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Apppresser vs MobiLoud, how are they different?

AppPresser is a hybrid mobile app solution built on top of WordPress and an open source framework called Phonegap. Apppresser creates an additional layer on top of Phonegap, helping WordPress developers package a specially developed WordPress theme in an app container. The apps are built with web technology, but have access to some native functionality such as the device’s camera. If you need to build a custom app using WordPress, then Apppresser might be a good choice for you. Still, Apppresser is only an option if you’re a developer and know what you’re doing.

Mobiloud News

Mobiloud News instead provides ready to ready-to-publish native mobile apps for iOS and Android, built with contents from your WordPress site. Your app will be built using your existing content and branding, which will be updated automatically, live from your site. You simply customize the design of your app, choose what content to display and you’re done.

Mobiloud News apps are a great fit for a news site, an online magazine or another content-rich site, like a daily deals site. It won’t be a good fit for a complex site using WordPress merely as an application framework.

Our aim is to make the app building experience the simplest and quickest possible, while also providing apps built with native technologies, responsive, engaging and beautiful to look at, indistinguishable from a custom designed app.

You can get a free preview of your own app in just minutes, and get it published then takes just a few clicks.

Mobiloud Canvas

With Mobiloud Canvas you use any mobile optimized WordPress theme and any plugin from your site, we add a native layer to your existing theme, with a native tab bar, content preloading, offline use, push notifications inbox and preferences. We do all the build, testing and maintenance work for you, so there’s nothing new to learn and you save tens of hours, focusing on building the site rather than the app.

Canvas will work perfectly for any mobile optimized website, including directories, e-commerce, social communities and informative websites.

You can create a preview for your Canvas app using our preview tool, the process is really simple and straight forward.

Updated on October 17, 2018

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