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May 1, 2024

20 Best iOS Development Companies to Hire in 2024 and Beyond

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Key takeaways:
  • Choosing the right iOS development company means taking a look at their portfolio, client reviews, design capabilities, QA and testing services, as well as ongoing support after launch.
  • There is a wide range of iOS app development companies, with different locations and price ranges. Choose the ones specializing in your industry and niche.
  • You may not need a custom-built iOS app at all - you can simply turn your website into an app with MobiLoud!

If you’re looking to launch a mobile app in 2024, iOS and Apple devices must be one of your main focuses - depending on where your target audience is located. For the majority of the world, Android is the default operating system choice. But in the United States, iOS reigns supreme.

Today, we help you find a great iOS development company for your next app. Whether you need cross-platform apps or just something for Apple, an outsourced partner, or a consultant, there is something for everyone in the list below.

What should I look for in an iOS development company?

Before setting out to search for app development companies, it’s first important to understand what makes a mobile app development company good. Here are some things to watch out for when hiring.

A portfolio of past projects: seasoned app developers will have a long list of mobile applications built for iOS, ideally in your industry and niche.

Expertise and experience: these app developers will know their way around Swift and Objective C, Xcode, iOS SDK, and other tools and frameworks in the app development process.

Client reviews and references: the app development agency should have testimonials of clients whose business goals they helped achieve with their mobile app development work.

Communication and collaboration: great app development companies offer a wide range of channels for communication and even before you sign a contract, they’re eager to communicate.

Quality assurance and testing: a good mobile app development company does their own QA and spots bugs and issues in the user interface long before an actual user gets to see them.

Design capabilities: a good digital product should have superb design and user interface so make sure your next mobile app developer has good design skills.

Maintenance and support: it’s a competitive market out there and your chosen company should support you post-launch too. In case your user base has issues or the app does not meet your business objectives, the team should be there to step in.

Cost and budget: last but not least, not even the most relevant industry experience does not matter if the app development costs are too high. Ask your software development company for a quote, detailing what goes into the final price.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some great iOS app development partners you can trust.

The best iOS app development companies to hire

Need a skilled team that can meet your project requirements and deliver a great user experience? Consider these companies.


Best iOS app development companies - MobiLoud

MobiLoud is the right choice when you want to go live on an app store super quickly and you don’t have a massive budget to spare. Instead of hiring expensive mobile app development companies, you can turn your website into a mobile app (iOS or Android) in under two weeks.

Everything works out of the box and you get all the bells and whistles. Custom code, push notifications, native platform features, and much more. You don’t have to spend weeks vetting your mobile app development service provider. Two weeks and your iOS app is done.

See what your website would look like as an app today!

Naked Development

Best iOS app development companies - Naked Development

Naked Development is a USA-based app development agency that launched over 300 apps so far in a variety of industry verticals and mobile technologies. Besides iOS, they also develop for Android, but not only that.

You can get the full package as they do product branding and research, design and strategy, as well as digital marketing. If you need technical expertise and creative guidance, this is one of the better choices you can make.

GCC Marketing

Best iOS app development companies - GCC marketing

GCC Marketing is an agency located in Dubai focused on providing superior digital experiences. On top of iOS app development, they do web design, digital and email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and many other services that supplement custom software development.

Besides building an app, they can help you with product and library updates, bug fixes, code maintenance, data migration, and many other types of services that will help you perform well in the App Store.

Riktam Technologies

Best iOS app development companies - Riktam Technologies

Riktam Technologies is an agency that provides cutting-edge solutions for the web and mobile. They are based in India and since 2007, they’ve been developing apps and websites and their dedicated team has well over 500 projects behind them.

They specialize in online marketplaces, retail websites and apps, logistics, and sports projects. Whether you want to do cross-platform apps or native iOS, you can choose your programming language and get consulting on how to produce high-quality apps.

Goji Labs

Best iOS app development companies - Goji Labs

Goji Labs is a US-based digital product agency with a commitment to excellence. Over the past 10 years, they’ve built over 200 software applications, websites, and other products according to their client requirements.

They can provide you with a fully custom mobile app, complete with the right documentation and code comments so your team does not get stuck with application development in the future. Android, iOS, or cross-platform, they have all types of app developers for your needs.

Suffescom Solutions

Best iOS app development companies - Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions is a web3 consulting company that offers much more than iOS app development services. Websites, games, apps, blockchain development, NFTs - anything that requires writing code can be done with Suffescom.

Swift, Objective-C, SwiftUI, CocoaPods, RXSwift - these are just some of the technologies they use for iPhone iOS app development.

Blue Orbits

Best iOS app development companies - Blue Orbits

Blue Orbits is a digital services company with offices in four countries around the world. If you want iOS app development services from folks who built apps with over a million downloads, Blue Orbit deserves your attention.

They specialize in real estate, travel and tourism, healthcare, and e-commerce. If you want to learn about their domain expertise, their website is rich with testimonials and customer reviews from happy iOS and Android app customers.


Best iOS app development companies - Greelow

Greelow is a nearshore development company with offices in four countries, promising unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and custom software solutions at 60% lower prices compared to the United States.

They build apps for the web and mobile apps, both Android and iOS. Industries that Greelow specializes in include marketing, healthcare, education, and others.

Essential Designs

Best iOS app development companies - Essential Designs

Essential Designs offers bespoke solutions for businesses from all types of industries, and not just apps. They build custom software, mobile apps, websites, UI and UX design projects, business platforms, and much more. If you need anything with custom code, Essential Designs can do it.

Notable clients include Honeywell, the University of Calgary, Shell, Shopify and many others. Visit their website for a rich portfolio of customers from different industries and verticals.

Trango Tech

Best iOS app development companies - Trango Tech

Trango Tech is based in the USA and they offer top-notch application development services for iOS, Android, and the web, as well as AR and VR apps. To top it off, they also produce apps for wearable tech.

Their rich list of services includes progressive web apps, prototypes, cross-platforms, and more. And once your apps are finished, they’ll support you with quality assurance services.


Best iOS app development companies - Appinventiv

Appinventiv is a digital agency that can lead you throughout your app development journey. From the initial user experience and user interface, all the way to the development of iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps, Appinventiv does it all.

If you have an existing app, they can support you with consulting services, QA or performance optimization. To this extensive list, you can add blockchain, DevOps, data science and analytics, and many others.


Best iOS app development companies - Algoworks

Algoworks is a mobile app development you can trust - with over 550 projects behind them and more than 550 million downloads, you’re certain to get an end product that will perform well on the app store.

Besides testimonials from happy customers, their website offers links to apps they developed so you can download and check out the user interface and experience, performance, and more.


Best iOS app development companies - Pixelcrayons

PixelCrayons is a digital agency specializing in a wide range of services: PWA, Android, iOS, cross-platform, VR, and AR - you name it, they can build it. Besides building apps from scratch, they can also help do integrations with plugins and payment gateways.

You won’t be left alone after the app is live on the app store, because they do QA, support, and maintenance and ensure that you’re set for the long run. PixelCrayons can also help migrate your project from one platform to something different.

Hedgehog Lab

Best iOS app development companies - Hedgehog Lab

Hedgehog Lab is a global tech consultancy business that offers mobile app development on top of a large choice of other services. If you’re stuck, they can provide help with UI and UX design. Also, they can help integrate your app into systems such as CRMs or ERPs.

Once your app is up and running, they do analytics testing to determine where you might be losing app users and what can be done to improve performance.


Best iOS app development companies - Yalantis

Yalantis is a superb choice of a development company if you want someone with big names as their past clients. KPMG, Bosch, Toyota are just some of the many companies that Yalantis has built mobile or web apps for.

Besides mobile app development, they offer data engineering, blockchain development, machine learning, artificial intelligence and much, much more.


Best iOS app development companies - Cubix

Cubix is an agency that specializes in mobile apps but offers quite a few extras, such as game development, web apps, and blockchain. They sport a decent portfolio of clients, all shown on their website, including social platforms, food ordering apps and marketing tools.

Get in touch with Cubix if you want an app on iOS, Android or for wearable devices.


Best iOS app development companies - Appening

Appening is a web and mobile app development agency that has been around since 2017. They specialize in a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, recruitment and many others.

With just about 60 finished projects, they don’t have a vast portfolio like many of the other companies listed here, but you can personally check out most of these apps to see their UX, UI and performance.

NMG Technologies

Best iOS app development companies - NMG technologies

NMG Technologies is a development agency that has been around since 2008 and since then, accumulated a team of over 150 developers, leading to 200+ million app downloads.

In terms of iOS apps, they can do the whole thing, from soup to nuts. Starting with ideation, UX and UI design, all the way to the finished product, and its QA testing. Besides phones, NMG develops apps for wearable tech such as Apple Watch.


Best iOS app development companies - Contus

Contus is a great addition to an in-house team or the primary choice for your next project. Besides being cheaper than hiring a US- or Europe-based agency, they cover a wide variety of services: mobile, full stack development, SaaS apps, IoT and connected vehicles, media streaming and OTT, unified communications and others.

And if you really want to see what they do, they’ve built and launched three apps in-house that you can test out yourself before committing to a full project.

Emizen Tech

Best iOS app development companies - Emizen tech

Emizen Tech is a solid choice for an offshore partner that offers a wide range of digital services. Based in India, they develop websites, e-commerce stores, and mobile apps. You can choose from Android, iOS, hybrid or wearable device applications.

Emizen specialize in the following industries: media and entertainment, healthcare and fitness, logistics and transport, real estate, ticketing and events, travel and hospitality and many others.


Whether it’s for Apple Watch, Apple TV, or the latest iPhone, having an iOS app can make a massive difference in revenue for your company. This is why choosing the right partner for mobile app development makes all the difference. There is a wide range of companies to choose from here, for budgets and business requirements of all types.

But what if you don’t need complex mobile solutions that take months to develop? At MobiLoud, we offer a simple proposition: turning your website into a mobile app. Every time you update your website, your app gets updated too.

Book a call with us today to learn more, or click this link to see what your website would look like as a mobile app!

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