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Looking for a Shop2App alternative?

We'll share the best alternatives to Shop2App in this post, for Shopify merchants looking for another option to build a mobile app for their store.

What is Shop2App?

Shop2App is a Shopify-focused app builder, which allows Shopify store owners to build an app for their store without writing code or hiring developers.

Like most Shopify app builders, Shop2App works with a template and block-based system.

You start with a template, and for each screen, drag and drop design elements onto a canvas to compile your UI.

You'll connect it on the backend with your Shopify store to import product information, then set up any additional functionality you want in your app, such as push notifications.

They also offer a range of integrations to connect your app with popular marketing/analytics tools, such as Klaviyo, Recharge, Mixpanel, Firebase analytics and Apple Pay.

Shop2App Pricing

Now let's take a look at Shop2App's pricing.

Shop2App has three pricing tiers:

  • Basic: $299/month
  • Growth: $699/month
  • Enterprise: starts at $1,299/month

The Basic plan offers both Android & iOS apps with unlimited design blocks and automated push notifications, however it doesn't allow for any integrations.

If you need app integrations, you can opt into the Growth plan. It gives you everything in Basic plus 2 integrations, a customizable PDP, and a dedicated app designer.

The Enterprise plan is for those who want custom development, 4 integrations, and a personalized home screen & cart.

Shop2App's pricing is a little on the high side - realistically you will want the Growth plan at a minimum, as you don't get any integrations on the Basic plan.

Even then, two integrations is not a lot. Let's say you want to integrate with Klaviyo, Mixpanel and Apple Pay - that's already pushing you up to the Enterprise tier at $1,299 per month.

Shop2App Pros & Cons

Shop2App is well-regarded and is capable of building decent apps. As a drag-and-drop, block based app builder though it has its limitations - and will not be able to completely recreate your web store with all its existing features and functionality. For what it is, it is also on the pricier end.

They do provide more service than most app builders do, however. Their feature set is higher than most app builders. It's just a shame that their integrations are so limited.

Shop2App Alternatives

Now we know all the key details about Shop2App, it's time to move on and look at some Shop2App alternatives, starting with our own site-to-app platform, MobiLoud.

#1: MobiLoud

MobiLoud is the simplest, most flexible and overall best way to convert your Shopify store to mobile apps.

Our platform powers thousands of top apps, including Rainbow Shops, SYN•DI•CATE, Bestseller and John Varvatos.

The Jack & Jones mobile app, built with MobiLoud

MobiLoud works for any CMS or tech stack. For Shopify merchants, it's as smooth as it gets if you want to build an app for your site.

We actually convert your site into an app. There's no rebuilding, no blocks, templates or APIs.

The app is your site, with a few additions (such as a native tab menu, native navigation UI and push notifications) that give it an authentic native app experience.

This is the ideal result. You don't need anything special in your app. You just need to repackage what already works into something that your users can download to their phones.

The other big plus MobiLoud delivers is the service element.

We are a full service; we do everything for you, from the build, to testing and publishing your apps to the app stores, to ongoing updates and maintenance after launch.

We even do custom development work for your mobile website to help you boost conversions both in-app and on the web.

No app builder provides the level of hands-on service you get from MobiLoud.

MobiLoud Pricing

We have two standard pricing tiers:

  • Startup - For fast launching and validation: $350/month, plus a one-time $1,500 setup fee
  • Growth - Perfect for more established businesses: $650/month, plus a one-time $2,500 setup fee

We also have custom, corporate plan for more demanding projects. Check out more details about our pricing plans here.

Why MobiLoud is a Better Shop2App Alternative

The difference between MobiLoud and Shop2App is that MobiLoud is a more flexible, less limiting solution with a higher level of support.

For a lower long-term price point, MobiLoud packs far more value than Shop2App, allowing you to integrate everything from your site in the ideal native shopping app UX.

You'll actually be able to recreate your site in the app, instead of settling for a Lite version of your website, which doesn't incentivize people to use the app over the website.

You're not limited by the template, what the platform allows, or by the few integrations you're allowed. You can take everything from your website.

And while Shop2App provides great service, it's still not on the level of what we do for you. MobiLoud is an app development partner for the price of an app builder, and allows you to maintain your focus on what you know - your website - instead of learning and managing a whole new platform.

Want to skip the rest and get your questions answered by one of our team? Book a free discovery call now to learn more!

Here are a few other Shop2App alternatives that you should know about:

#2: Tapcart  

Tapcart is a platform designed for businesses to build mobile apps for Shopify. It offers features like push notifications, in-app messaging, and Shopify plugin integrations.

Tapcart Pricing

Tapcart has three plans:

  • Core - 15 blocks, basic features, and basic integrations - $200/month
  • Ultimate - unlimited blocks, advanced features, and integrations - $400/month
  • Enterprise - unlimited custom blocks, dedicated customer success manager, and premium integrations - $1K/month

The more costly the plan is, the better app features and benefits you get.

#3: Vajro

Vajro is a cost-effective app builder focused on Shopify, suitable for smaller eCommerce businesses. They utilize templates and drag-and-drop widgets to create branded apps integrated with Shopify using API. Nonetheless, the heavy reliance on templates means that users will not be able to precisely recreate their web stores, even on higher-tier plans.

Vajro  Pricing

Vajro has four plans:

  • Starter - basic features and integrations - $99/month
  • Core - advanced features and integrations - $249/month
  • Premium - premium features and integrations - $499/month
  • Plus - premium features, integrations, and priority support - $999/month

#4: Shopney

As an easy-to-operate app builder for Shopify eCommerce stores, Shopney is known for its robust integrations, themes, and features. It can serve well if you're looking for a simple app that mirrors your site's product catalogue.

However, being a template-based builder, it can't convert your site entirely into iOS and Android apps or let you reuse your existing plugins, themes, and features. For unique and complex businesses, this will pose limitations as you have to squeeze your web store into their pre-build mold.

Shopney Pricing

Shopney has four plans:

  • Silver - basic features with flexible design - $99/month
  • Gold - basic features with flexible design with 20 elements - $199/month
  • Platinum - advanced features and unlimited design elements - $499/month
  • Enterprise - premium features and functionalities and a dedicated success manager - starting from $999/month

#5: MageNative  

MageNative is a well-known Shopify mobile app builder, targeting fashion, food, and marketplace apps with pre-built themes. It provides an affordable option for creating eCommerce apps on iOS and Android.

While generally well-reviewed, some users complain about the platform's inflexibility and the difficulty of converting their web stores. With drag-and-drop, template-based app builders like MageNative, you will need to compromise on features and functionality and will never be able to truly recreate your web store.

MageNative Pricing

MageNative has three plans:

  • Basic - 3 free themes and core features - $49/month
  • Growth - 6 free themes and enhanced support - $69/month
  • Enterprise - 9 free themes and unlimited features - $99/month

The Issue with App Builders

Most app builders, Shop2App included, share a common flaw.

They only let you do what their blocks, templates and integrations allow, making it very difficult (essentially impossible) to recreate what you have on your website.

Think about everything you've done to optimize conversions on your site. You might have custom features, custom code tweaks, niche apps and plugins and a theme that works great.

With an app builder, you need to drop all of that and start again.

Part of this is due to the Shopify API. The API only lets you do so much, which can get in the way of building the perfect app.

“The hybrid solutions on top of Shopify are just too limited. The Shopify API only enables certain things and all the major providers of hybrid apps for Shopify had limitations that the Shopify API would not let them get around.”

David from Rainbow Shops had the above quote in reference to app builders and the Shopify API.

Rainbow Shops had a custom sort order that boosted conversion rates by 15%. They tried using an app builder to convert their site into an app, but it didn't allow them to bring that same custom sort order. The default sorting options were so basic, they lost significant revenue and ultimately lost customer trust through a frustrating in-app experience.

They didn't want to do anything crazy in their app - just match what they were able to do on the website, as David says:

“The app needs to be at least as functional as the website. It doesn’t need to be better than the website, but the user experience can’t be worse.”

Why MobiLoud is a Better Way to Build Your App

MobiLoud doesn't use the Shopify API to display product information. It doesn't use blocks, templates and integrations to make up your app.

The app you build with us is a direct reflection of your website. Everything that works on your website will work in the app as well.

This lets you maintain a consistent UX across all your platforms.

It also makes it really easy to launch your app. The majority of it is already built, assuming your site is mobile-friendly. It just needs a few small touches to bring your app to life, which we handle for you.

You can go live with your app in less than a month. With the minimal work required, the manageable investment, and the fact that your UX is proven to deliver results on the web, you're nearly guaranteed to come away with a positive ROI.

Get Started Now

The project starts with a free discovery call with one of our app experts.

We'll discuss what you want from your app, answer any questions you have, and make sure you're comfortable that MobiLoud is for you.

From there, you can effectively sit back and wait for us to deliver an app that will help grow your business.

You can join numerous successful businesses who trusted MobiLoud to provide the perfect app for them.

Don't wait - get in touch now to start the ball rolling on the project that's going to transform your business.

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