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Apppresser vs MobiLoud, how are they different?

We know that we’re not the only solution for WordPress site owners to convert their website into mobile apps.

In this post we’re going to compare our own service, MobiLoud, with a well-known mobile app solution, AppPresser.

At first you may think MobiLoud and AppPresser are quite similar. After all, they both help you to build apps based on your WordPress site.

However, there are some key differences between them that you should consider before deciding.

In this article we’re going to take a look at both solutions in a side by side comparison and help you to decide which is best for you.

What we’re going to talk about:

  1. Who are they built for?
  2. WordPress Plugin and Theme Compatibility
  3. Push Notifications
  4. App Development Process
  5. Timeframe
  6. App Store Submission

Let’s start with the most important difference.

Done-For-You Service vs. App Builder

MobiLoud is a service and platform for digital publishers – i.e. anyone with a content site – who want to convert an existing WordPress website into a native mobile app for iOS and Android. 

You don’t have to worry about any of the technical details involved in customizing, building and publishing your app to the App Store and Google Play Store. Same for ongoing maintenance updates. Our team takes care of everything. It’s not just a platform, theme or builder – it’s a complete app development service.

AppPresser is a mobile app builder – a tool – based on a set of WordPress themes and plugins. AppPresser uses a WordPress plugin to let you add pages and components to your app. If you’ve edited and customized a WordPress theme before, then you should be able to customize one of AppPresser’s themes for your app, provided your site is built with WooCommerce, BuddyPress or LearnDash.

Anything going beyond the modules they provide will require custom development and the skills of a WordPress developer.

With the most important difference out of the way, let’s move on:

1. Who Are They Built For?


MobiLoud is for digital content publishers whose site runs on WordPress. It’s a perfect fit for news sites, popular blogs and content rich websites.

Readers expect their favourite websites to have their own mobile app, and with MobiLoud you can have one built for you at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional agency, thanks to MobiLoud’s innovative platform and team of developers.

You don’t need any technical knowledge or programming experience to have your app created with MobiLoud – we take care of everything.

MobiLoud mobile apps
Custom mobile apps for digital publishers on WordPress


Our team of app developers will handle all development work for you and to your exact specification.

We’ve been running since 2013, published 900+ apps that have received millions of downloads and integrated all the features and tools you need as a digital publisher.

Notable features and integrations include push notifications with Onesignal, mobile advertising solutions such as Google DFP and Admob, Facebook Audience Network, in-app purchase subscriptions for premium content, Paywall integrations and analytics with Firebase and Google Analytics.

If you’re a publisher and your site runs on WordPress, MobiLoud is the solution designed for you.


AppPresser is designed for experienced WordPress site owners or developers who wants to build a hybrid app with WordPress as the backend. It works best for ecommerce, social or elearning sites using the plugins AppPresser already integrated: WooCommerce, BuddyPress and LearnDash.

If you were able to customize your WordPress site, you should be able to use AppPresser, provided their themes and built-in components provide all the functionality you need.

AppPresser is ideal for a developer or agency that wants to build apps for clients, if they are comfortable with building the app by modifying one of AppPresser’s themes and they’re ready to get their hands dirty with app compilation and submission to the stores.

If you don’t want to build your app yourself AppPresser also offers custom app development services, with prices starting at $20,000 for an app.

AppPresser relies on PhoneGap to compile your app into files that you can then submit to the App Stores. If you’re on one of their highest plans they’ll provide one submission to the stores – further updates will require you to do the work or pay for their assistance.

If you’re comfortable with handling the development and submission process from start to finish, and being fully accountable for the the end result – AppPresser could be the ideal solution for you.

2. WordPress Plugin and Theme Compatibility


All of your existing plugins will work perfectly in your mobile app.

If you already have a subscription plugin for gated content, advertising, comments, related posts, and more, they can be integrated into your custom mobile app.

You won’t need to make any technical changes to the plugins to ensure they work, and whenever you add a new plugin you can confidently assume that it’ll work straight away.


AppPresser is compatible with major WordPress plugins.

On their website they highlight that they support WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Gravity Forms, Restrict Content Pro, and LearnDash.

If you only require the above plugins in your app, then your AppPresser app should work well, but they don’t officially support any other plugins.

3. Push Notifications


Your app will be integrated with OneSignal, one of the leading push notification services on the market.

With OneSignal, you can send unlimited push notifications to your users, segment them via categories, and A/B test different messages to find out what content your readers respond to most.

Push Notifications
Send engaging push notifications on iOS and Android


You can set up your notifications to be sent automatically whenever you publish something new, or manually whenever you see fit.

MobiLoud WordPress integration
Send and configure push notifications from your WordPress dashboard


You can also send Push Notifications straight from your WordPress dashboard, schedule them for the future and target specific user groups thanks to tags.


AppPresser also provide you with the ability to send Push Notifications from your AppPresser dashboard, or via their AppPush plugin on higher plans.

AppPresser push notifications
Send notifications with the AppPush plugin


4. App Development Process


After talking with one of our app experts, MobiLoud’s team gets to work to customize, configure and build your app.

You get plenty of chances to add any customization or branding that you want, but it’s a hands-off process and we’ll take care of everything for you. We’ll integrate all of your website features and content to make sure it looks and works great.

Apps are built and customized for you but you get full control over all menus, design and code from within the WordPress dashboard, so if you want to get in and make a quick change to your app, you can, and without waiting for an App Store approval, changes are reflected immediately in the app!

After 5-10 days you’ll receive test versions of your app to download and try out on your own device.

wordpress to mobile app
Your app will update in real time with your website


Once published, your app will update automatically with your website and all of your existing categories, tags, and other relevant information will be applied to your content.

Whenever you create new content it immediately becomes available to your app users and a push notification is triggered to your app users (if automatic sending is something you want).


You will need to create your app yourself, using AppPresser’s visual builder. It will look familiar to the interface used when editing a WordPress theme.

AppPresser visual app builder
The AppPresser visual app builder


In terms of testing your app, they integrate with PhoneGap which allows you to test your mobile app before launching it on the App Stores (you’ll need some technical know how to get it packaged and launched).

5. Timeframe


The average lead time for a MobiLoud app is two weeks. This is from the moment you sign up to the moment your app is published to the iOS and Google Play App Stores.

Compared to the traditional methods of building an app, such as hiring an agency or developing it from scratch, this is a huge time-saver. Traditional app development methods take around 10-12 weeks for a small app, 23-25 weeks for a mid-sized app and 35-38 weeks for a large sized app. Development work will truly never be finished once you factor in updates and maintenance.


It’s up to you to create your app.

When building something with a structured builder like AppPresser’s you never know when you can run into roadblocks. However their support should be able to help out if something is not clear in the documentation.

6. App Store Submission


You don’t really have an app until it’s live on the app stores. Because of this, we include the App Store Submission process in all of our plans.

We’ll help you get setup with your own developer accounts, then submit your apps through those, leaving you in full control of the apps on the stores.

App Store Submission Process
Your app will be published to the App Stores for you


We’ll also create high quality App Store Screenshots, create your branded icon, and make sure the description is up to par too, so your App Store Optimization efforts will be easier in the future.


You will need to submit your app to the iOS and Google Play App Stores yourself on most plans, however they do include submission on higher level plans.

If you’ve previously gone through the submission process this won’t bother you – you’ll know that there’s sometimes some fiddly tweaks and updates you need to make to get accepted – but if not it might be somewhat daunting.

If your app gets rejected on the first submission – you’ll need to research what needs to be fixed to get it approved, which can be a tedious process.

AppPresser do offer an App Store submission service for an additional $497 on top of your existing subscription.


Both AppPresser and MobiLoud are great ways to turn your WordPress website into a mobile app.

AppPresser’s solution is perfect anyone who has the time to customize and build their app themselves, and is happy doing the final touches including App Store Submission, it’s ideal.

MobiLoud is perfect for WordPress-based digital publishers who want a quick, efficient and zero-hassle route to create a custom mobile app. Your app will include all of your existing features that you use to engage your readers and grow your revenue.

Want to have a chat to learn more about what MobiLoud can offer you? Click here and schedule a free demo with us!

Updated on June 15, 2019

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