Publish Stunning News Apps from your WordPress Site

Get apps as good as The New York Times’ or BuzzFeed’s in 2 weeks, at no upfront cost. Increase loyalty, engagement and maximize mobile advertising revenue.

Adam Griffiths

Chief Product Officer,

Foreign Policy Magazine

“If you’re set up on WordPress and you’re serious about WordPress, they really get WordPress. The app was shiny and new and we knew it would work reliably for anyone who installed it! We were able to hit the ground running really fast.”

Native News apps

Get beautiful, fast native apps, like those from NYT, WSJ, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post.

Push Notifications

Notify readers with timely push alerts and breaking news notifications across iOS and Android.

Fully Customized

Make your app unique with the help of our designers and developers.

Offer loyal readers the best user experience on mobile

Your most loyal readers, those that come back every day, expect more than a responsive site. Give them a great experience and they’ll reward you with more engagement, loyalty and repeat visits.

Only native mobile apps offer the speed and convenience that readers expect on their mobile devices
Boost engagement with push notifications, infinite scrolling, swipe actions, content recommendations, native sharing, rich image galleries
A truly modern mobile experience. Finally answer readers asking “when will you build an app?”

Drive engagement, traffic and revenue

App users come back more often and consume more content. Chartbeat confirms app users are 6x more engaged vs visitors coming from platforms on the web.

“People who download our app visit much more frequently and consume 10 times more articles than people coming from the mobile web” – Jimmy Maymann, CEO of The Huffington Post

Optimize every part of the user experience to drive higher traffic, engagement and monetization
Create the perfect experience for loyal, returning readers, maximizing pageviews, time spent and pages per session.
Bring first load performance to less than a second, impress your readers with a great experience and build habits.

No upfront cost, no lengthy development

MobiLoud apps look, perform and behave like apps you’d expect from a major international media brand. 

Built from scratch, the same apps would cost $50-200k, take months of development and thousands of dollars each month for maintenance.

With MobiLoud, you pay nothing for the apps – in return we’ll share a portion of the programmatic ad revenue generated in the apps.

Build apps worthy of a top international news publisher
Get your apps live in just a few weeks, built to your exact specification by our team
Rely on a solid platform 7 years in development, used by top publishers worldwide

It syncs with your WordPress website, so there’s nothing new to manage

Your apps will sync with your existing WordPress site. Don’t change anything in your publishing workflow, your app is always up to date with no effort on your end.

New content published on your site will be automatically pushed to the apps, saving you time and effort
Integrate any plugins or functionality from your site
Flexible functionality that can expand in line with your business in the future

Get a direct line to your audience with push notifications

Push notifications are unbeatable when it comes to connecting with your readers, with up to 90% open rates. We give you all you need to make the most of this powerful engagement channel.

Configure push notifications to go out automatically whenever you publish new content, or manually whenever it suits you
Every reader with your app installed will receive your message unlike social platforms that artificially restrict your reach
Manage notifications easily through your WordPress backend

Optimize advertising performance

MobiLoud allows you to monetize easily with advertising and subscriptions.

Our apps integrate out of the box the best mobile ad networks like Google Admob, Facebook Audience Network – you can also continue serving your own direct inventory from advertisers and sponsors.

No ad-blockers in apps means you monetize 100% of the traffic
All ad types supported like banner, video, interstitial, native and more.
Offer in-app purchase subscriptions to remove ads

Sell subscriptions

Loyalty is the key to converting subscribers and building a membership program. Apps drive loyalty and help you convert readers into subscribers.

“Readers who install an app are 60% more likely than the Times’ most active web readers to subscribe within the next 60 days.” – Bryan Davis, Senior Manager Audience Marketing, NYTimes

Integrate any existing Membership or Paywall plugin
Restrict access to premium content, or offer a subscription in exchange for an ad-free experience

A team of experts by your side.

We take a hands on approach to customer support.

You’ll have a team of app and WordPress experts by your side to ensure your success. 


We build amazing apps for you, completely custom and tailored to your brand. We handle the app submission and publishing process for you, so there’s nothing new to figure out.

Exceptional support

We’re only ever a phone call away to discuss how we can improve and expand your app over time.

We’re your mobile partners committed to helping you to grow.

Updates included

Peace of mind with all future updates and maintenance handled by our team as part of our personalized full service.

Custom Development

Need more than a standard news app – more than comes out of the box?

Our team is available for customizations and integrations.

James Kosur

Founder, Hill Reporter

“We considered doing it in-house but then you have to worry about updates and paying thousands of dollars more if there’s a major iOS update. It just made sense to go with them. Their track record speaks for itself”

We literally built every feature you need

We’ve been helping publishers, professional bloggers and media startups to go mobile-first for years. We’ve learned what features a news app really needs, and built them all into our platform.

Fully customizable

Make the apps yours with a custom color scheme, logo, and splash screen a myriad options for customization. Add your own styling or code and make your app completely unique.

Sell Subscriptions

Allow users to remove ads in exchange for a subscription purchase, or sell access to premium cotnent. Integrate your paywall or membership plugin.

Native advertising

Integrate mobile native ads from Google Admob, Facebook Audience Network or manage your ads with Google Ad Manager. We can integrate ads from any advertising provider.


We integrate with Google Analytics and Firebase and can integrate any other tool you use so you can understand and analyze reader behavior.

Video and Audio Players

Embed any audio or video player within your app – we can embed third party players in your app at no additional cost.


Give your readers access to your content wherever they are! Your latest content will be cached in the app for offline use and fast access even with a poor connection. 

Configurable Menus

Make in-app navigation easy and fast. Choose Hamburger, tab, header navigation or completely customizable tab menus.

Native Sharing

Let your users share your content with their friends and family through any app or social network – with just a simple tap!

Push Settings

Boost engagement and trust by giving your readers control over which topics they’ll receive push notifications for.


Build a community and two-way dialogue with your most loyal readers. Encourage engagement, loyalty and return visits.

Rich Image Galleries

Fast native image galleries to give your readers a rich visual experience in all your articles.

Plugin integrations

All your content, embeds, and functionality from 3rd party plugins can be integrated in your article screens.

Content Recommendations

Encourage your audience to read on within your app by offering relevant recommendations in the article screen.

Native Search

Help your readers to find what they’re looking for with fast, accessible native search functionality within your app. 

Automatic Rating Prompts

Gently nudge your users to review your app after they’ve been using it for some time.


Get a Demo and Learn All About MobiLoud

Get your own mobile app fast and affordably  

To build your own apps from scratch through an agency or in house would cost $50k-$200k and drag on for months. With MobiLoud you can get to market in days and at no upfront cost!

Get to market in days

Forget about months to go live. Get your app built and published in less than 2 weeks.

No upfront cost

If you qualify for our publisher program we build, launch and maintain the apps completely free of charge.

“The perfect solution! My website needed a mobile app, but we balked at the prices of private developers. We were about to give up. Enter Mobiloud. Pietro and his team have found the best solution for a WordPress-to-mobile app solution. Their plugin is very robust and I was very pleased with the pre-build options that I had control over. Pietro in particular went above and beyond in answering my pre-sales questions. I can’t recommend MobiLoud enough”

Jason Rollison, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Pirate Breakdown

Get your own mobile app at no upfront cost

We work with successful publishers and professional bloggers, help them drive engagement, traffic and ad revenue with native mobile apps at no cost to them through our Publisher Program. If you’re looking for a custom app, we have more options for subscription based publishers and custom applications.

Any questions?

Get in touch at [email protected] or call +1 347 903 7892

Publisher Program

Turn visitors into loyal readers with your own native mobile apps, at no upfront cost.

No upfront or subscription fees, we’ll share ad revenue from the apps.

Native apps for iOS and Android, published and maintained for you – on your own accounts.
All platform features
Maximize mobile ad revenue
Customized for you and fully branded – it’s your own app!


If you don’t want to share ad revenue or need custom integrations or features.

Setup and ongoing license fees apply. Get a quotation for your specific requirements.

All platform features
All advertising features & integrations – no revenue sharing
Custom development for new features
Sell subscriptions with in-app purchase
Integrate with your Paywall provider or Membership plugin
Integrate any analytics or advertising SDK
Direct access to developers and founder (Slack)

Arand van der Berg

MD, Business Insider NL

“We have been MobiLoud customers for years. As a major, reputable news source, we run a large website that needed a sleek, well-designed mobile app. MobiLoud provided that for us with easy-to-use software and personalised support.”

Why MobiLoud?

We make building native mobile apps truly easy and affordable with our native app platforms and our publishing and development services.

Fast native apps

Unlike PWAs, you get native apps in the stores, an improved UX, push notifications across iOS and Android.

Fully customizable

Build a white label app, customized with your own brand, style and content and any functionality you need.

Integrated with WordPress

Posts, custom post types, themes and plugins, your app will play nicely with your WordPress site. Manage it directly from WordPress.

Custom Development

Build your own app at a fraction of the cost an agency would charge. Our team is available for customizations and integrations.

Done for you

We handle the entire app build, setup and configuration and always take care of submitting your app to App Store and Google Play, on your own accounts.

Exceptional support

Our team of app experts will answer your requests within a few hours and never leave your side. We’re very hands-on and will help you get exactly what you want done!

Get Started with a Free Demo & Consultation

MobiLoud is more than a platform or app builder, we’re a complete service. We get to know you, your goals and your website and will assist you with building your app on our platform, or take care of everything for you.