Why You Should Write for Your Audience and Not Yourself

Wholesome Yum publishes content on easy, gluten-free, low card and ketogenic recipes using less than 10 ingredients.
CEO and founder Maya Krampf gave an interesting interview in Whats New In Publishing, answering questions about how the brand has grown so impressively and how they retain their audience.
The Secret Sauce
Established in 2015, Wholesome Yum now reaches an impressive 7 million monthly pageviews and a social reach of 22 million. They make money through advertising, affiliate, sponsored content and digital products.
Maya said that it’s impossible to attribute this all to one factor, but she thinks the main secret to her success is putting the readers first and focusing exclusively on serving them.

We are constantly trying to learn what they are looking for, what struggles they face, and how we can make their lives easier with what we can offer them.

For retention – they make sure there are many different routes to subscription, and make extensive use of newsletters, push notifications, and social channels.
Their biggest measure for success is word-of-mouth referrals.

The biggest success is when people start talking about our brand and our community with their friends and family, on their own.

As far as engagement, Maya suggests focusing on providing useful information and making it as easy as possible to interact. Simple but effective!
Her advice for other publishers?

There’s a million and one things I’ve learned along the way, but the three big ones are: create content for your audience (not for yourself!), niche down, and don’t be afraid to outsource.

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