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December 8, 2023

How to Convert Your Wordpress Site Into a Mobile App

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If you blog professionally or run a news site on WordPress, your success depends on driving traffic towards your website. Given that 89% of time spent on devices is via apps, a mobile app is a necessary tool for you to improve your reach and grow your audience.Can you afford not to convert your WordPress site into a mobile app?Traditional mobile app development can be expensive. You need to be a professional developer yourself or have the budget to pay for expert help. A native app developed specifically for you could cost anything from $5,000 to $50,000. This isn't your only option. There's a cheaper, easier method to consider that will enable you to increase engagement and grow your audience: building a native mobile app using a WordPress plugin.


This platform enables you to create a native mobile app for iOS and Android using the PhoneGap app container. Although well-respected within the WordPress community, for anything more than basic functionality and to get the most out of PhoneGap, you will need some app development experience.You can pay AppPresser to develop an app for you or if you develop your app yourself, pricing starts from $29 a month for their Reactor product basic package.


With MobiLoud you get ready-to-use native apps for iOS and Android. Your app will be built using your existing content and branding. MobiLoud is an affordable solution that is exclusively dedicated to WordPress. You get full integration with your WordPress site through an easy-to-use plugin.With MobiLoud comes great features, including: push notifications, integration with app servers and ad units, custom fields and editable code. You also get easy to share content and posts can be read offline. MobiLoud apps are responsive, engaging and beautiful to look at.

MobiLoud offers a variety of pricing structures and take care of every element for you. It really is a stress-free solution.


With WiziApp you get a web-based mobile app solution in the form of an HTML5 web app via a WordPress plugin, for free. This sounds great but you're not going to get the best user experience with a web app. It won't be responsive enough for your site. It's just not possible. With the free app, WiziApp might use your blog for advertising space too. You can get around this by purchasing one of their premium themes for $69.The WiziApp team can create native Android or iOS apps too from $149 a year. This includes unlimited push notifications.Converting your WordPress site into a mobile app will help you increase the reach of your website andcontinue to keep them engaged. This doesn't have to be expensive. Consider using a WordPress plugin.Find out more about how MobiLoud can help you convert your WordPress site into an app on our website.

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