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July 5, 2024

How to Integrate Onesignal With Mobiloud

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We’re excited to announce a new integration between OneSignal and MobiLoud. This integration helps site owners take advantage of powerful mobile push notifications by launching their own mobile apps.

With MobiLoud, you can convert your website to mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, enter the app stores, and do it at a fraction of the time and cost of native development. Add OneSignal, and you can send push notifications from your apps and engage your audience like never before.

About MobiLoud

MobiLoud lets website owners convert their site to mobile apps. These apps look and feel like native apps, and retain 100% of the functionality of your website.

Most companies don’t need fully native apps. Typically building the first version of a native app will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $300,000, and then take a huge amount of time and effort on an ongoing basis for maintenance and new feature releases, duplicating your efforts across web, iOS and Android.

If your site is already optimized for mobile, it’s easy to convert it to a mobile app with MobiLoud and go live in just a couple of weeks.

Beyond the cost and time, the biggest advantage is you’ll have a single code base for your whole product. Make a change or add a new feature to your site and it’s immediately available on your iOS and Android apps.

Example of an app built with MobiLoud

You’ll start by getting a preview of your app using the MobiLoud builder, then work with their team to get a final version polished and perfected, ready to be submitted to the App Store and Google Play. The MobiLoud team will take care of all the technical aspects and submission to the stores.

You’ll retain everything that makes your website great, with added benefits like native navigation, mobile push notifications, and an app store presence.

MobiLoud has published thousands of apps with millions of app store downloads.

Recent examples include global fashion company Besteller’s ONLY and ONLY & SONS ecommerce apps and the Riot Fest app.

How OneSignal & MobiLoud Work Together

OneSignal makes it easy to enable powerful push notifications from your mobile apps.

Whether or not you already use web push notifications, integrating this feature into your apps is easier than ever.

You can customize and automate your notifications to reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

WordPress site owners can even manage their mobile push notifications straight from their WordPress dashboard with the MobiLoud WordPress plugin.

MobiLoud users love how easy it is to reach and engage users with push notifications.

The Simple Flying app is a great example using push notifications from OneSignal successfully, as Arran Rice, the founder, described:

“I’ve seen return visit rates go up since launching the apps, thanks to people getting notifications on their phone.”

You can read more on how OneSignal push notifications work with MobiLoud in the knowledge base.

Engage Users and Boost Retention with Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications are one of the biggest benefits of converting your site to mobile apps. 

They allow you to reach your users in a personal and direct way, getting them into your apps more often.

E-commerce sites, news sites, courses, learning platforms, forums and many other types of websites and web apps can benefit from using mobile apps and push notifications to enhance customer engagement and improve retention.

Mobile push works great for promotions, order updates, new message notifications, abandoned cart notifications, new content announcements, and much, much more.

MobiLoud makes building mobile apps simple, affordable and straightforward, and OneSignal makes sending notifications easy. It’s the perfect combination. Want to learn more? Get started with a free preview of your app, or schedule a free, personalized demo and get a first-hand look at the platform's possibilities with one of our app experts.

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