Use Rebuy's sophisticated upsell and cross-sell features in your mobile apps

Rebuy is a smart platform, allowing you to automatically follow up with your customers with personalized discounts, increasing sales and customer LTV.

Using Rebuy in Native eCommerce Apps

Rebuy can be a huge help, but can you integrate it into a mobile eCommerce app?

A few app builders have some basic integration with Rebuy, but they all rely on pre-built widgets, blocks, and APIs to recreate some of Rebuy's functionality in the apps. 

The issue with these platforms is that they rely on APIs and pre-built templates. They’ll be able to give you some of Rebuy’s functionality, but often come up short. 

There’s a much better option. 

Integrate Rebuy with MobiLoud

MobiLoud converts your web store into high-end eCommerce apps for iOS and Android.  

With MobiLoud, you can completely integrate Rebuy into your apps. 

However you use Rebuy now on the web, our team will translate that directly into your mobile apps. You'll manage things through Rebuy's Rules Engine just like on the web, and your apps will feature all the same upsell, cross-sell, cart optimization, and post purchase offers as your site. 

If you like Rebuy on the web, you’ll love it on your mobile apps. 

MobiLoud eCommerce Apps - integrate Rebuy and So Much More

MobiLoud apps are built by an expert team of app developers, using processes, tools, and infrastructure we've built over 5+ years and thousands of iOS and Android apps.

We're the only platform that can take everything from your existing web store - including Rebuy - and put that into the perfect native UX for the App Store and Google Play. 

Every workflow, custom functionality, and third party tool you use for your site will work straight out of the box. Your payment gateways, cart solutions, marketing tools, and anything else will translate flawlessly. 

Take a look at our other integrations,, read more about MobiLoud apps,, and book a demo today.

Note: when we say “integration”, this doesn’t necessarily imply we built this specifically. It means that, functionally, you can integrate this tool by using it in-app just like you do on the web.

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