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July 5, 2024

How to Turn Your Learnpress Site Into a Mobile App

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Key takeaways:

64% of eLearning students say that accessing their courses from a mobile device is essential. 47% of organizations have seen much higher engagement and knowledge retention on mobile devices than from desktop users.

How can you provide a high quality mobile experience for students on your eLearning course?

A mobile app could be exactly what you need.

Benefits of Using Apps for eLearning

Creating an App for your LearnPress website has a host of benefits. Let's take a look at them:

1. Portability leads to higher completion rates

One of the greatest advantages is portability. This improves the flexibility of course delivery.

Courses can be accessed from anywhere, giving students the ability to see course material whenever it’s the most convenient. This means higher completion rates. Our phones go with us everywhere, so we always have access to courses.Portability provides opportunities to learn in more locations and situations. For example, 46% of learners use their mobile devices for learning before going to sleep.

2. Interact with your students on all devices

Most websites today are responsive, but this doesn’t mean the learning experience works well with mobile screens.

61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site after having trouble accessing it. Providing an app for your LearnPress students will let them interact with your course on all of their devices.

Apps are designed specifically for small screens on smartphones and tablets, so they’re easier to use on those smaller screens. This makes mobile devices an excellent learning environment.

3. 52% of web traffic comes from mobile

Over 52% of web traffic is from mobile devices. People are using mobile for the web even when they have laptops and desktops available. Apps are designed for mobile, whereas many websites are still not optimized for mobile learning. This is why mobile first is on the minds of web designers.

4. 5+ billion mobile users

The number of mobile users is staggering and continues to grow. By 2019 the global number of mobile users is expected to pass five billion. The global workforce is expected to increase from 2016’s 1.45 billion (38.8%) to 1.87 billion in 2022 (42.5%).

5. 71% of Millennials prefer mobile learning to desktop

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Smartphones are becoming more of a necessity for everyday life. They’re used for entertainment, getting a ride, placing an order, counting steps, and even checking your heartbeat. Using smartphones for learning is a logical extension of our daily activities.

This is especially true for Millennials. 71% of Millennials connect more with mobile learning than with desktops or formal learning methods. The high percentage of apps that are educational shows that mobile is a great choice.

6. Convenient

The convenience of smartphones and tablets make them great choices for eLearning. Students can watch a training video, listen to a lesson in audio, or read a lesson while waiting. Learners will be able to use mobile for everything they can already use on your website. This gives them the opportunity to utilize downtime or a commute to take classes.

7. Multimedia is Preferred

Multimedia is more popular than ever for learning. This includes video, audio, podcasts, etc. Multimedia enhances the learning experience when used correctly.

8. 70% of professionals use their own smartphones at work

70% of professionals do business on their own devices in the workplace. The ability to bring your own device into the workforce has helped push the mobile platform for learning. The devices are convenient and they’re allowed to use them.

9. Increased Engagement

Mobile learning apps have a higher level of engagement.

Apps can also be personalized, which helps in student motivation. This also helps keep students on track and improves course completion rates. Of all the digital content that is viewed, 65% is viewed on smartphones.

Apps like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy and EdX all satisfy a key need their users have - being able to learn on the go. This makes sure people can engage and learn from your content anywhere they are, leading to higher course completion rates.

Check out a few of the reviews these apps get below:

LinkedIn Learning

Turning Your LearnPress Site into an App with MobiLoud

The benefits of using mobile devices are astounding and the data shows the key benefits.

Any LearnPress website owner would benefit its users by being available as a mobile app. You can provide your LearnPress eLearning platform as a mobile app using MobiLoud.

Turning Your LearnPress Site into an App with MobiLoud

MobiLoud is the easiest way to convert your LearnPress WordPress website into a mobile app.

MobiLoud apps will benefit from all of the advantages that eLearning mobile apps have and the conversion is easy because MobiLoud does all of the work for you.

MobiLoud Apps include:

  • Your own branding
  • Customization
  • Fast loading
  • Native menus
  • Native functionality
  • Push notifications
  • Automatic updates

The MobiLoud team does all of the work, including:

  • Converts your website and configures your app
  • Fully tests your app to ensure it works properly
  • Submits your app to the Apple and Google app stores
  • Maintains your app including handling updates

Your eLearning mobile app will include everything you need. All of your website’s functionality will be included in your app. Even the blog from your LearnPress website will be converted, so your students can keep up with your school’s news.

MobiLoud is the perfect solution for turning any website into apps - helping you to build a mobile-first, app-first, strategy to provide courses in the way your students want them the most. Want to learn more? Get started with a free preview of your app, or schedule a free, personalized demo and get a first-hand look at the platform's possibilities with one of our app experts.

Wrapping Up

WordPress and the LearnPress mobile app are ideal platforms for creating any type of online course.

LearnPress courses could benefit from being made into an app that can be used from mobile devices.

MobiLoud takes the pain out of providing your courses on iOS and Android platforms.

This includes all of the benefits of apps including push notifications, automatic updates, in-app purchases, analytics, app store reviews, etc. The work is done for you including submitting the app to the stores.

Not only would this provide the app features that your users want, but you’d also have a presence in the app stores which is a great way to grow your LearnPress courses.


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