them understand their labor and social rights.

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The European Federation of Food, Agriculture, and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT) commissioned an app to help support seasonal and migrant workers in the EU. And they needed it fast, in time for the upcoming summer and the flood of seasonal workers who require support and crucial information on their labor and social rights.

The result is Season@Work, a website and mobile app that provides migrant workers with all the information they need, right at their fingertips. Read how MobiLoud helped them build this platform, by providing the most straightforward, cost-effective and timely way to create mobile apps.

About the Season@Work App

The agricultural industry in the European Union employs around 10 million workers, approximately 4 million of whom are temporary or migrant workers originating from another EU member state, or a nation outside the EU.

The Season@Work app and website is built to support these people, helping them avoid hardship, isolation and discrimination due to a lack of knowledge about their host countries and their rights within.

EFFAT Secretary General Kristjan Bragason stated:

“Through the app, seasonal workers will get easy access to information about their rights and the applicable working conditions in the country of destination. This information will be of great help and will give the possibility to actually experience decent employment.”

Building it as a mobile app was particularly important, as the organization’s research found that the majority of migrant workers have smartphones, and that smartphones are their preferred way to watch videos and consume content.

The Challenge

The task of creating the Season@Work platform came upon the European Migrant Workers Union. The project manager was Ivan Ivanov, who stated their first issue was finding a simplistic solution that fit within the budget given to them by the EU.

“We did consider developing an app from the ground up. But unfortunately, we didn't have the budget to do so. We tried to find an easy solution by simultaneously developing the website and app, while staying within our budget.”

As a native app can cost upwards of $100,000 per platform to launch (and that’s not considering the ongoing costs), this was clearly out of their price range.

Ivan moved on to companies, like MobiLoud, who could help them create an app. They had certain needs from this, one of which was to be able to offer the app in 11 different languages.

“We did research on which providers could serve our purposes. One key issue was the multiple languages that we needed to implement, many providers did not support this type of feature.”

Delivery time also proved an issue with many app development solutions they looked into.

“The second issue was delivery time. We were quite late with our plan, we were supposed to start app development at the end of last year but as it usually goes with projects, there’s some delay. We also had a conference coming up, and it was very important to be able to present the apps at this conference.”

The Solution

MobiLoud was the only one that stood out and ticked all the boxes.

“When we found MobiLoud, there were two or three other companies in line. We approached all of them and asked if they could meet our criteria. That's how we came about to work with you because you met all of our criteria, all the features and specifications in between.”

Ivan and the team were skeptical at first, unsure that MobiLoud was going to stack up where other providers didn’t.

“In the beginning, we had some problems understanding how the platform works and how the website would be transferred into a mobile application. We also had some doubts about how the multiple languages would function because we already had run some tests with other providers and they were failing.”

Yet those doubts were soon put to rest.

“So we had some doubts if this will work, but so far everything is working well.”

Ivan was particularly amazed at how fast they were able to go live - literally under two weeks.

“The delivery time is excellent. I mean 10 days, 10 working days.”
Season@Work mobile app built by MobiLoud


The resulting app was everything that EFFAT and the European Migrant Workers Union were looking for. Along with coming in within budget and well within their deadline, the app performs well and is easy to use.

“We are promoting the application to our partners in the different National States and also different NGOs for migrants and seasonal workers and so far we have a lot of positive feedback about the usability and the performance of the apps.”

Their launch, in April 2023, was accompanied by a press release stating the benefit that the app is able to bring to the agricultural sector, as well as this launch video:

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Ivan was impressed at the capabilities of MobiLoud, and how fast, affordable and simple we make it to launch mobile apps.

He also raved about the support he got with us, which is far and away superior to almost any other mobile app development tool or service on the market.

“If you’re searching for an easy and uncomplicated way to produce a mobile application, I would recommend speaking to MobiLoud. It really is easy and uncomplicated, and the support we got was exceptional.”

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Season at work is an app from the European Federation of Food, Agriculture, and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT), offering support for seasonal and migrant workers in the EU and helping them understand their labor and social rights.

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