6 Reasons You Should Turn Your Website into an App

If you’re a publisher and want to be relevant in today’s smartphone-driven world, then you probably need to turn your website into an app.

“But wait,” you might protest, “I already have a responsive website!”
Responsive web design, which adapts your site to fit a range of devices, is critical to your site’s success- when done right.
However, mobile apps are growing at an astounding rate, and not having one is a surefire way to fall behind the competition.
Here are six compelling reasons to get on board with the trend, and turn your website into an app.

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1. Smartphones are the present and the future of technology

By 2020, it’s predicted that 6.1 billion smartphones will be in use worldwide.
These numbers represent a huge segment (upwards of 70%) of the world’s projected population, all of whom will be using app-enabled mobile devices within the next five years.

Apps aren’t just a fun option for smartphone users; the technology relies on them.
From alarms and social media to tracking your fitness and reading the news, just about everything you do on a smartphone happens in an app. In fact, as of 2014, mobile users spend 86% of their time using apps.

So when we say 70% of the world will soon be using smartphones, we mean that 70% of the world will soon be using apps on a daily (if not hourly) basis. This doesn’t even take tablet usage into consideration.
The trend is clear: mobile apps are booming.

2. An app puts your website in front of potential and current users

The visibility an app offers is two-fold.
First, having an app on the market can help to expand your audience.
Nearly all mobile applications are acquired and downloaded through the App Store (iPhones and iPads) and Google Play (Android).
Positioning your app in just these two stores puts your brand in reach of millions of users.
Secondly, once an app has been downloaded, it becomes a part of a user’s daily experience.
Think about how often you scroll through your apps.
You probably don’t use every app every day, but you do see its icon with each passing swipe.
This familiarity, even if it’s subconscious, is a powerful tool in keeping your brand at the front of your audience’s mind.

3. An app makes it easy for your audience to enjoy (and share) your content

The accessibility of apps is a key factor in their success.
Users don’t want to jump through hoops to get to your website and its features.
Opening a window, remembering the address, and typing it in, creates a barrier of time and effort that keeps some people away.
With an app, no digital gymnastics are required; your content is right there, literally at their fingertips.
Apps also make sharing easy.
Good apps will be optimized to work seamlessly with other popular applications, such as Facebook and Instagram.
Having an app will allow your users to send your content to their social media networks and other contacts, driving more traffic and new users to your site.
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4. Having a mobile app sets you apart

You could say that apps are today where websites were 20 years ago. 
Nobody is writing articles about why you need a website or a blog anymore.
It has become an accepted part of doing business in the modern age. Thousands of tools and templates are now available to help even the most tech-averse individual build their website on WordPress.
Apps, however, are still in the early process of becoming the norm in business.
Converting your WordPress website into an app is still likely to position you ahead of your competition.
It elevates your brand and adds unique value to your website while improving the experience for your readers.

Do you have a blog? Here’s why you should be thinking about an app.

5. Apps increase audience engagement and retention

Every business is built on a connection between you and your customer.
And what’s driving that valuable connection in the smartphone age? Push Notifications.

iOS 10 push notifications

Push notifications are one of the most valuable tools of mobile apps, boasting an open rate of 90%.
This is higher than any other communication method currently available.

With push notifications, you can inform your users of updates and special features or send custom messages.
These reminders keep your brand present and fresh in your audience’s mind, resulting in repeated visits and increased engagement. Yay!

6. Apps get you closer to your audience

Finally, apps offer a personalized user experience.
Where a website is global, an app is local.
It is stored on an individual’s phone with its corresponding data, settings, and login information.
Apps have the potential to track and remember a person’s interactions and settings, allowing the user to maximize their own experience.
This, in turn, can increase their personal satisfaction with your brand and your website. A key catalyst for their loyalty.
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What’s next?

With affordable app-creation resources available, there’s really no excuse to remain app-less!
Ready for the next step?
Now you know why you should turn your website into an app, here’s how to build a mobile app- even if you have no programming experience.