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July 5, 2024

The 4 Best Odoo Mobile App Builders in 2024

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Key takeaways:

If you use Odoo to power your ecommerce site (or any other business website, for that matter), you really need to consider building your own app.

More people today access the internet via mobile than on desktop. And mobile users prefer to use apps.

That, along with the host of other benefits that mobile apps deliver for your business, is reason enough to have a mobile app high on your list of priorities. For those who don’t want to spend six+ figures on an app, an Odoo Mobile App Builder provides a cheaper and more efficient solution.

Read on to find out more and get a list of the best Odoo app builders available today.

Understanding Odoo Mobile App Builders

If you’re completely new to app development, there’s one thing you should know. Apps are expensive.

How much does an app cost?

A native app generally costs six figures, minimum, and takes six to nine months before you’ll get a first, workable version of your app.

That’s just the start of it. You can expect to spend 15-20% of the original cost per year for updates and maintenance, and add significant work to your publishing process whenever you need to publish or update new content.

For many businesses, this is a non-starter.

No-code solutions significantly cut down this barrier of entry. They let you launch apps without a huge investment, without adding massive overhead, and without any coding ability.

Odoo app builders come in a range of different varieties. There are DIY app builders with pre-built templates and drag-and-drop interfaces, as well as solutions that simply turn your website into a mobile app.

This article will introduce you to a diverse range of options, to help you pick out the one that suits your business the best.

Top Odoo Mobile App Builders in 2024

Keep reading for the best ecommerce app builders and general-purpose tools to allow you to turn your Odoo site into native mobile apps.


MobiLoud specializes in converting websites into native mobile apps.

It works with websites on any platform, and is perfect for niche website platforms like Odoo.

Our solution is simple and effective. We use everything from your mobile website to create the bulk of your mobile app. This includes your UI, features, plugins, integrations and anything else.

There’s no rebuilding, no struggling to try and recreate your web experience in a fiddly app builder.

We add the necessary touches on top of that to make your app look and feel truly native, such as native navigation UI, splash screens, push notifications, and any other customizations you want to make for the app.

It’s a fully Done-For-You service. We do all the heavy lifting. All you need to do is let us know what you want in the app, test it, and say what you do and don’t like.

We even submit your apps for publishing to the app stores (we handle the whole process and guarantee approval), and take care of maintenance and updates after launch.

You get native mobile apps, in two weeks, with none of the expense and overhead of custom development. If you have a website and want to launch an app, this is the best way.

Key Features

  • Web-to-app conversion 
  • Automatic updates of the app whenever the website is updated
  • Push notifications that allow businesses to send notifications to app users
  • Customization options for the app’s appearance 
  • Monetization features, including ads and subscriptions
  • Analytics integration for tracking app usage and user engagement 

Best For

MobiLoud is best suited for online businesses looking to increase their reach and user engagement through mobile applications. It’s effective for businesses that want to maintain the look and content of their existing websites in their native apps.


  • Requires no technical skills to convert a website into an app 
  • Fast and cost-effective 
  • Synchronized with the website to ensure consistency
  • Features engagement tools such as push notifications 


  • Limited customization compared to a fully custom-built app 
  • Effectiveness is dependent on the website - your website needs to be mobile-friendly and optimized first.

Ready to learn more? Book a free demo now and see how MobiLoud can help grow your business.

Odoo Mobikul App by Webkul

The Odoo Mobikul App, designed by Webkul, is designed to integrate with the business applications available on Odoo. The tool transforms Odoo e-commerce websites into feature-rich native mobile apps for Android and iOS. 

Key Features

  • User-friendly and interactive homepage that can display featured product categories, product sliders, and banners
  • Search functionality that allows integrated search suggestions
  • Multi-platform support with compatibility with both Android and iOS
  • Push notifications, allowing businesses to update and inform customers directly on their mobile devices
  • Account management that enables users to access and manage their account information
  • Seamless, efficient, and straightforward checkout process
  • Multi-currency support to cater to a global audience

Best For

The Odoo Mobikul App is best for businesses that already use Odoo for their e-commerce activities but want to expand their reach to mobile platforms. It’s suited for businesses looking for an app with robust functionalities and user engagement features. 


  • Seamless integration with the Odoo ecosystem
  • High level of customization options
  • Enhanced engagement tools 
  • Multi-language support 


  • Initial setup and customization can be complex
  • Cost may be a consideration for small businesses 

Odoo Mobile App Builder by Pragmatic Techsoft

The Odoo Mobile App Builder by Pragmatic Techsoft transforms Odoo websites into efficient native mobile applications. It takes advantage of React Native technology to provide comprehensive access to Odoo functionalities from mobile devices. 

Key Features

  • Comprehensive integration with Odoo’s modules 
  • React Native technology to ensure a smooth and native experience for both iOS and Android users 
  • Custom functionality development that allows businesses to tailor the app to the specific requirements 
  • E-commerce integration and conversion of Odoo-based e-commerce sites into mobile applications 
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support to cater to a global audience 
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface to make it easy to manage and customize the app

Best For

The Odoo Mobile App Builder by Pragmatic Techsoft is best for businesses using Odoo for their e-commerce operations, including sales, accounting, and inventory. It’s ideal for businesses that need a mobile app that has deep integration with Odoo modules while having the flexibility to add custom features. 


  • Seamless integration with the Odoo ecosystem
  • Allows extensive customization and flexibility 
  • Supports a wide range of business operations from the app 
  • Suitable for both Android and iOS platforms 


  • May require technical knowledge to leverage its customization features 
  • A considerable investment for smaller businesses 

Odoo Mobile App Builder by Garaz Lab

The Odoo Mobile App Builder by Garaz Lab is a key player in mobile app development. It’s popular for its user-friendly approach, making it intuitive even for those without programming skills. 

Key Features

  • E-commerce integration complete with options to add to cart, checkout, and manage orders
  • Push notifications that allow businesses to engage and update customers
  • Navigation features that guide customers to physical stores
  • Social media integrations with easy sharing and logins through social media platforms 
  • App analytics that provides insights into app performance and user behavior
  • Coupons and loyalty programs that incentivize users 
  • Multilingual support to broaden the app’s reach

Best For

The Odoo Mobile App Builder by Garaz Lab is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses looking for an easy-to-use solution to convert their Odoo-based e-commerce or business sites into mobile apps. It’s a no-code, straightforward approach that anyone can use. 


  • Allows users to create apps without coding knowledge 
  • Strong focus on e-commerce functionalities
  • Includes customer engagement tools 
  • Offers different pricing packages 


  • Offers less flexibility and customization
  • Continuous use and support is heavily reliant on the provider

How to Choose the Right Odoo Mobile App Builder for Your Business

Every business is different. Each has specific needs and objectives, which necessitates finding the right Odoo mobile app builder. 

The needs of a mid-sized ecommerce business will be different from those of a B2B SaaS run by a solo founder, for example.

You’ll need to look at your own business, the resources you have available and what your priorities are, and choose the best Odoo mobile app builder to suit.

But the majority of businesses today have no need for a custom-built app. As long as your website is mobile-friendly, you can launch something as good as a native app would be, with none of the overhead and significantly less investment, with MobiLoud.

We provide more flexibility and a higher level of service than any other app builder, and are invested in 

Check out these case studies to see what’s possible from our approach to building apps, and see how a number of huge businesses have already gone that route and seen incredible results.

If you want to learn about how MobiLoud can add a new tier of value to your business, get a free preview of your app, and book a demo of our service today.

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