LIGABlatt Built Their App, Increased Traffic By 30%, And Got Glowing Feedback From Their Audience

“We got a lot of recommendations from our readers. ‘Fantastic work’ and ‘It’s so stable, so fast’…….. ‘I get push news now. I don’t have to visit LIGABlatt all the time, if something new comes up I can click it’ and many other comments too”

Fatih Senel

LIGABlatt is a popular German and Turkish news site covering all things football.


Sulzfeld, Germany


Sports Media

LIGABlatt is a popular German and Turkish news site covering all things football. 

Last year they decided it was time to build a presence on the App Stores. They chose MobiLoud to get them there. We sat down with Fatih Senel, LIGABlatt’s Chief Editor, for a chat about their experience.

Fatih realised that their brand was losing out on readers and revenue by not having an app available to fans. He recalled that:

“The readers wrote to us and said ‘why don’t you have an app? It is so strange to type LIGABlatt into the browser every time and search for the news’. Now we have more than 90% of our users on mobile and just 8% desktop and 2% tablet”

This is a common story. 

Increasingly, people are getting their news from apps created by brands they like and trust. Any successful publisher without a strong mobile presence is leaving engagement on the table.

LIGABlatt weighed their options. There are a lot of great app development solutions on the market, but none as tailored to digital publishers as MobiLoud News.

“We had contact with a lot of companies but decided on MobiLoud for just one reason. The process was very simple and our MobiLoud made the adjustments we requested very quickly and affordably. With MobiLoud, we got the right solution at a good price point”

We also have a deep integration with WordPress that makes life easier for content publishers using the world’s most popular CMS. 

LIGABlatt’s team found this out too. There aren’t many solutions on the market that work well with WordPress, and none that have as deep of an integration as we do. They took the plunge and we got to work building them iOS and Android apps to their exact spec.

Another problem was finding companies able to implement our WordPress content reliably and smoothly into a native app for Android and iOS. MobiLoud was able to do it very fast. We have a lifetime e license from MobiLoud. We’re now able to publish our news articles in real time with no latency, across 3 platforms – this is amazing!”

While going with the traditional option of developing an app through an agency can take many months – with MobiLoud you can build iOS and Android apps in a matter of days. There’s nothing to rebuild or recreate – the apps will reflect your existing site. There’s also nothing new to add to your workflow as the apps sync 100% with your site and reflect any changes you make on the web!

“I asked MobiLoud how long it would take them to bring my site with over 6000 articles into the app and they said –  “1 day”.”

Launching the apps was an exciting time for the LIGABlatt team, and they weren’t disappointed. Fatih said that the moment they downloaded it from the App Store and started testing it out was “fantastic”.

It didn’t take long to start seeing the benefits of their new channel. Positive feedback started to flow in from readers, happy that they had a more intimate and convenient way to get the content they love. 

According to Fatih, their readers called the app ‘Fantastic work’ and were happy about them being ‘so stable, so fast’. Some users also commented that the push notifications were a great benefit, saying that – ‘I get push news now. I don’t have to visit LIGABlatt all the time”. Since LIGABlatt launched their apps, the brand has gone from strength to strength.

How about solid figures? According to Fatih they have increased traffic by approximately 30% over the last year since launching the apps, and he credits the apps for much of this success.

“We have increased traffic approximately 30% in one year, and this is amazing”

It’s great to see LIGABlatt succeeding on the App Stores, and we look forward to continuing a great relationship with them. After we handle the submission and publishing process, we never leave your side – as our service includes all ongoing maintenance, updates and support.

“If you want a lean process to bring your app to life, contact MobiLoud. The guys will bring you solutions at a very high standard for an affordable price” 

We’re happy helping publishers to achieve great results every day. We have solutions for all CMS and site types, but If you’re a WordPress-based digital publisher Like LIGABlatt and want to please your audience and grow traffic, revenue and engagement, we’re the solution for you!

Through our Publisher Program, we can build you apps as good as The New York Times or BuzzFeed – completely free of charge!

Check out our Publisher Program and let’s take your brand to the next level on mobile.



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