Top 10+ Free Websites to Promote Your Mobile App

Think that your hard work is over now that you’ve finally finished developing your mobile app? Think again.

If you want to your app to perform well you’re going to have to spend time actively promoting it — success doesn’t just happen by itself.

Unfortunately, a large number of founders, entrepreneurs, or app developers don’t know the first thing about promoting their mobile app (and that’s not their fault!).

It’s not easy to start promoting your mobile app, and there are so many different pieces of advice telling you how to do it.

If you know how it feels to question where you should start with your mobile app promotion, you’re in luck, as this post is going to show you the best places to start! To help you get started with your mobile app marketing, we’ve put together this list of 10 of the best websites to promote your app.

The best thing about many of these websites is that they’re completely free. Once your submission has been approved, you can start generating free traffic from relevant audiences to your mobile app or website.

And best of all, they’re free!

Product Hunt

Launch your app on ProductHunt
You could think of Product Hunt (commonly referred to as ‘PH’) as Reddit for interesting new products & startups.

The PH community is made up of product developers, founders, tinkerers and enthusiasts, who vote everyday on the best new products launching themselves on Product Hunt.

Those who make it to the top usually enjoy the benefit of the attention, feedback and often significant traffic to their website or apps. You can’t just submit your product and be done though, someone from the community needs to “hunt” your product and you’ll need a large number of upvotes to be featured.

It’s not easy to launch successfully on Product Hunt, but if you get it right you could see some large benefits! There are many posts on how to plan for your launch on PH and these are some of the best.

Recommended for: Mobile apps, websites, hardware products, and tech creations

Launching Next

Launch your app on LaunchingNext
If you’re trying to build up some initial hype for your mobile app prior to launch, consider submitting your app for review by Launching Next. You only get to say a few words about your app, but it’s worth the couple of minutes it will take to fill out the submission form — a good number of apps are accepted, there are regular updates to the website, and you get a hungry audience, all looking to find the next big thing – which could be your app!

Recommended for: Pre-launch or early stage apps and websites


Launch your app on SpringWise
Springwise won’t accept just any run of the mill app; to be considered, you need to be offering something truly groundbreaking. The website focuses on highlighting companies that are offering innovative products that aim to disrupt the world in a positive manner. Tick that box and your app can get a lot of exposure to a large, tech-savvy audience. It’s not just mobile apps that get featured; any unique ideas for a new business has a place on Springwise.

Recommended for: Any company offering innovative and disruptive products and services

The Startup Pitch

Launch your app on The Startup Pitch
To get featured on The Startup Pitch, you’ll have to answer several carefully chosen questions about your app, essentially turning your submission into a pitch to encourage audience members to try out your app.

This is great as it allows you not just to talk about what your app is, but let people know why they should try it out.

Recommended for: Apps or websites with a honed pitch looking to generate qualified traffic


Launch your app on Netted

Next up we have Netted, ran by the team behind the well-respected Webby awards.

Only consumer-focused apps can be considered, but if you are lucky enough to be featured you’ll give your app a lot of exposure. If accepted, your app will get additional coverage by being included in their regular newsletter roundup that showcases the best websites, apps, and products around!

Recommended for: Apps or websites designed to make people’s lives better in any way

Startup Ranking

Launch your app on StartupRanking
Startup Ranking is a website that allows you to gain consistent traffic to your app through a score based ranking system, calculated by Startup Ranking analyzing your website for a variety of different factors.

If you have a mobile app, it will benefit you to create a website landing page, as this will affect how you are ranked. The benefits of this system are that once your app has a good ranking, you can stay near the top of the rankings, earning free traffic.

It’s completely free to submit your startup, company, or mobile app. Usually it takes 60 days for a submission to be accepted by the moderation team, however, you can choose to pay if you want to speed up the submission process and be accepted within 24 hours.

Recommended for: Apps or websites with an online presence

Killer Startups

Launch your app on KillerStartups
Killer Startups define themselves as the place to introduce your startup to the world. Your mobile app will have the opportunity to be shown to over 5000 potential customers per day on their website. Successful companies who listed their mobile apps on Killer Startups include Uber, Tinder, Plum, Wego, and more. Submitting your app doesn’t guarantee placement on the website, but the submission form is quick to complete, and the potential benefits are huge, as they receive over 125,000 unique monthly visitors to the website.

Recommended for: Startups with websites or apps with big growth plans


Launch your app on BetaList
If you’re yet to launch your app, Betalist is a great place to start your promotion. Only pre-launch or recently launched startups with a “coming soon” page are accepted. The exposure you can generate on Betalist is generally impressive, with many companies gaining around 500 new subscribers to their mailing lists after being accepted — think what you could do with that! Sign-up is free, but you can pay to speed up the submission process.

Recommended for: Pre-launch or early stage websites or apps, with little or no press coverage


Launch your app on AppStorm

The AppStorm website is broken down into several different sections, which each one dedicated to a different mobile platform — perfect if your app is only available on a specific platform such as iOS or Android. As well as allowing you to explain what your app does to potential customers and users, AppStorm also personally review certain apps and send out a regular roundup newsletter to their ever-growing mailing list.

Recommended for: Receiving relevant reviews for your mobile app

Rate My Startup

Launch your app on RateMyStartup

Finally, we have Rate My Startup. This platform is unique because after your app is featured, members of the community get to vote based on how much they like your app. If the community likes your app, it could be permanently featured in the “Top App” section of the homepage — a big incentive to impress! Submissions can take a while to be processed but if you’re willing to pay you can speed the process up substantially.

Recommended for: Receiving user-generated reviews for your mobile app or startup


MobileAppDaily promote your app
MobileAppDaily is an ideal global platform for startup companies who want to show off their new mobile app. Their audience is interested specifically in the mobile app industry, and according to their team, comprises of CEOs, industry leaders, app marketers, app influencers, app developers, mobile app development companies, and tech geeks.

They do have a review process before your app can be featured, and aim to focus on promoting high-quality, value-adding apps – so make sure your pitch is well honed!

Recommended for: Companies who want to get it in front of a highly relevant audience interested in apps

Get Promoting!

These directories, review sites, and community-driven websites allow you to promote your mobile app or website for free, and usually to highly qualified visitors and potential customers. The time you spend submitting to these websites can be worth it if you have honed your business pitch to help your app or website attract the right visitors.

Check out our Top 100 List of Websites and Blogs to Get Your App Reviewed, and we can also recommend G2 Crowd’s post on How to Market an App, which is packed with actionable app marketing tips. For more ideas on making your app a success – check out our guide to App Store Optimization.

Building apps with MobiLoud

All that we’ve covered so far assumes that you already have an app to promote. If you don’t, but want one – consider MobiLoud. If you have a website or a web app already, you can turn it into apps in just a few weeks with one of our two platforms:

  • Canvas – for converting any website including WooCommerce users to turn their online store into mobile eCommerce apps or web app into iOS and Android apps. Works great for eLearning, directory, or community sites, and is CMS agnostic!
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MobiLoud has been used to convert more than 1200 sites to mobile apps. While News are built specifically for WordPress, you can launch no matter which CMS you use. 

Canvas works with any website or web app. Whether you’re on Squarespace, a Wix, a PeepSo, a Bubble, Webflow – or anything in between – you can build great apps.

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If you’re already set – good luck on your app promotion journey. We hope that your app is a success!