Promoting your app with smart app banners

Driving traffic to your app from your mobile site is the smartest way to gain new app users and retain mobile visitors.

We highly recommend promoting your app using Apple’s smart app banners and the equivalent solution for Android – with these you’ll show a banner suggesting to install your app only to your website visitors using either an iOS or an Android device.

Smart App Banners vastly improve users’ browsing experience compared to other promotional methods. Users will trust that tapping the banner will take them to the App Store and not a third-party advertisement. They will appreciate that banners are presented unobtrusively at the top of a webpage, instead of as a full-screen ad interrupting the web content. And with a large and prominent close button, a banner is easy for users to dismiss. When the user returns to the webpage, the banner won’t reappear.

If the app is already installed on a user’s device, the banner intelligently changes its action, and tapping the banner will simply open the app. If the user doesn’t have your app on his device, tapping on the banner will take him to the app’s entry in the App Store. When he returns to your website, a progress bar appears in the banner, indicating how much longer the download will take to complete. When the app finishes downloading, the View button changes to an Open button, and tapping the banner will open the app while preserving the user’s context from your website.

Smart App Banners automatically determine whether the app is supported on the user’s device. If the device loading the banner does not support your app, or if your app is not available in the user’s location, the banner will not display.

From Apple’s own help pages

See the example below:

Apple’s example of a smart app banner

How do I add this to my site?

Install our free plugin Smart App Banners.

Activate the plugin, then go to ‘Settings->App Banners‘ and enter  your Apple App Store App ID and Google Play App ID, Author, App title and price (if you’re selling your app).

If you don’t want to install a plugin and you’re only interested in the iOS smart app banners to show, then you don’t even need a plugin, it’s just one line of code.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance > Editor, and select header.php on the right, or whatever file in your theme controls the <head> section of your site’s HTML.

In the <head> section, add:
[codesyntax lang=”php”]<meta name=”apple-itunes-app” content=”app-id=123456789″>[/codesyntax]

Where 123456789 is your App Store ID (see below on how to find it).

Save and you’re done.

How to find your iOS App Store ID

The easiest way to find your iTunesStoreID or AppId is by opening iTunes and copying the information directly from the App Store url.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Search for your app.
  3. Click your app’s name and copy the URL (In case of PC users, mouse right-click on App Name).
  4. App store URL’s will be in the following format:[country]/app/[App–Name]/id[App Id or Store Id]?mt=8

Here is an example url:

How to find your Android App ID

Visit Google Play and search for your app. The URL of your app will look like this: You have to copy everything after “id=“, in this case: – this is the app ID of your Android app.

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