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Lifetime License explained (one-time payment)

A Lifetime License gives you all rights to operate your app on the App Store and Google Play, for life. Once you’ve paid the one-off license fee, you don’t need to pay any further service fees to ensure your apps are published.

With a Lifetime License you also get technical support, including bug fixes, for 12 months. Technical Support can be optionally renewed for only $400 a year.

In just 2 years you’ll save thousands compared to a recurring monthly plan.

You also get the benefits of simple accounting (just one transaction!) and a single expense you can simply budget for.


How can I purchase a Lifetime License?

Visit the Lifetime License Pricing page to choose the License for you, depending on whether you want to publish on iOS, Android or both. Add the extras you need and complete your purchase online.

We also accept payments via Paypal or bank transfer, exclusively for Lifetime Licenses. Email us at [email protected] for more info.

How many apps are included in the license?

Only a single app is included in your license.

Are push notifications included?

Push notifications are provided separately by Pushbots or Onesignal (free), so they’re not included in our service but you can continue getting push notifications from these providers for as long as your app is published.

Do I have to pay for support after the second year?

No, it’s entirely optional. If you’d like to continue having technical support and updates for your app after the first 12 months, you can purchase a service package for $400/year.

With the service package you get email technical support and updates for bug fixes and updates required to support new iOS/Android versions.

Can I upgrade my existing plan to a Lifetime License?

Yes, at any point you can choose to purchase a Lifetime License package. Any amounts you’ve paid to an existing subscription though will not be refunded or deducted from the cost of the License.

Are there Whitelabel options for a Lifetime License package?

You can purchase a Publisher Lifetime License to have Whitelabel (no “Powered by MobiLoud” message in Settings screen will be shown).

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