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Lifetime License explained

We don’t offer a lifetime license. When we did in the past, it didn’t work very well: a renewal was always required to have support and updates after the first year.

With iOS and Android platforms evolving, new iPhone, iPads, Android phones and tablets being released every year, apps must be updated regularly to continue working properly and take advantage of the new features of the OS and devices.

Not just that, every SDK integrated in your app also gets updated constantly, that’s for analytics, advertising and libraries powering all sorts of functionality, from image galleries to push notifications.

It should be clear now the option to purchase an app once and never update it again just doesn’t make that much sense. That’s why we offer simple subscriptions.

We now offer discounted yearly fees which include a license to use our platform, updates and maintenance for your app and our incredible technical support service.

For more information, visit our pricing page.

Updated on May 24, 2019

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