The advantage of native apps

MobiLoud apps are real native apps, which means they run fast and smooth and their look & feel follows the design standards of iOS and Android.


MobiLoud apps are designed according to the latest mobile design trends and following iOS and Android design guidelines. Unlike other solutions, MobiLoud gives you a completely “native” app. Native apps look and feel great on Android and iOS, and don’t have the sluggish and glitchy behavior of non-native apps.

What does native mean?

Native apps are what typically springs to mind when you think of an app. You download them from the App Store or Google Play, they sit within your device’s applications and you launch them by clicking their icon.

The most basic way to build a native app for mobile devices is to write them for a specific kind of device. For instance, iPhone apps are written in Objective-C, Android apps in Java, etc.

What’s the advantage of native?

There are a number of advantages to writing apps in this way: they offer the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experience to users and can tap into the wider functionality of the device, including the camera, compass, accelerometer, notifications and swipe gestures. They can also work offline.

So what does it mean for my app?

It means you get apps which look and feel great and offer the best user experience possible: users intuitively know how to navigate your content in the app and will be amazed by the design and speed of your app.

You can learn more about native apps here.

Here’s some of the reviews our customers have received:

Great app! Easy and nice interface.” – Sports Mockery

Great articles put into a nice UX/UI.” – Speckyboy Magazine

Well designed and fast. I read the blog on iPad already but this makes it so much faster. Also much more practical on iPhone.” – Speckyboy Magazine


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