Have We Reached the ‘End’ of the Platform Era in Publishing?

The relationship between major tech platforms and publishing brands seems to be entering a new moment.
For the last couple of years publishers have slowly abandoned the hope that platforms would provide the massive scale that would translate to meaningful ad revenue.
Although many outlets still rely on platform products, they trust them less and see them more as a ‘necessary evil’ than before.
At the same time savvy brands are taking back control of their own revenue streams and refocusing efforts on their core of most loyal readers.
Platforms do still have their place even though the ad revenue dream is dead. They are seen increasingly as a wide marketing channels to capture potential readers at the top of the membership funnel in the hopes of eventually converting them into paying subscribers.
What will the future hold?
Platforms and Publishers: The End of an Era is a really interesting read, check it out for a look at how the platform/publisher dynamic has evolved over the last few years and how it has shaped the future trajectory of the industry at large.