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Shopify Mobile App Templates to Fast-Track Your Mobile App

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Key takeaways:
  • Templates can help cut down the design and development time needed to launch your own Shopify mobile app.
  • You can find UI templates on design websites, or full starter code libraries on sites like GitHub.
  • Consider whether you really need a template. Most Shopify stores don't - you can simply convert your existing website to mobile apps with MobiLoud, and not have to design or rebuild anything.

All top eCommerce brands today have their own mobile app. An app is an amazing tool to boost customer retention and loyalty, generate more engagement from mobile consumers, and to position your brand as an authority in your industry.

But building an app is hard. Even before you get to the ins and outs of coding an app, you may have no idea where to start in terms of designing a mobile app. That’s why you might be looking for a Shopify mobile app template, to speed up the process.

If you’re looking for a template for your mobile app, we’ve got you covered. In this article we’ll show you where to find Shopify mobile app templates, how to use them, some example templates you can use, and finally explain why you might not need a template in the first place.

What Are Shopify Mobile App Templates & Where to Find Them

A mobile app template can be many things.

In its simplest form, a Shopify mobile app template could be a set of UI design templates for various pages of your app, such as product pages, collection pages, cart page and checkout.

This saves the work of designing a professional and functional interface for your app, and also gives you an idea of which screens or pages you’ll need to build (simple apps may have as few as 3-5 screens, while more complex apps may have as many as 25 or more).

UI templates are useful if you already know what you’re doing when it comes to coding, or you’re passing the designs off to an app developer or app development agency.

But if you’re coding the app in-house, you might require a more in-depth template, that includes starter code for your app.

Code templates essentially give you a shell of an app already built; you just customize it to fit your store, and integrate it with your Shopify admin backend.

In either case, further development is required before you’re able to publish the app for your customers - but a template can give you a head start on the app development process, compared to starting completely from scratch.

Where to Find Shopify Mobile App Templates

You can find Shopify mobile app templates in a number of different places online.

The best place depends on what kind of template you need.

If you’re looking for a basic UI template, check out sites like:

If you’re looking for starter code templates, you can find some options on sites like:

These sites have code you can purchase for a one-off fee (usually quite cheap, somewhere between $30-$150), and thus use for your app.

Alternatively you could look on GitHub, where some developers publish mobile app source code you can take and customize for your own project.

7 Shopify Mobile App Templates to Try (Or Use for Inspiration)

Ready to get a running start on developing your Shopify mobile app? Here are some templates to check out.

Clothing App UI Template

This template on UIzard includes all the necessary pages for a basic clothing app, including:

  • Sign up 
  • Log in 
  • Homepage
  • Search 
  • Profile 
  • Product details 
  • Cart
  • Customer account and info
  • Delivery info
  • Checkout, payment and credit card page 

These are only visual designs, and you’ll need to convert them into proper mockups and then again into code. 

UIzard requires a paid subscription ($19 per month, or $12 per month annually) in order to access their templates, which is very minor, all things considered.

You may find this a little basic, but it could provide a good starting point when designing your app’s UI.

eCommerce App UI Kit

This extensive template includes 100 screens, giving a wide variety of options for many different types of page, from login pages, to customer profile pages, wishlist pages, tracking settings and more.

The templates come in Figma/Adobe XD files, which is perfect for passing off to developers, with all the components, vectors and measurements done that developers need to start coding.

You’ll need UI8’s all-access pass to download this template, which is a little costly - $294 per year, or $150 quarterly. But again, considering the overall cost of developing an app, a few hundred dollars for ready-made designs is not too bad.

StoreMax Shopify Mobile eCommerce App Template

This template on CodeCanyon provides starter code for a Shopify mobile app written using Flutter, for just $49.

Push notifications and multiple payment options are set up for you, as well as a number of key pages.

You’ll need to customize it to fit your brand, as well as completing the integration with your Shopify backend. You’ll also need to be proficient in the Flutter app development framework to bring this template to life.

Mstore React Native App Template

Another template on the CodeCanyon marketplace, this template comes with pre-built product detail pages, collection screens, checkout and payment flow, offline wishlist and more, built for React Native.

At $79 for the regular license, it’s an extremely cheap way to get the starter code your developers need to build your mobile app quickly.

Shopify App Template for Node/React

This template comes in the form of a codebase on GitHub.

It utilizes a number of open-source tools, including Node, Express, React and SQL. It’s free - you just need to clone the template and start working on your own version.

Be aware that this doesn’t include visual templates like those above, and instead is more akin to boilerplate or starter code for creating a Shopify app.

You’ll need to design your UI, and then you’ll need to know what you’re doing with a few different development tools and frameworks in order to make use of this.

Shopify Store App Template

This mobile app template comes with UI templates and boilerplate code for building iOS and Android apps with Swift and Kotlin.

It includes more than 50 screens, from product pages to search to signup and OTP pages.

You can get the code on its own to work with separately, or customize it with CodePlatform’s visual builder.

You will need a CodePlatform subscription for this template, which costs $99 per month.

Sellflow Open-Source Shopify Mobile App

This template is another starter codebase on GitHub, built with React Native, TypeScript and Expo.

It comes with a number of comments already built, and all the starter code your app requires.

This is a great resource for anyone looking to build a Shopify mobile app with React Native, with just some simple customization required to turn the template into a real app for your brand.

Why You Probably Don’t Need a Template

The templates we’ve shown you are all useful ways to speed up the development process if you’re designing and building an app from scratch.

However, for most Shopify stores, a template is unnecessary.


Because your store is the template.

As long as your website is responsive and mobile-optimized, there’s no need to design a brand new UI for your app.

There are some small tweaks you’ll want to make, but ultimately, if your mobile website’s UI is good enough, it will be good enough for your app.

If it’s not, go work on your website first. Build an app-like experience on the web, and then replicate that in your app.

“In our experience, users break into two camps. There are users who prefer to buy on the app and users who prefer using the browser. Our apps never had any functionality or usability beyond the web experience. The reason to have an app is not to have something that isn’t on the website, but for people who prefer that way to access Rainbow content.”

-David Cost, Rainbow Shops

Besides, do you really want to use a template for your app?

A template, by definition, means your app will likely look the same as tens, hundreds, or perhaps thousands of other apps.

It’s better to give your customers something that feels unique and personal to your brand, rather than a templated solution that looks like it came off a production line.

Launching a Shopify Mobile App with MobiLoud

There’s no need to use any templates, or mess around with customizing templates and finding someone to code them for you, if you simply convert your Shopify store to an app with MobiLoud.

MobiLoud is a full-service platform that turns any website into native apps. It’s perfect for Shopify stores, because you already have 90% of what you need from an app, in your existing website.

 We add a few small touches, such as native UI and push notifications, and do the coding required to bring your website to life as apps.

You don’t need to code anything, you don’t need to design or rebuild anything, you don’t even need to worry about updates and maintenance after it’s built. We do all that for you.

The apps will reflect everything your website does, including all apps, integrations, custom features, theme alterations and tiny tweaks and optimizations you’ve made to your website to boost conversions.

It’s fully synchronized with your website, meaning you can update your mobile apps at any time, without having to touch any mobile app code.

MobiLoud has worked with many high-revenue Shopify merchants, and is a more flexible, more scalable, and ultimately simpler and more affordable option than any template.

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