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May 23, 2024

How 5 Brands use Push Notifications to Succeed

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Key takeaways:

Push notifications are exploding as an eCommerce channel. 

We see this all the time with our customers. 

In this article we’ll share five eCommerce push notification examples. Each brand uses push strategically to drive up order value, conversions, revenue, and other key metrics.

Read on and get some inspiration for using push notifications to grow your own business. 

1. Sephora

Sephora’s mobile app has been downloaded more than 35 million times, and is a critical channel for them.

They’re known for using push notifications skillfully and at scale. 

Sephora is known for sending notifications about:

  • Personalized Recommendations to suggest products based on previous purchases & behavior
  • Promotions & Discounts like special deals, discounts, and promo codes
  • New Launches and the arrival of new products in stock
  • Sale Alerts and Information about upcoming sales and promotions

They do a good job of reminding customers about products they checked but didn’t yet buy, nudging abandoned carts, and sending helpful info about special deals or nearby physical events. 

Read more about Sephora’s marketing strategies here.

2. H&M 

This fashion giant uses push notifications mostly to:

  • Retarget customers
  • Cross-sell & upsell 
  • Send targeted offers based on customer history

Their well-designed mobile app is great at recommending products that complement previously purchased items. 

It also uses sophisticated automations and triggers to maximize engagement and order value. 

H&M's push strategy is based on hyper-personalized engagement, using customer browsing and purchase history to send tailored offers. This approach, along with leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, has driven a measurable increase in both sales and in-app engagement. 

They particularly excel in suggesting complementary products, like recommending boots to match a recently purchased jacket. 

3. SuperJeweler

SuperJeweler's push strategy is laser-focused on driving engagement and revenue.

Image via PushEngage

They use notifications to keep customers informed about daily deals, special offers and new products.

They also heavily use abandoned cart notifications to recover those carts and nudge customers to complete their purchase. 

According to PushEngage, push notifications have led to a whopping 8.2% increase in revenue for SuperJeweler. Huge. 

Read more about SuperJeweler’s strategy in this case study. 

4. Chubbies 

Chubbies is an American brand focused on mens shorts and swimming shorts. 

Their brand has a humorous, tongue-in-cheek vibe and their push notifications reflect this. 

They treat push notifications like tweets, sending short and funny one-liners to users. 

This helps them stand out from other brands' more formal and sales-focused messaging. 

Chubbies take their push messaging seriously, with a whole team working on them!

Read more about their push strategy here. 

5. Dinda

Dinda is a Brazilian eCommerce brand focused on children’s clothing. 

Image via Airship

Their push notification strategy is notable for:

  • Personalized and Targeted Messaging
  • Rich Media and A/B Testing
  • Impacting revenue & engagement metrics

Dinda sends tailored messages based on user interests and past behavior, boosting engagement and reducing churn.

They also make use of rich media like images and emojis, and A/B test everything. This has boosted app revenue by 60%. 

Read more about Dinda’s tactics here

How to Use Push Notifications for eCommerce: Key Takeaways

Some common themes have emerged through this list. See if you can work them into your own push notification campaigns:

  • Try out humor and lighthearted messages like Chubbies 
  • Leverage abandoned cart notifications like SuperJeweller
  • Use personalized and targeted notifications like Sephora 
  • Use notifications to cross sell and upsell like H&M
  • A/B test your notifications to optimize them like Dinda

With MobiLoud you can get apps just as good as Sephora, H&M, or Chubbies.

We can build them for you for a fraction of the cost, and in just weeks through our platform refined over 5+ years and thousands of iOS and Android apps. 

We've built apps for thousands of brands - including major retailers. Check out our example apps and case studies.

We’ll get you set up to send unlimited push notifications, so you can test out all the above tactics and more. We also built custom tools for abandoned cart notifications, handling the process for you and nudging your customers to complete those checkouts. 

Read more about MobiLoud apps, and speak to one of our app experts to learn how we can build your app store presence.

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