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If you’re set up on WordPress and you’re serious about WordPress - they really get WordPress. They help each client customize the app and tailor it to individual needs. The process is very clear and transparent. They can really be there for you in whatever capacity you need them to be for your team.

Adam Griffiths
Chief Product Officer, Foreign Policy

The actual native app is what makes it easy for people. They don't have to log in every time. It's right on their home screen, they can click the button. Another benefit of the app is the push notifications. There's more realtime convenience that comes with having those push notifications versus email.

Dave Yankowiak
Senior Developer, Michael Hyatt and Company

We have been MobiLoud customers for years, and we have had nothing but amazing experiences with the software and the team. As a major, reputable news source, we run a large website that needed a sleek, well-designed mobile app. MobiLoud provided that for us with easy-to-use software and personalised support.

Arand van der Berg
Managing Director, Business Insider NL

Over 150,000 people have downloaded our app in less then a year. Everybody who has a blog should have a native application like ours because it's so simple to do with MobiLoud. You're already doing all the work by creating the content for your website!

Craig Dos Santos
Co-founder, The Run Experience

We considered doing it in-house but then you have to worry about updates and paying thousands of dollars more if there's a major IOS update. It was just something we didn't think would be economically feasible. We also looked at some MobilLoud competitors and we found that the price structure was better with MobilLoud. It just made sense to go with them. Their track record speaks for itself.

James Kosur
Founder, Hill Reporter

MobiLoud was all about getting content out of WordPress and into a native app specifically branded for us – this was by far the most important thing for us. The ability to manage it all via a plugin in our WordPress Admin Panel just sealed the deal. They work tirelessly with you to ensure you are happy with your apps. We can't recommend MobiLoud enough.

Stephan Whelan
Founder, Deeperblue

Our company first started using social media to provide news for local towns, but we wanted to have our own brand, and we wanted to be the go-to source for people, not necessarily through social media, but directly to us.

Walter Mejia
Designer, 413 Media Corp.

I'll never forget the day that we went live and that we were able to post on social media telling everybody to download our new app. It was almost as if our entire company took a step forward by allowing us to be present in the Apple Store, in Google Play.

Chris Burhans
Founder, Sports Mockery

I didn't want to learn any of the techy side because of the changes that constantly happen with the operating systems for both Android and Apple. Every time there's a change, your app has to be updated, so I was eternally grateful that I went through an agency that specialized in one specific thing and they were always there for me.

Pete Mitchell
Founder, Profit Hacking Solutions

One of the best features? Well, their support - Amazing. Any time we have any issues, not that we do, they're very efficient. What we request comes back really quick. And it works. We always loved what we saw. That's the beauty of MobiLoud. If anything, the support is amazing. Support is everything anyway.

Nick Bourdaniotis
Director, Greek City Times

Our readers have been delighted with our iOS and Android apps, and we’ve been able to continue to expand into the mobile market. We’d highly recommend MobiLoud to other fashion magazines looking for help creating a native app.

Bert Gybels
Digital Coordinator Flair, ‎Sanoma

MobiLoud created an attractive app which synchronised our website content and features perfectly. Their team responded promptly to our needs and ideas, bringing our app to life in record time. We would highly recommend MobiLoud to all news sites needing a native app.

Art Cuddy
Head Of Web Development, ‎DMG Media Ireland

We have more than 90% of our users on mobile and just 8% desktop and 2% tablet. The moment we downloaded it from the app store and used it was fantastic. We got a lot of recommendations from our readers. "Fantastic work" and "It's so stable, so fast". "You get push news now".

Fatih Senel
Editor-in-chief, LIGABlatt

MobiLoud made creating our native apps easy. Our iOS and Android apps enjoy all of the features we wanted – including that all-important feature integration – and let our readers take our content, with push notifications if they desire, wherever they go.

Lizzie Zhang
Product Manager, Viki, Inc

The perfect solution! My website needed a mobile app, but we balked at the prices of private developers. We were about to give up. Enter Mobiloud. Pietro and his team have found the best solution for a wordpress-to-mobile app solution. Their plugin is very robust and I was very pleased with the pre-build options that I had control over. Pietro in particular went above and beyond in answering my pre-sales questions. I hit him with a lot of them, and he was always prompt and informative in his responses. This gave me great confidence that the build of my app will be everything i imagine it will be. I can’t recommend Mobiloud enough.

Jason Rollison
Founder and Editor in Chief, Pirates Breakdown

I’m very happy with this product. Yes you have to pay for it and yes it's not cheap but if you want a mobile app that works and you don’t want to code it AND support it then MobiLoud is for you! For me, it’s worth every cent! Support has been great too!

Douglas A. Brown
Founder, DABCC

I researched extensively to find the best choice to turn a WordPress news blog into an app, and MobiLoud exceeded all my expectations. Thank you!

Jenni Autry
Managing Editor, Eventing Nation

Great plugin for converting any WordPress site into an app. Great support as well. I highly recommend it.

Hovsep Seraydarian
Founder, Digilite Web Solutions

I looked all over the web for apps that would provide content from my website. I am so glad I landed with MobiLoud and now I have my first app ever and I love it! The plugin provides so many options to adjust your app to your taste. The App works seamlessly on the iPhone! Don’t have enough words to appreciate their great customer service and quick responses. They have helped me through every step of the way.

Ricardo Maldonado
Founder, Las Vegas en Espanol LLC

The best on the market! With a reasonable monthly fee you get on your readers' smartphones with an app and push notifications. The MobiLoud plugin integrates flawlessly with your WordPress website.

Razvan Baciubr
Author, razvanbb

Effective and easy! If you are in the market for a moble app with Push Notifications and run a WordPress-based news site, it really works and is easy to set up and you can configure it and send notifications right from the WordPress dashboard. It’s not free, but it’s way less expensive than hiring someone to custom-design an app.

Jason McLean
Editor-In-Chief, Forget the Box

I highly recommend MobiLoud! We had a few additional requirements that needed the team's help. They responded quickly and worked directly with our dev team in order to make all the changes we needed.

Roy Pessis
CTO & Founder, Allmyfaves

Fantastic, and highly recommended! I've been using MobiLoud for a couple of years now to publish a native app for my WordPress site. It was a strong service to begin with and over that time it has only gotten better. The team are friendly and provide great support. They are also really obliging with customisations or site-specific issues - an important point, when handling a complex WordPress site with many other plugins active. I tried several options before choosing MobiLoud and I've been very pleased with the choice. It's great to be able to provide a nice native mobile app and bring our content easily to a much wider audience.

Christopher Sutton
Founder & Developer, Easy Ear Training

MobiLoud was a great way to bring our blog to a mobile app without having to make a large investment in development. The MobiLoud Team made some customizations for us so that our app had all the features that we wanted. They were very responsive and easy to work with.

Marile Borden
Founder, Moms Who Need Wine

The team are very responsive and have been adding features that are requested by the user base, so I highly recommend MobiLoud. I have been using it to convert our website Best of Parenting into a native app on Android and iOS and the MobiLoud plugin and service have proven invaluable to achieve this at a reasonable cost, while providing great functionalities and support.

Nadim Saad
Founder, Best of Parenting

MobiLoud effortlessly turned our huge blog into native iPhone and Android apps. They were very responsive and helpful during the process. We are happy to recommend them to anyone who wants to do the same.

Aylin Yalcinkaya

First and foremost, the support I have received from the MobiLoud team has been phenomenal. They have gone above and beyond basic support to even doing extra development to add features to accommodate the various minor problems I had run into. Additionally, the MobiLoud platform is very easy to use and is an incredible tool to create native mobile apps from a WordPress site. It's incredibly easy to make any changes to the app through the WordPress plugin and the app automatically updates without having to go through any long development process. The price for this service is well worth it!

Kevin Trehan
Web Designer & Developer, North American Retail Hardware Association

In my opinion this is the best service for creating your Android and iOS apps. Really easy to configure and once you have done that, the app(s) automatically get the content from your WordPress site. A great way to create an extra outlet for the content you already produce for your website. MobiLoud's support is simply excellent. They will get your app up and running in no time.

Antoine Holl
Founder, Broadcast Science

MobiLoud makes it really simple to create a good looking app. MobiLoud also offers great support with prompt replies and good service to customizations. Overall we love it and would use it again.

Daniel McCullum
Founder, Around Town Rotorua

We enjoy thousands of installs of our apps. If you are seeking an elegant mobile solution to accompany your WordPress blog, look no further.

Jeremi Karnell
Partner & CMO, PTT Research

Working with MobiLoud was the best decision we took to launch our WordPress news app. Everything worked like a charm and I would recommend the service to anyone.

Fola Akinmolayan
Founder, Neo-2 Limited

MobiLoud is the only WordPress-capable mobile solution that provides a true native app. It also gives me tremendous control over the function and user experience through the WordPress plugin that is the engine of the app. My user base is ecstatic and it has provided me with a critical additional revenue stream through serving mobile ads. If you are using WordPress and need a mobile app, they are the only solution you should consider.

Gregory Baugher
Founder, Suburban Men

The team at MobiLoud built amazing apps for the main blogs in our network. Fast development, great support, and of course beautiful apps. What more could we ask for?

Fernando Serer
Founder, Blogestudio

Fantastic plugin and service. We now have a great looking native app that stays up-to-date with our site automatically. MobiLoud allowed us to focus on our content without writing a single line of code to get our apps built.

Luke Wheeler
Editor, Compare The Cloud

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