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The 6 Best Magento/Magento 2 Cart Abandonment Extensions in 2024

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The average cart abandonment rate for ecommerce websites is around 70%. With this many people signaling their interest in your products, but not going through with their purchase, recapturing or reducing abandoned carts is one of the biggest opportunities to boost revenue for your Magento store.

One of the best way to capture more revenue from these shoppers is by sending follow-up emails. That’s where abandoned cart Magento extensions come into play. There are a number of extensions and tools on the market specifically designed to help Magento store owners follow up with customers and recoup previously abandoned carts.

Read on for our picks for the six best Magento abandoned cart extensions.

The Best Cart Abandonment Extensions for Magento and Magento 2

We've sifted through all the options to bring you our top picks for anyone looking to cut down abandoned carts on a Magento site.

1. Mageplaza

Mageplaza’s Abandoned Cart Email extension for Magento is a simple and effective way to send follow-up emails about abandoned carts. It also lets you automatically generate coupons, which is a crucial way of enticing customers to hit the “buy” button.

You can create unlimited emails and send them at specific times from different senders. You can also customize the look of the emails using the five built-in templates. Google Analytics integration lets you track where your customers got the link that led them back to their abandoned cart, allowing you to see how well your communications are working.

Mageplaza costs $149 upfront for a year for the community edition, which supports Magento 2 Community Edition. If you want installation included, you'll pay an extra $50. After that, it’s $89.40 a year. The enterprise version is $349 but includes free updates and free support.

2. Remarkety

Remarkety is a full-suite email marketing automation extension for Magento. You can use it to create, send, and track your ecommerce store’s marketing emails all in one place, including abandoned cart emails.

It comes with cart abandonment workflows you can take advantage of and rewards and loyalty program support. Beyond that, you can allow customers to start shopping on one device, stop, and then pick up again later on another device without having to log in again. Instead, they will follow the link in their email, and everything they had in their cart will reappear. 

You can dive even deeper and harness data to segment your customers and send them hyper-specific targeted messages. This matters because personalization is vital to effective cart abandonment recovery emails.

Remarkety is quite expensive, however. It starts at $100 monthly for users with a Magento store, and every additional 1,000 subscribers is another $20 monthly. That can add up fast, so smaller businesses may not be able to afford it.

3. Aheadworks Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2

Aheadworks lets you automatically email customers if they abandon a cart. That saves you some time and hassle upfront. You can also schedule other abandonment reminders.

Aheadwork’s Magento abandoned cart emails support multiple languages, so if you have an international audience, this can give you a leg up. You can also segment audiences to target your messages further.

There’s a built-in editor, meaning you can create multiple styles of emails. You may also include related products in your reminder emails and display product images.

A license to use Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2 starts at $129 monthly. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee, free installation, and 30 days of complimentary support. This flat-rate pricing is reasonable if you don’t want to spend much on reminder emails but remember, support stops being free after 30 days.

4. Magebees

Magebees Abandoned Cart Email extension for Magento lets you schedule abandoned cart emails and set a different template for each one. That will help personalize the reminder messages you send customers, which is vital in recouping carts. 

You can also set up Google Analytics parameters to embed in links in your abandoned cart emails. That way, you’ll be able to gather data about your customers and see how well your recoupment strategy is going.

Customizable email templates are included, and discount code support is built-in. You may also create conditions that specify when customers get a discount code and when they don’t.

Magebees' abandoned cart email extension starts at $69 for the basic version, which works with the open-source Adobe Commerce (Magento) version. If you want enterprise or cloud support, those are an additional $69 each. Installation included adds another $39, while design and configuration services add an extra $85. You can purchase installation, design, and configuration bundled together for $99.

5. Omnisend

Omnisend is a feature-rich customer engagement tool for websites on a range of platforms, including Magento. It lets you set up abandoned cart emails but includes much more.

You can also send push notifications, SMS messages, and personalized email campaigns. Plus, instead of sending emails after a customer leaves your ecommerce store, Omnisend lets you build exit pop-ups to catch them at the door.

Of course, you can create bread-and-butter abandoned cart emails as well. Feel free to set up unlimited emails in your abandoned cart workflow. That might be overkill, but this just illustrates how few limitations Omnisend has. 

However, Omnisend’s features vary depending on the price. On the plus side, there is a free tier. It supports 250 contacts, 500 emails a month, and 500 push notifications monthly. It and all other plans come with customer support, templates, workflows, and pop-up support. 

The Standard $16 tier adds 500 contacts, 6,000 emails monthly, unlimited push notifications, and priority support 24/7. You can add a success manager to your account for $400 and up if you wish.

Finally, there’s the Pro tier. This starts at $59 monthly and supports 2,500 contacts, unlimited emails, push notifications, and everything in the Standard tier. You can calculate the costs on Omnisend’s website if your numbers exceed that. Eventually, custom pricing will be required for enterprise-level businesses.


Most of the Magento abandoned cart email extensions on this list do that and much more. But if you just want something simple and to the point, fits the bill.

Pretty much all the basic version of does is send abandoned cart reminder emails, which makes it quick to set up and easy to use. It could be worth a shot if you’re intimidated by large, complex extensions.

You also get analytics, segmentation, and targeting support. Multiple languages and currencies are supported. The emails it creates also look great on desktop and mobile, which is a plus for customer satisfaction. If you choose a higher-priced tier, you also get SMS support.

Pricing for starts at $29 monthly after a 15-day free trial. 

For $48 monthly, you get everything in the basic plan, plus email broadcasts, campaigns, and advanced segmentation. Note, however, that additional emails will cost you more after sending 1,600. At $49 per month, you get all that along with SMS support, but costs increase after 1,100 SMS messages. 

These may seem like low prices, but be aware that the costs will inflate if you send more messages in the higher-priced tiers.

Basic Tips to Reduce Cart Abandonment

What else can you do to cut down abandoned carts? We have a complete guide covering this topic, but we’ll summarize some highlights below.

Avoid unexpected costs

Shoppers do not like seeing one price in their cart and then another at checkout. You can avoid this scenario by offering free shipping, which is something customers enjoy and prevents sticker shock.

If you cannot do this, at least make your shipping costs explicit and highlight them. Also, reminding your shoppers about taxes and fees outside your control is vital. Even if you cannot do anything about them, this prevents a surprise from leading to an abandoned cart.

Keep it simple

Long, complicated checkout processes quickly turn off customers. The shorter and simpler the process, the more likely someone will go through and complete their purchase.

Make sure your site and checkout loads fast and doesn't ask for too much unnecessary information.

Have big, clear, calls to action, keep text input fields to a minimum (especially on mobile), and offer shoppers the option to checkout as a guest, without creating an account.

Build trust

Customers want to know they can trust your store to safeguard their credit card information and that your products are high-quality and worth the cost.

You can tackle the former by prominently displaying trust badges from all of your accepted payment platforms at checkout. As for the latter, social proof is critical. Customers trust other people, not brands, so highlighting positive reviews of your product and store will ensure they feel confident buying your products.

Send follow-ups

Sending emails or SMS messages to customers with abandoned carts is an effective method to recoup some of them. Retainful claims this strategy can recoup 10% to 20% of otherwise abandoned carts.

Try the following email sequence if a customer abandons their cart:

  1. A few hours after they leave
  2. Discounts or offers around 24 hours later
  3. Prompts for urgency around 48 hours later (low stock, one-time offer, etc.)
  4. A last-chance offer around a week or so later

Of course, this requires you to have a customer’s email. However, do not force customers to create an account at checkout to get their email addresses. This drives cart abandonment, which is the opposite of what you want. Instead, provide a simple text field for a customer’s email at checkout. This is easy to fill out and expected by most shoppers.

For all your follow-up communications, it’s best to personalize your messages. Find out who your customers are using data and target their desires and demographics accordingly. This makes it more likely they’ll click on the link to their abandoned cart in the email.

Launch an App to Recapture Abandoned Cart Revenue on Your Magento Site

One of the best way to reduce abandoned carts, as well as recouping would-be abandonded carts, is to launch your own mobile app.

Cart abandonment is significantly higher on mobile, due to the worse use experience most mobile websites serve.

A mobile app offers a smoother user experience, more conducive to converting add to carts into sales.

Mobile apps also give you full use of push notifications, which are the best way to follow up and send abandoned cart notifications.

Push notifications are more personal than email, cheaper and more flexible than SMS, and make it easy for the customer to get back into your store and finish their purchase.

MobiLoud makes creating a mobile app for your Magento store easy. You don't need to do any coding, any rebuilding with rigid, inflexible app builders, and you don't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on mobile app developers.

You can have an app that's live, in the app stores, and be sending abandoned cart push notifications in less than a month.

Check out these case studies to see examples of other sites who took this approach to app development, including high-revenue ecommerce stores like Rainbow Shops, Jack & Jones and rue21.

Want to learn more about building your own app and recapturing abandoned carts? Book a free demo now.

The Best Magento Cart Abandonment Extensions: Final Thoughts

Cart abandonment is a reality in the world of ecommerce. Thankfully, there's a lot you can do to follow up on abandoned carts with email, SMS, and push reminders and recoup some otherwise lost carts.

Remember to keep your emails personalized and incentivize return customers with offers or coupons. To prevent lost carts in the first place, ensure your ecommerce store is easy to use and trustworthy and that you follow a few best practices with your checkout flow.

Building a mobile app is another great way to lose less revenue from abandoned carts. Get started with a free preview of your app and contact MobiLoud today to find out how to build an app for your Magento store, using your site’s existing features, keeping all the tools, extensions and custom-built features you have on your website, all with no coding required.

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