works out of the box with MobiLoud. Contact our team if you need any help with setting up your app.
Contact our team if you need any help with setting up your app.

MobiLoud integrates with Loop.

MobiLoud makes mobile apps work with Loop with no integration needed.

Use Loop's return & exchange automation features in your mobile apps. It works with MobiLoud without any complex integrations needed. That's the beauty of our approach to mobile app development: your entire tech stack, all tools, apps and plugins on your site work out of the box in your mobile app.
works out of the box with MobiLoud. Contact our team if you need any help with setting up your app.

We all know what a pain it is to deal with returns and exchanges in eCommerce. 

Thankfully, there’s Loop, which automates the entire return & exchanges process. It's a very convenient platform for Shopify brands to handle this tricky and laborious process. 

Using Loop in Native eCommerce Apps

So you want to build native eCommerce apps, but you don’t want any extra work handling exchanges and returns for app customers. 

So, can you use Loop in your mobile app? 

Loop doesn't provide direct, official integration with iOS or Android apps, as it is a tool for Shopify’s web platform. This is the same for the vast majority of Shopify apps.

There’s a great workaround though with MobiLoud, the eCommerce app builder which blends the best of native apps with the best of the web. 

Use Loop in Native Apps with MobiLoud

At MobiLoud we build high-end eCommerce apps for brands ranging from small startups to multibillion dollar multinationals. 

We’re able to build apps in just weeks for a small fraction of the usual price tag, and we’re able to do this because the apps are an efficient blend of web and native app technologies. 

The apps themselves and their UI are fully native, built for the iOS and Android operating systems. But the content is pulled directly from your website. This means the apps are easy to run, sync automatically with your site, and slot perfectly into your existing workflow. 

In the case of Loops - it will work automatically in your MobiLoud apps. 

You can use it as normal, through the same interface and workflow. There’s no need to do anything different for the apps, your app customer’s requests will be processed just the same as they are for the web. 

There’s no need to change anything in your workflow, just keep using Loops as you do already. Whatever custom  rules or workflows you have set up right now will work just the same. 

That’s the beauty of MobiLoud. 

MobiLoud eCommerce Apps - integrate Loop and So Much More

With MobiLoud you can reuse Loops and so much more. 

In fact, everything from your existing site will keep working just as well in your iOS and Android apps. 

This is a lifesaver for many eCommerce brands who rely on complex setups for the web that would traditionally be very challenging to sync with native apps on the backend. 

Your MobiLoud apps will be ready in just weeks, for a fraction of the usual cost of app development. They’re built by our team on our custom infrastructure developed over 5 years and thousands of apps. 

We're the only platform that can take everything from your existing web store - every workflow, custom functionality, and third party tool - and recreate that for the App Store and Google Play. 

That goes for payment gateways, cart solutions, marketing tools, everything. 

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