The 5 Best Swipecart Alternatives

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Looking for a Swipecart alternative?

In this article, we'll discuss the best alternatives to Swipecart, a popular Shopify mobile app builder. We'll briefly look at the key details about Swipecart, such as how it works and who it's designed for, before moving on to other options to help eCommerce store owners build and launch their own mobile apps.

What is Swipecart?

Swipecart is a drag-and-drop app-builder that works for Shopify stores, WooCommerce stores and custom eCommerce stores.

It allows store owners to build an app for their site without coding, and without the huge expense of paying for a development team.

How It Works

Swipecart uses themes, templates and blocks to allow store owners to build and publish their apps.

For each app screen, you drag and drop design elements onto your canvas to compile your user interface.

After that, you'll use their predefined integrations to add functionality to your app, and link your app with external tools, such as analytics and marketing tools.

Swipecart Pricing

Swipecart has four pricing tiers.

  • Starter: $49/month
  • Basic: $99/month
  • Advanced: $199/month
  • Enterprise: $299/month

(It should be noted that pricing is not displayed on their website anymore, so it's not certain whether this is still current).

The Starter plan is quite basic with unlimited push notifications, native Android and iOS apps, 1 standard integration, and 1 standard plugin.

If you want advanced features and up to 6 plugins and standard integrations, you can upgrade to either the Basic or Advanced plans.

The Enterprise plan is for those who want to get all plugins and integrations for their app. These plans may be cheap and affordable however, they do not offer advanced analytics or dedicated support.

Swipecart Pros & Cons

Swipecart is based on a series of pre-built templates. On their own, these templates are basic and bare-bones, giving just enough functionality for a simple eCommerce app.

Some extended functionality is possible via their plugins and integrations, but you still won't be able to do everything with your app that you can do on your site.

On top of this, though it does let you build an app without coding, and technically does let you build an app in "minutes", it's not as quick and easy as it appears.

It takes some time tinkering to get your app right, and to fully flesh it out to the point where you're happy to show the app off to the public.

If you're a busy store owner, it may not be something you want to take on your plate right now.

Check out the following from Swipecart's reviews on the Shopify app store:

"The app is fairly user-friendly, but it has too many features for someone as busy as me, a business owner ... If you're interested in building your own app, this might be a good fit. However, for me, it's just too time-consuming."

There are also some complaints about the quality of support, with some users reporting having to wait a long time to get a response, and some finding the support generally unhelpful.

The Best Swipecart Alternatives

Now we've had an overview of Swipecart, its pricing, and its pros and cons, let's dive into some top Swipecart alternatives, starting with our own site-to-app platform, MobiLoud.

#1: MobiLoud

Our service, MobiLoud, is the best alternative to Swipecart (and other traditional app builders).

Thousands of top apps use MobiLoud to create a seamless website-to-app experience, including a number of successful eCommerce stores.

The John Varvatos mobile app, built with MobiLoud

Unlike Swipecart, MobiLoud actually converts your store into an app.

The app you get is a direct reflection of your mobile website, with small additions to give an authentic native app experience.

It doesn't use templates, blocks, or APIs to build your app's UI. That results in a much higher level of flexibility, and none of the limits you usually have with an app builder.

In addition, MobiLoud is a full service. We do all the work for you - all you need to do is give us a few details about your business and let us know what you want from your app.

We'll configure, build and test your app for you. When that's done, and you're happy with the app, we handle the app store submission process (we even guarantee approval, or your money back).

After launching your app, we also handle updates and maintenance. You can truly take your hands off the project and enjoy the benefits of having an app, with none of the extra work.

MobiLoud Pricing

There are two standard pricing tiers to choose from:

  • Startup - For fast launching and validation: $350/month, plus a one-time $1,500 setup fee
  • Growth - Perfect for more established businesses: $650/month, plus a one-time $2,500 setup fee
  • We also have custom, corporate plan for more demanding projects. Read more about our pricing here.

    Why MobiLoud Over Swipecart?

    While Swipecart is for simple apps reliant on pre-built themes and plugins. On the other hadn, MobiLoud is a flexible platform for thriving eCommerce brands.

    We allow you to go way beyond templates, leveraging the entire ecosystems of Shopify, WooCommerce, and beyond in the apps.

    Here are a few points that highlight the benefits of MobiLoud over Swipecart:

    • You can fully replicate your site and all its features in your app.
    • There's very little workload on your plate - we do all the heavy lifting for you, and your app updates automatically whenever you update your site.
    • You've got the freedom to do anything you can do on the web, instead of working within the limits of the app builder.
    • We offer hands-on support (more than that really - we're a partner, not just a support ticket inbox).

    Want to skip the rest and get your questions answered by one of our team? Book a free demo now and talk to one of our app experts.

    Let's look at a few other Swipecart alternatives that you're likely to see around the web.

    #2: Plobal Apps

    Plobal Apps is another app builder for Shopify. It's generally good, with a simple design process and many integrations, but it's not perfect.

    The main problem, as we've seen with other similar platforms, is that you can't really recreate your store's features or reuse your existing tech stack and plugins. If Plobal doesn't have a pre-built integration you need, you're in a bind.

    Plobal Apps Pricing

    Plobal Apps has three plans:

    • Growth - basic features with 4 standard integrations - $199/month
    • Essential - enhanced features with 7 standard integrations - $499/month
    • Enterprise - premium features and unlimited advanced integrations - starts at $1199/month

    The more costly the plan is, the better app features and benefits you get.

    #3: Shop2App

    Shop2App is an app builder focused on Shopify stores, offering a variety of features and integrations. It is well-regarded for creating decent apps. However, as a drag-and-drop, block-based builder, it also has limitations and will again will not be able to replicate your web store's existing features and functionality. Also, it's on the pricier end for what it provides.

    Shop2App Pricing

    Shop2App has 3 plans:

    • Basic - basic features - $299/month
    • Growth - enhanced features with 2 integrations - $699/month
    • Enterprise - premium features and 4 integrations - starts at $1299/month

    #4: Tapcart

    Tapcart is an easy-to-use app builder that enables businesses to create mobile apps for Shopify without coding expertise. It's commonly used by small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses. However, some users may find the templates and blocks less versatile in comparison to a solution like MobiLoud.

    Tapcart Pricing

    Tapcart has three plans:

    • Core - 15 blocks, basic features, and basic integrations - $200/month
    • Ultimate - unlimited blocks, advanced features, and integrations - $400/month
    • Enterprise - unlimited custom blocks, dedicated customer success manager, and premium integrations - $1K/month

    #5: Vajro  

    Vajro is a Shopify app builder known for its affordability and appeal to smaller eCommerce ventures. By using templates and drag-and-drop widgets, they create branded apps that connect to Shopify through API. Yet, the heavy reliance on templates will prevent you from fully recreating the functionality of your web store, even on higher-tier plans.

    Vajro Pricing

    Vajro has four plans:

    • Starter - basic features and integrations - $99/month
    • Core - advanced features and integrations - $249/month
    • Premium - premium features and integrations - $499/month
    • Plus - premium features, integrations, and priority support - $999/month

    Where Most App Builders Fall Short

    Most Swipecart alternatives have many of the same flaws. Some may have better or worse integrations, a slightly better user experience, or varying levels of support, but they all come down to the same issues that get in the way of serious eCommerce businesses being able to launch the best app for their business.

    You're limited by their blocks and templates

    The block and template-based approach provides a low barrier for entry, but also a low ceiling for your app.

    Before long, you're going to find you can't do what you want to do within the confines of the platform. You won't be able to create a truly unique app - it's always going to look like it's made within a template.

    The worst part of this is that your mobile app experience will fall short of your mobile web experience. You won't be able to keep all the features that make your website great, and

    David from Rainbow Shops said this about their experience with app builders in trying to build the perfect app for their business:

    “The app needs to be at least as functional as the website. It doesn’t need to be better than the website, but the user experience can’t be worse.”

    You want to incentivize people to shop in your app, and if the user experience is not on the same level as your website, there's no reason for people to do so.

    The limits of the Shopify API

    Shopify app builders don't just put limits by themselves. They generally use the Shopify API to pull product information into the app, which has its own limits (the same goes for other eCommerce platforms, like WooCommerce).

    This unfortunately creates further issues, because a lot of minor optimizations you've done on your website to increase conversions can't be carried over to your app.

    This is what David from Rainbow Shops had to say:

    “The hybrid solutions on top of Shopify are just too limited. The Shopify API only enables certain things and all the major providers of hybrid apps for Shopify had limitations that the Shopify API would not let them get around.”

    At Rainbow Shops, they had a custom sort order that boosted conversion rates by 15%. With an app builder, they weren't able to bring that same custom sort order into the app. They lost significant revenue and ultimately lost customer trust through a sub-par in-app experience.

    The service element

    Finally, what's not said about app builders on sales pages or pricing pages is the labor and effort you'll need to put in.

    With a DIY app builder, you're on your own. It's up to you to figure out how to build an app that looks and works great.

    These platforms have ticket-based support, and sometimes guided onboarding and customer success managers, but they just guide you and answer your questions.

    Expect to spend a fair amount of time tinkering with your app to get it right. You'll also spend a lot of time (and experience a lot of frustration) dealing with the app stores, trying to get your apps approved.

    And then after launch, you'll need to keep your apps up to date, which is more work than it seems.

    App builders are simpler than contracting a custom-developed app, but they still involve a lot of work, which can take away from your ROI.

    Why MobiLoud is Different

    MobiLoud is an app builder with a difference.

    First, we actually let you fully recreate your web experience. Everything in the app is your website - from your theme to your plugins to any custom features, such as custom checkouts and payment gateways.

    They all work the same in your app as on the website.

    This also means you're not held back by the limits of a template. Whatever you can do on your website, you can do in the app. It's far more flexible than an app builder.

    And the best part of all, the service. We do everything for you, meaning zero learning curve, and nearly no additional work on your part to build and maintain your apps.

    We price ourselves at a premium price point, more expensive (upfront, at least) than most app builders.

    But what you get is so much more. If you consider the labor you save, MobiLoud actually tends to work out to be more affordable than most app builders, despite letting you do more.

    Check out Rainbow Shops, SYN•DI•CATE, Bestseller and John Varvatos for a few examples of amazing eCommerce apps built with MobiLoud.

    Build Your Own eCommerce Apps Now

    Get in touch now to start building your eCommerce apps with MobiLoud.

    MobiLoud is the easiest, most flexible and overall best way to turn your eCommerce store into an app. You don't have the limits of an app builder, you don't need to do everything yourself, and it's far more affordable than building a custom app.

    With the price point and minimal effort required, it's basically zero risk to see how an app can grow your business.

    Why wait? Schedule a free discovery call now and learn more.

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