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Top 10 Wordpress Advertising Plugins for Your Site in 2024

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Are ads part of your revenue strategy in 2023? It should be. Selling advertising space is one of the most effective ways to start growing your website revenue. But to ensure your ads work effectively, you'll want to check out the WordPress advertising plugins available on the market today.

From uploading and managing advertisements, to optimizing your ads for the best use of space and site resources, these plugins will help you insert ads without sacrificing performance or user experience in any way.

Read on to learn what options are out there and available, to help you choose the best WordPress advertising plugin for your website.

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Why Use a WordPress Advertising Plugin?

Adding custom code to WordPress theme files can be difficult and time-consuming for site owners who aren’t that technically skilled. That's no reason to miss the opportunity though!

Thanks to WordPress advertising plugins, you can manage your ads easily, inserting them anywhere on your website. You can also adjust their positions and customize them for better performance.

Along with supporting site monetization through managing and organizing your ad spaces, the right WordPress ad plugin will help you to:

  • Organize ads through an ad management tool. Your AdSense code can be difficult to configure, especially when you don’t have dedicated staff to work on it.
  • Easily keep track of ad performance so you can focus more on your wider business.
  • Optimize ad placement to make the most out of your advertising campaigns.
  • Customize ads according to client requirements.

What to Look for in a WordPress Advertising Plugin

We used the following criteria to evaluate the best WordPress advertising plugins for this list.


An ad plugin for WordPress must be flexible enough to match your ad management requirements and goals. Do you plan on creating your own advertisements? Need easier A/B testing or more customization options?

An ad plugin must be flexible enough to adapt to your needs and solve your issues.

Ease of use

Nothing is more frustrating than an unintuitive plugin that is complex and stressful to configure. Most small and medium traffic sites don’t need too many advanced features - they won’t have a huge impact on your ad goals and targets.


All good ad plugins must be constantly updated to fix bugs and troubleshoot issues. Total active installations are a good sign for determining the trustworthiness of the plugin and developer.


Feedback from current users reflect the customer satisfaction and experience from using the ad plugin - a great sign of its overall quality.

Let’s move on now to the list, read on to find out which advertising plugin is right for your goals.

The Best WordPress Advertising Plugins in 2023

Here is our list of the current best advertising plugins for WordPress:

Let's dive in to the details.

1. AdRotate Banner Manager

AdRotate uses a dashboard similar to WordPress so you can familiarize yourself with its features in minutes. Inserting ads on your WordPress website is easy with AdRotate. Just copy the shortcode that the plugin generates and then choose where to display the ad on any section of your website.

Maybe you maintain multiple ad networks so your ads come in different sizes and need to be slotted in different locations? AdRotate makes it simple, just use the plugin’s grouping feature to keep track of your ads together.

Other features:

  • Easy installation
  • Multiple ads in a single grid, column or row
  • Simple ad analytics reporting for easier reference and analysis
  • Compatible with responsive ads
  • Geo-targeting function for every country
  • Works with many ad servers including DFP, Doubleclick and Google AdSense

Price: Free or €39.00 (Single), €49.00 (Duo), €99.00 (Multi) or €199.00 (Developer) paid plans for 1-year license

2. Ad Inserter - Ad Manager & AdSense Ads

Even with its minimalist user interface, Ad Inserter offers plenty of features that website owners can take advantage of. You can insert code on any page area you like, and set ad insertion according to IP address, taxonomy, post ID or another category.

For more advanced ad management Ad Inserter supports frequency capping, sticky ads with animations, and lazy loading.
Other features:

  • Support for multiple devices
  • AdSense support
  • Ad performance tracking in PDF format
  • Click fraud protection
  • Ad scheduling

Price: Free or one-off payment of €20 (Personal), €30 (Freelancer), €50 (Business), or €100 (Corporate) for a 1-year license.

3. AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin

AdPlugg features a superb analytics dashboard for ad tracking, allowing you to monitor each ad’s performance in real-time.

What’s impressive is that it doesn’t require any underlying source code when adding your ads to your site from the WordPress Admin section. Using AdPlugg is easy. After creating your complimentary access code for the plugin, you can start rotating ads, scheduling them, and grouping them according to your preferred placement.

Other features:

  • Automated ad rotation after an interval
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Group features for ads using zones
  • Fast setup
  • Unlimited scaling (Pro and Business versions only)
  • Automatic reports to advertisers (Business version only)
  • 100K impressions for Free Plan; Billions for Pro and Business plans

Price: Free or monthly payment of $10+ Usage Rate (Pro) or $79/month + Usage Rate (Business)

4. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads’ ad management capability allows you to rotate ads on the same spot, add an advertisement slider for better visibility, import and export existing ads from/to another site, and control the layout.

Connecting with an AdSense account is also helpful when using this plugin for policy compliance and automatic conversion to AMP.
You can track ad impressions, clicks and other data, and report them via email or by sharing a URL.

Other features:

  • Unlimited ad units
  • Dedicated support for all types of Google AdSense ads
  • Ad display on specific pages
  • Ad blocks
  • Customizable ad labels

Price: Paid plans include €49 (Pro); €89 (All Access - 1 site); €129 (All Access - 2-5 sites).

5. Ads & AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

This plugin was developed as a replacement for the once popular Quick AdSense plugin. The former did not have any updates for almost a decade and the Ads & AdSense Plugin WP QUADS plugin became a better solution.

Aside from its quick AdSense integration for WordPress sites, this plugin also features AMP support, more ad layout options, and improved caching power.

Other features:

  • Multi-device support
  • Unlimited ads support
  • Won’t affect speed and loading times
  • Ad placement enabling
  • Continuous updates
  • Excellent customer service

Price: Free or annual payment of $89 (Personal), $139 (Business), $199 (Pro) or $449 (Ultimate)

6. AWPCP - Classifieds Plugin

Adding a classified ads section to your website is possible using AWPCP (or Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin). To keep your ads easier to locate, you can allow users to search by location, keyword and username.

You can also improve your reader engagement by adding social sharing buttons and allowing them to flag malicious ads. If you want to earn from your classified ads, set the posting to paid classifieds and select from the different payment channels that AWPCP supports (PayPal, PayFast, and many more).

Other features:

  • Very easy to set up
  • Compatible with many themes
  • Ad posting controls by admin
  • 24/7 customer support

Price: Free

7. CM Ad Changer

The CM Ad Changer plugin offers a free version that can do wonders for your site’s ads.

You can track ad impressions and clicks per banner, wrap ad banners within a div, and run several campaigns all at once. The paid version, on the other hand, offers more features such as responsive and rotating banners, restrictions, client plugins and notifications to name a few.

Other features:

  • Unlimited ad campaigns
  • Unlimited images for every campaign
  • Extended shortcodes (Pro version only)
  • Campaigns dashboard, groups and notifications (Pro version only)

Price: Free or monthly payment of $39 (Pro)

8. Corner Ad

You’ve probably encountered ads that are revealed after hovering your mouse on a peeled page corner of a webpage. It’s likely that the Corner Ad plugin was used to make these minimalist ads.

This plugin is often used for announcements and special offers that first appear partially on a webpage. Because there’s movement on the page when you hover your mouse, the ad attracts a user’s attention effectively.

Other features:

  • Ad effectiveness reporting
  • Ad displays in the left-top corner of the page (Free version) or any top corner (Professional version)
  • Configurable time for auto open and close actions
  • Multiple images by ad (Professional version only)
  • 60-day technical support (Professional version only)

Price: Free or one-time payment of €25 (Professional)

9. WP Bannerize

Designed for websites with Google AdSense implementation, WP Bannerize is perfect for banner ads that are not in Adobe Flash format.

Once a banner is created, the plugin generates a shortcode, which you can use to display the banner in your website. Group your banners according to your preferred categories and edit them through a single click. It’s as simple as that.

Other features:

  • Geo-targeting
  • IP restriction
  • Analytics dashboard

Price: Free

10. WP125

Ad management is made much easier by WP125 - its ad scheduling feature makes it convenient to set the duration of ad display. While its analytics reporting is a bit basic, it generates enough data to help you determine which ads are doing well.

Other features:

  • Two-column ad display option
  • Unlimited ad display
  • Placeholder for empty ad slot

Price: Free

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Wrapping Up - The Best WordPress Advertising Plugins for 2023

These WordPress advertising plugins can bring you a better and more profitable ad management experience. Some plugins provide basic functionalities that can serve well for new users. Others offer more robust features for more advanced ad campaigns.

Choose the plugin that best suits your needs depends on your ad goals and strategy. There’s bound to be something in the list that could help you, so dive in with some more research and get your campaigns rolling!

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