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Top 4 OpenCart Mobile App Builders in 2024

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In this article, we’ll be discussing the best OpenCart mobile app builders.

Having your own app was once a luxury, reserved for only the biggest ecommerce brands. Now, every brand should have their own app. App builders like the ones we’ll discuss below have lowered the barrier of entry, so you no longer need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a custom native app.

The ecommerce app builder market today is vast, but is dominated by Shopify-specific app builders. There are fewer app builders that work with smaller platforms like OpenCart. If you’ve been struggling to find the right app builder for your store, struggle no longer - this article will direct you to the right choice.

The Best OpenCart App Builders in 2024

Let’s run through four options available to you if you’re looking to create a mobile app for your OpenCart store.


MobiLoud is our platform, developed and perfected over 10 years and more than 2,000 apps built, which lets you convert your site into mobile apps.

It’s a done-for-you service, where we handle every step of the process - from configuring and building your apps, to publishing your apps to the app stores, and even handling technical maintenance and updates once your app is live.

Unlike most app builders, we’re able to fully recreate your web experience in the app. You’ll keep all the themes, plugins, custom features, integrations and small optimizations you’ve made on your website.

Most app builders force you into pre-built blocks and templates which make your app experience a shadow of what users can do on the web.

MobiLoud is the only way to ship a full-featured mobile app, without spending huge amounts of money on developers or coding the thing yourself.

Just ask our previous customers - we’ve helped over 2,000 businesses launch apps, including huge ecommerce brands such as rue21, Tobi, John Varvatos and Jack & Jones.

Just a few of the amazing mobile apps we've created for ecommerce brands

With the level of service we provide, and the ability to deploy a powerful, flexible app with no development work and minimal effort at all, MobiLoud is the best choice for creating mobile apps from OpenCart websites.


  • Native apps are produced on both iOS and Android which helps provide a smoother and more integrated experience for users.
  • Comes with unlimited push notifications to boost user engagement.
  • Apps built with MobiLoud have real-time synchronization with the website. This eliminates the need to update the website and application if a global change is required.
  • The process demands less work from the user. The MobiLoud team does the heavy lifting based on your requirements.


  • Since the application is based on the website, it might not be as customized as one built from scratch.
  • MobiLoud can seem pricey to small businesses. It is justified since it completes months' worth of work in a couple of weeks.

Interested in seeing what the process looks like, and getting a preview of what your site can look like as an app? Book a free demo now to learn more.


Mobikul is a unit of Webkul, which started by converting Magento e-commerce stores to mobile applications. Later, they moved to other platforms like OpenCart, Odoo, Woocommerce, and more. Mobikul provides their mobile application builder which can effectively convert your website to a mobile application.

The Mobikul app builder has pre-built templates and other functionalities that can be integrated into your website. This can let you further customize your mobile application with minimal use of codes. There is also a wide range of interesting features that you can add to your app like Augmented Reality and product search by image.

Mobikul works for OpenCart stores and allows you to build both Android and iOS apps.


  • Real-time synchronization between the application and the website.
  • Experts in iOS, Android, and Flutter app development
  • Provides a wide range of templates for your app. This gives you a lot of options if you are building a hybrid or a native app.
  • They offer unlimited push notifications on their basic plan.


  • The application will be a basic functional version of your website since it’s built with templates. Might incur additional charges to build a more advanced application.
  • Might not be able to reproduce all of your website features since you are not converting the website to your app.
  • There may be design limitations since the app is built using pre-defined elements.


KnowBand is a leading eCommerce plugin provider for platforms like Shopify, Prestashop, OpenCart, and Magento. They also develop custom modules and provide services for websites and applications. KnowBand is known for providing good customer support consistently throughout development till post-deployment.

KnowBand provides a Mobile App builder rather than a service. The App builder does not require a subscription, rather it’s a one-time payment. Each platform has its own app builder and its own price. The OpenCart mobile app builder costs $222, which includes updates for a year and free support for three months. Additional support packages are available as an add-on.

KnowBand has earned a reputation as a versatile mobile app solution for OpenCart. Their emphasis on customer support and expertise in eCommerce makes them a decent mobile app solution for OpenCart stores.


  • Provides customer support 24x7
  • Offers a wide variety of pre-built elements which simplifies the app-building process
  • One-time purchase application builder so no subscription is required


  • Free support only for three months. Additional support can be purchased as a separate package.
  • Might not be able to reproduce all functionalities of the website in the application since the application is built with templates
  • As a DIY app builder, the KnowBand app builder has its shortcomings


MageNative was founded in 2016, to empower merchants by enabling mobile eCommerce for their businesses. Since the launch of their app builder on the Shopify store in 2017, they’ve reworked their subscription model and opened up to partnerships. These efforts have helped them scale and further improve their app builder.

The MageNative app builder is a no-code solution that enables business owners to create applications by themselves. They also provide customizations based on your requirements. They have a three-tiered subscription system with monthly, half-yearly, and yearly payments.

MageNative’s primary focus is building apps for Shopify. So while they do have a solution that works for OpenCart, some may be hesitant to go this route if you feel they’re not fully dialed in to OpenCart stores.


  • Offers a 30-day free trial to explore the platform and gauge its performance
  • Provides templates for quick app deployment but also provides services for building a complete custom app
  • Offers app capabilities such as AR, Image search, and AI-based product recommendations.


  • Does not provide website-to-app conversion for OpenCart stores (only available for Shopify stores)
  • Unlimited push notifications are available only on the Enterprise plan
  • The Basic plan lacks a lot of functionalities
  • Might not be able to meet the demands of a growing brand

Finding the Right OpenCart Mobile App Builder

Every business has its own requirements when they are building their mobile store. With different requirements, the ideal solution will vary.

If you’re looking to convert your existing site into an app, and don’t anticipate any major changes in the process, MobiLoud is the solution for you.

For most stores - any that already have a user-friendly, mobile-optimized website and simply want to convey that experience into a mobile app.

It’s a little more expensive than most DIY app builders. But consider these points when weighing up the cost:

  • DIY app builders require a lot more of your time and effort, which you’ll need to factor into the price.
  • The additional ROI you can get from a mobile app is far above what a solution like MobiLoud will cost.
  • MobiLoud is the safest bet to get a positive ROI from your app. You already know that people like your mobile web experience; you’re just converting that into an even more convenient package.

MobiLoud comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so it really is risk-free to try it out.

If you’re still weighing up the options, check out our list of OpenCart app builders, look at the pros and cons, and see which one fits your needs the best.

Otherwise, if you’re ready to learn more about what MobiLoud can do, and see what your site will look like as an app, book a free consultation with one of our app experts today.

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