Shoutem vs MobiLoud: Side-by-Side Comparison

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Shoutem and MobiLoud two popular ways to build mobile apps without having to code. But how they work, and the value they provide, is very different.

At MobiLoud, we help all online business owners convert their website into custom mobile apps, and add a new, powerful revenue channel with zero fuss and minimal expense. We simplify the app development process, saving time and money compared to a traditional app development agency.

If you're wondering how we're different to Shoutem (and other, similar no-code app builders), read on. We'll explain the key differences, the benefits of MobiLoud, the different pricing structures, and share customer reviews of each.

Check out this video summary of the article for an overview, or dive in below!

What is Shoutem?

Shoutem is a platform that provides tools and templates for non-coders to build their own apps using a drag-and-drop interface.

Screenshot of cigar dojo app
Cigar Dojo app, built with Shoutem

Users select pre-built elements and arrange them as they see fit, customizing both the visual elements and app functionality.

Screenshot of yogabody app
YogaBody, built with Shoutem

The templates look good and the UI is intuitive. There’s a wide range of customization options, with many ways to change the color scheme, typography, layouts, and themes.

If you have a specific idea for an app that you want to test out, and are able to use one of their templates, Shoutem is worth looking at.

Shoutem app examples
YogaBody using push notifications to engage their audience

Shoutem Pricing

The platform supports both Android and iOS, and has three tiers of pricing depending on your requirements.

  • Android only - $49/mo (paid annually), $59/mo (paid monthly): Includes automated app publishing, and push notifications.
  • Standard - $79/mo (paid annually), $99/mo (paid monthly): Includes support for iOS, analytics, notification center, and user management.
  • Professional - $149/mo (paid annually), $179/mo(paid monthly): Includes data importers and advanced Shoutem extensions like Social and Loyalty to grow your app.

All these plans come with a 14 day free trial.

Shoutem Pro

Shoutem also offers a managed service, Shoutem Pro, where they build your app for you.

This service is closer to what MobiLoud provides (though still not quite the same level).

Here's an overview of Shoutem Pro:

  1. Essential Package: $1,499 and they'll design your app for you, provide 2 revisions, publish content via the app CMS, and onboard you to the Shoutem platform.
  2. Premium Package: $2,499 gives you the design, 2 initial revisions plus 2 additional revisions, content publishing, importing content from external services, onboarding, a dedicated account manager and premium customer support.
  3. Growth Package: $699 for a consultation on app strategy, launch strategy and app store optimization after launch.

There's also a Custom App Development service (which you need to contact them for a quote).

Shoutem Reviews

Reviews were all sourced from Shoutem's Clutch profile. Go to Clutch to read them in full.

Shoutem users praise the platform for having robust features without becoming too complex. D. Marsden, an entrepreneur, writes that:

"Shoutem had everything I needed. There’s that fine line between being complicated and advanced or being simple and bland. They’ve managed to make a product that’s advanced but isn’t mind melting."

Others speak highly of Shoutem’s service, with another IT professional writing that:

"The Shoutem team is blazing fast and very competent. We've had a great experience."

Others echo this sentiment. Kevin Convey, a professor, praises Shoutem’s service:

"I have never worked with a software company where the customer service and the support was so good."

Jerry Smith, a web developer, thinks that the platform is well worth the investment:

"Shoutem meets my needs for a fraction of the cost of what I'd have to spend to get this type of custom-developed app."

As we can see, Shoutem provides a solid app building solution that their users love.

What is MobiLoud?

MobiLoud is a Done-For-You solution to turn any website into a mobile app.

It works for WordPress sites, eCommerce stores, custom web apps - any kind of site or app.

MobiLoud allows you to launch an app for your website in less than a month, carrying over everything from your website, such as themes, plugins, apps, custom features and more.

Everything is synced with your website - meaning not only can you reuse the code and content from your website, but whenever you update something on your website, it will be updated on your apps as well.

The Riot Fest mobile app, built with MobiLoud

Unlike Shoutem and other app builders, you don't have to painstakingly compile your app using templates, blocks and integrations via their platform.

With MobiLoud, it's all done for you. Every user gets full service, from the first discovery call, all the way through your app's lifecycle.

The app development process with MobiLoud starts with an initial call with our experienced team to determine your exact requirements.

Alternatively, you can get a preview of your app, configure it in the dashboard provided, and get in touch with us when you're ready to build your app.

From there, we'll configure your app, bring it to life, do all the hard work to get it approved in the app stores, and keep it maintained and up to date after launch.

In the end, you’ll have a fully functioning app and another valuable channel for your business.

MobiLoud Pricing

MobiLoud has a tiered pricing structure, like Shoutem, based on a subscription model.

  • Startup: $199 per month (paid monthly) or $170 per month (paid annually)
  • Growth: $549 per month (paid monthly) or $467 per month (paid annually)
  • Corporate: $999 per month (paid monthly) or $850 per month (paid annually)

The Startup plan provides all the basic features you need in an app, including unlimited push notifications, App Store submission and maintenance app updates.

Growth adds advanced features, such as universal links, social login integrations, app review prompts, and supports up to 10,000 active users.

All plans come with full service (covered by the one-time setup fee), plus a 60-day money back guarantee.

You can view more detailed information about MobiLoud's pricing here.

MobiLoud Reviews

Now let’s take a look at what MobiLoud users have to say about our service.

All reviews were sourced from our Capterra profile.

Building high performance apps that perfectly sync with existing WordPress operations is a key goal for our customers. Writing on Capterra, Stephan W recalls:

MobiLoud was all about getting content out of WordPress and into a native app specifically branded for us - this was by far the most important thing for us”.

John M, co-founder of a digital media company and longtime MobiLoud customer, agrees:

It just works. We can use our existing WordPress install and have our material presented in a beautiful way on both iOS and Android....... We worked for a year trying to create our own app - and then decided to go with MobiLoud and haven't looked back. We've been happy customers for over three years and our readers love our iOS and Android apps”.

Others love how simply and effectively they can manage their new app. Josh G, a digital publisher, loves the:

Simple to navigate the backend, great at sending alerts and notifications”.

He goes on to talk about how he:

needed a bit of help on some advanced customizations - however the team was extremely easy to work with... EXCELLENT customer service. They made sure I was totally satisfied which I appreciate

Our customer service is personalized, fast and never leaves your side. If you check out our reviews on Capterra you’ll notice the quality of our support is a common thread. Stephan W, a Vice President of Client Services was happy with our service standards - calling them “amazing” and adding that our team:

“work tirelessly to ensure you are happy with your apps. We can't recommend MobiLoud enough”.

To hear from more of our clients, take a look at our reviews page.

Key Benefits of MobiLoud

Here are some of the top reasons why business owners choose MobiLoud, and why it's regarded at the best Shoutem alternative for building an app when you already have a website up and running.

Everything On Your Site, Converted to an App

While app builders like Shoutem give you a way to build an app from scratch, they take a lot of work to get the app you want (and in the end, you probably won't be able to get it perfect).

With MobiLoud, everything on your website gets converted to your app. You've worked hard to build the ideal user experience for mobile web visitors, and all you really need is to use that on your app.

MobiLoud is the only way to do this 100%.

No Limitations

App builders force you to limit yourself to what's possible via their templates, blocks and integrations.

The result is often a boiler-plate app, similar to hundreds of other apps on the app store.

With MobiLoud, you can build a truly unique app. Just build what you want for the web first, then MobiLoud will turn it into an app. You don't have any artificial limitations put on by the platform.

Done For You Service

MobiLoud is a full service platform. We do everything for you - while you can share with us what you want to see in your app, all the heavy lifting is done on our end.

You don't need to spend months tinkering with an app builder, or spend tens of thousands on an app developer that's hard to control. MobiLoud is a streamlined service, trusted and perfected over 2,000 apps successfully launched.

We also handle app store publishing for you, plus maintenance updates and fixes after launch.

Everything You Need in a Native App

While the core of your app is a direct reflection of your website, MobiLoud adds the extra touches that make your app feel and perform like a true native app.

We add native mobile navigation UI, splash screens, spinners, a tab menu and a message center.

If you monetize your pageviews using ads, these will be included in the app. Your app is compatible with all of the leading advertising platforms like DoubleClick for Publishers, Admob, MoPub, and Facebook Audience Network.

You can send engaging push notifications via our integration with OneSignal, to notify users of new content or engage past customers to come into your app and buy or perform key actions again.

Push Notifications
Send push notifications with new content to your readers

No New Platforms to Learn or Manage

Often, when you launch an app, you triple your workload, by having to now manage your website, iOS app and Android app.

With MobiLoud, your workload stays basically the same. Every time you update your website, your apps update too. Everything is synced.

Your app will update in real time with your website
Your app will update in real time with your website

All the technical maintenance is handled by our team. It's as close to passive as you can get - you just enjoy the boost in revenue and retention you get from providing a five-star app experience for your users.

An Affordable App Development Partner

MobiLoud is essentially your app development partner - at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to build a development team or hire an agency.

We provide personal, hands-on service to help you launch the perfect app, and to ensure it stays that way.

Most app builders or app development services just build your app and hand it off. We ensure you keep reaping the benefits of your app, by staying by your side throughout the lifetime of your app.

MobiLoud is ideal if:

  • You have a web presence based around creating and sharing content
  • You want to focus on creating, sharing, and monetizing your content…. Not the complex, time-consuming and costly process of building an app
  • You want a powerful, functional and well designed app quickly and at a fraction of the cost an agency would charge

Summing Up: MobiLoud vs Shoutem

Let's sum up how you can know if MobiLoud or Shoutem is right for you.

Choose Shoutem If:

  • You want to build an app from scratch.
  • You have a low budget to work with.
  • You just want to experiment with an app concept, and don't expect to make much revenue for a while.

Go With MobiLoud If:

  • You have an existing website or web app that you simply want to convert into an app.
  • You believe a full-featured app can deliver significant revenue to your business.
  • You want an affordable app development partner, not just an app in a box.

Many successful apps have been built with Shoutem, but for modern businesses, MobiLoud is the way to go.

Today, you more than likely have a mobile-friendly website. You'll want to cater to users on all channels, including desktop and mobile, browser and app, and deliver a consistent experience for each. And you'll want to do this without adding a huge amount of work or expense.

MobiLoud helps you do all this, with a full-service, bespoke offering that's nearly guaranteed to deliver a positive ROI.

Start Your App Journey Today

Mobile is becoming increasingly important for today's businesses. More consumers are mobile-first, and a growing portion of the world are mobile-only.

When use their mobile devices, they prefer to use apps. Meet your customers where they are and launch your own app, with zero fuss and minimal expense, with MobiLoud.

If you’re an online business owner and want to grow your brand and revenue - let’s have a chat and see if we’re right for you.

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