How to configure Google Analytics for your News or Commerce app

You can configure Google Analytics to track the app usage. For this, follow the directions below:

  1. Open the MobiLoud plugin in your WordPress admin
  2. Click on the Analytics tab – you’ll return to this page later
  3. In a new tab or window, you’ll need to create a new Google Analytics property on the Google Analytics site
  4. Login to Analytics with your Google account
  5. Click on Admin (bottom left of the menu)
  6. In the Property column, select Create new property
  7. Select “Website” as the type of property you want to track. (Note: don’t choose Mobile App, which will require Firebase’s integration)
  8. Provide a Website Name. You may use the name of your app
  9. Provide a Website URL. You may use your company URL or the URL for your app’s marketing site
  10. Click Get Tracking ID
  11. Make a note of the Tracking ID and enter it in the field you’ll find in the MobiLoud settings page, Analytics tab
  12. Back to Google Analytics, you’ll configure the app view
  13. In the VIEW column, select Create new view from the drop-down menu
  14. Select Mobile app
  15. Provide a Reporting View Name (this can be something like “Sitename Mobile App”)
  16. Click Create View

Your app will now start tracking usage from your users.

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