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"If you’re set up on WordPress and you’re serious about WordPress, MobiLoud really get WordPress. The app was shiny and new and we knew it would work reliably for anyone who installed it! We were able to hit the ground running really fast."

Adam Griffiths, Chief Product Officer, Foreign Policy Magazine

Build an app your readers will love, in days, not months

Developing native apps through an agency or in-house team would typically take 6-12 months and cost at least $50-100k.

With MobiLoud you can build your own top quality apps in days and at fraction of the usual price-tag. Now your brand can have apps just as good as The New York Times with minimal stress and investment thanks to our platform and service.

We had a few additional requirements that needed the team's help. They responded quickly and worked directly with our dev team in order to make all the changes we needed.

Roy Pessis, CTO & Founder, Allmyfaves

Give your loyal readers the premium experience they want

A mobile site isn’t enough. Your readers want the fastest, best experience possible. You’re competing with Instagram, after all. If they aren’t 100% satisfied, they’ll go elsewhere.

Give your community the best user experience possible and they’ll reward you with higher loyalty, spending more time engaged with your content and coming back more often.

We run a large website that needed a sleek, well-designed mobile app. MobiLoud provided that for us with easy-to-use software and personalised support.

Arand van der Berg, Founder, Business Insider NL

Get a direct line to your most loyal fans

Social platforms and search engines are good for fly-by traffic and building an initial audience - but what are you doing for your most loyal fans?

With push notifications, your own app is a direct line to your most valuable readers - those that spend the most time, love your content, share it on social media, and are the most likely to become paying subscribers.

Cut out the middlemen and decide how you grow and engage your audience on your own terms.

If you are in the market for a moble app with Push Notifications and run a WordPress-based news site, it really works and is easy to set up to send notifications right from the WordPress dashboard.

Jason McLean, Editor-In-Chief, Forget the Box

"If you’re looking for a solution to get content out of WordPress into a native app, MobiLoud provides a huge number of features, and get it working quickly. It’s incredibly valuable. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Stephan Wheelan, Founder, Deeperblue

Increase ad revenue and sell subscriptions

With higher engagement, time spent and no ad-blockers, apps are ideal to monetize your mobile traffic. We can integrate with any mobile ad server or network, and support all the most popular ones like Admob, Google Ad Manager and Facebook Audience Network out of the box.

Native apps provide a home for your biggest fans and most loyal readers, a prime space to convert more readers into subscribers. You can sell access to premium content or pitch an “ad-free” version - it’s up to you. We can integrate your paywall or membership plugin and offer subscriptions through in-app purchase across iOS and Android.

Over 150,000 people have downloaded our app in less then a year. Everybody who has a blog should have a native application. You're already doing all the work by creating the content for your website!.

Craig Dos Santos, Co-founder, The Run Experience

Built specifically for WordPress

There are quite a few app builders out there, but none that know WordPress like we do - WordPress integration has been at the core of our platform for 7 years.

MobiLoud apps look and feel premium, are completely customizable, and integrate seamlessly with your existing site. All your existing content will be accessible in the apps, and they’ll update automatically with anything new you publish.

A great way to create an extra outlet for the content you already produce for your website. MobiLoud's support is simply excellent. They will get your app up and running in no time.

Antoine Holl, Founder, Broadcast Science

Completely customizable

App builders give you a cookie-cutter app that can't integrate all elements of your website. MobiLoud is different!

Know a bit of coding or have a team of developers? You can customize your app and make it completely unique, integrate any WordPress plugin and site functionality.

Want it done for you? We're here for that. We can completely customize your app. Send us an email to get a quote.

They help each client customize the app and tailor it to individual needs. The process is very clear and transparent. They can really be there for you in whatever capacity you need them to be for your team.

Adam Griffiths, Chief Product Officer, Foreign Policy Magazine

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We take care of building, testing and submitting your app to the App Stores for you Submitted for you

We take care of the initial and ongoing submissions to App Store and Google Play for you, on your own accounts.

Our News apps are native, built on Objective C, Swift and Java for the best performance Fast native apps

Our platform for news publishers allows you to build truly native apps. Give your users the premium experience they deserve.

Customize your apps to show your brand, with no mention of MobiLoudFully customizable

Build a white label app, customized with your own brand, style and content and any functionality you need. Build your own app at a fraction of the cost an agency would charge.

Updates automatically

Your app will be perfectly integrated with your WordPress website and update automatically with new content, without any changes to your workflow.

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