Convert Your WordPress Site Into Mobile Apps With Canvas.

Turn your website into native apps, adding Push Notifications a native Tab Menu and more.

Convert Website to Native Mobile App

The easiest way to turn your WordPress website into mobile apps!

Use our expertise to have your own native apps built in no time. After showing you a preview, we get to work and publish your app for you within days.

Updates Automatically

It's your website, running like an app! Not just though, we add native app features to your mobile site, including push notifications, native navigation, advertising and much more.

Designed for WordPress

Works with any responsive theme or mobile plugin. BuddyPress and WooCommerce supported. Our WordPress plugin makes it easy to add custom CSS/HTML to your app, automate push notifications and customize your app.

Full Service

We configure, build, test, publish and maintain your apps for you, with no setup costs. We never leave you on your own to figure out how to compile or publish an app!

From mobile site to mobile app

Canvas turns your website into native mobile apps for iOS and Android, by adding a native layer on top of your mobile optimized website.

Everything you've built on your website, content and navigation, is presented in your app and automatically updated.

You can now build apps with any WordPress responsive theme!

  • Works with any responsive theme or mobile plugin.
  • Add a native menu and animations to your site.
  • Select different themes for your site and app.
  • Full control over the app's content.
  • Use what you have and what you know already.

Drive engagement with notifications

Send rich push notifications with links to your content, new offers or alerts about activity from your site or business.

A notifications inbox allows users to manage notifications and keep control over what they receive.

  • Inbox provides a list of all recent alerts
  • Users can opt in or out of different types of alerts
  • Send broadcast alerts
  • Schedule alerts
  • Onesignal integration and API
  • Automatic notifications for BuddyPress events

All the advantages of native apps

Canvas lets you combine web and native features to get great mobile apps built and published in no time.

You get all the advantages of a native app, with none of the costs.

  • Your own branded mobile apps
  • An App Store and Google Play presence
  • Your place on your users' home screen
  • Push notifications to drive traffic
  • Quick, native social sharing
  • Mobile advertising with Admob, Mopub or DFP

Here's what you get with Canvas

All the features below, on every plan.

Native transitions

Native transitions make your app's interface feel fast and responsive when navigating between pages.

Native tab menu

A native tab menu offers your users quick and intuitive access to content and functionality.

Content Preloading

Load the most important content on start to offer the best user experience.


Designed for WordPress users.

BuddyPress BuddyPress

Compatible with BuddyPress.

WooCommerce WooCommerce

Compatible with WooCommerce.

Rich push notifications

Send targeted messages to your users with image and URL attachments.

Push Inbox

Users see all your notifications in an easy to manage inbox.

Push preferences

Offer full control over what notifications they receive.

Native sharing

Show your icon and launch screen. This is all about you. Make it pretty!


Let users opt-in to share their location and use the information in your app.

Built-in browser

Keep your users in your app by loading external links in your app's internal browser.


Track your app's usage with built-in support for Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics for mobile apps.

Mobile advertising

Add native mobile ads including banners and interstitials using Mopub, Admob or Google DFP.

Rating prompt

Remind your users to rate your app at the right time and climb the charts on App Stores!

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